Best Container to Store Salt | Recommendations for 2022

Container to Store Salt

Due to the fact that you occasionally require a sprinkle of salt while cooking, if you enjoy gazing, you will be enthralled by the greatest salt cellar on your counter. It would be similar to playing catch with one hand in your pocket if you kept you in the pantry while cooking.

The best container to store salt are functionally designed to keep salt accessible and allow it to stay fresh. One of the ingredients that can’t be done without in the kitchen is salt because it’s necessary to flavor our food. Nevertheless, selecting the finest salt cellar among the various alternatives available might be difficult and perplexing.

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KooK Round Pressed Clear Glass Salt Cellar with Lid
KooK Round Pressed Clear Glass Salt Cellar with Lid

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Ironwood Gourmet 28221 Appalachian Salt Cellar, Acacia Wood
Ironwood Gourmet 28221 Appalachian Salt Cellar, Acacia Wood

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Tablecraft HJSC10 Salt Cellar with Lid, 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 3.125″, Green
Tablecraft HJSC10 Salt Cellar with Lid, 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 3.125″, Green

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Totally Bamboo Box Salt Keeper Duet, Bamboo Container with Magnetic Lid
Totally Bamboo Box Salt Keeper Duet, Bamboo Container with Magnetic Lid

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Estilo Single Round Salt or Spice Box with Lid, Bamboo
Estilo Single Round Salt or Spice Box with Lid, Bamboo

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Things To Consider Before Choosing container to store salt

Best Container to Store Salt

Finding the right product might be difficult because there are many container to store salt available on the market from various manufacturers. You must be furnished with the amenities needed in a cellar that is solidly built.


Salt cellars can be constructed from a variety of materials, including glass, wood, and wood. The majority of these container to store salt include excellent artwork and look fantastic on a table or counter. To make sure the salt doesn’t become wet, you must clean the salt cellar if it is constructed of wood and allow it to air dry. Silver salt cellars should have a glass interior to protect it from salt corrosion.

Design and fashion

The salt cellar may be built with a cover or with an open mouth. Some of the container to store salt have a spoon to make easy work of scooping the salt. Additionally, most of the open ones feature an aperture like a pig’s snout. Although the salt is not shielded from the air by the pig’s snout aperture, it is nevertheless simple to take one or two pinches.

Choosing the salt cellar with the connected top will prevent you from losing or breaking the lid if the salt cellar has one. You can choose a salt cellar with a spoon if you are purchasing one for your dining room table, though, as you cannot allow everyone to pinch salt from the same salt.

Quality and longevity

These salt cellars’ durability and strength are dependent on their design and construction. For example, those made of glass are likely to break if they fall. A glass product may not last you for a long time and needs a lot of maintenance. A silver salt cellar without a glass interior might also degrade with time.

Top 10 best container to store salt

1. KooK Round Pressed Clear Glass Salt Cellar with Lid

You can be confident that this KooK glass salt cellar will last because it is made of premium, pressed glass. Kosher salt, sugar scrub, bath salts, and neti pot salts may all fit inside the glass jar. On the glass, the word “salt” has been inscribed.

Additionally, the salt cellar is made in China and is of the highest quality and durability for hand washing. It is prepared and ideal for usage at home and on the job, at events, parties, restaurants, and other settings. It also includes a lid with a vintage appearance that neatly matches its top. You can see how much salt is still in your salt cellar thanks to its clear or transparent appearance.

Although it has a contemporary and streamlined form, the circular pressed Kook salt cellar yet has a classic appearance. It is a need for any kitchen because of its elegant, transparent, clear, and gorgeous design.

As the majority of customers use these container to store salt, Rosemary salt, or spices during culinary lessons or events, it is ideal for marinating and cooking. This is a great present for a wedding, graduation, father’s day, or any other occasion. For more suggestions, you can read about Microwave Bowl for Oatmeal.


  • has a sophisticated, pristine, and lovely design.
  • Perfect for both home and business use
  • has a classic appearance yet a contemporary design.
  • robust and high-quality
  • includes a lid
  • Dishwasher safety


  • Tiny in capacity

2. Ironwood Gourmet 28221 Appalachian Salt Cellar, Acacia Wood

This stunning acacia wood Ironwood Gourmet 28221 Appalachian salt cellar has dimensions of 4 by 4 by 2.5 inches. It has gorgeous, contrasted patterns that are both natural and distinctive. It keeps any guests impressed and includes an easily accessible salt storage, so it may be used as a condiment cup.

It’s ideal for holding aquatic life, kosher salts, spices, and even in a pleasant fashion. As it stores the sauces for you, this salt cellar enables you to create fine pastes and powders. It has a lid that can be opened and closed with ease, protecting the contents from dust and preserving their freshness for a longer amount of time.

You may have this salt cellar nearby when seasoning your food. It also has a lovely shape that lets you leave it on counters while carrying your favorite spices and salts. The salt cellar just has to be washed with warm, soapy water, completely rinsed, and allowed to air dry for maintenance. Additionally, you can check our review on Bread Boxes Plastic.


  • Simple to keep and clean
  • facilitates salt access
  • Its lid easily opens and closes.
  • has a lovely design and distinctive contrasting patterns


  • If the oil isn’t applied, it can break.

3. Tablecraft HJSC10 Salt Cellar with Lid, 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 3.125″, Green

The jadeite glass used to create this Tablecraft green HJSC10 salt cellar gives countertops an appearance of strength and durability. It has a nice glossy polish and a great vintage appearance. It is superbly made and excellent for everyday usage.

Its dimensions are 3.75 by 3.75 by 3.125 inches, making it the ideal size to have nearby when seasoning your meals every day. With a 9 ounce capacity, it may be used at dinner tables for gatherings with friends or family.

Guests wouldn’t have any problem locating it among the many spices on the table because it is clearly marked as salt on the container. Since most people use salt cellar at culinary lessons or events, it is ideal for marinating and cooking.

Once again, it has a lid to protect the salt from moisture and keep it fresh for a long time. For Christmas, executive days, father’s days, birthdays, or weddings, this is the ideal present. The green Tablecraft salt cellar is dishwasher friendly and has easy-to-clean surfaces.


  • a cover is included to keep your salt fresh.
  • simple to clean
  • Dishwasher safety
  • Possibly the ideal present
  • It is robust and long-lasting.


  • If it falls, it might break.

4. Totally Bamboo Box Salt Keeper Duet, Bamboo Container with Magnetic Lid

This dual-chambered box is ideal for keeping a couple of favorite salts, spices, or flavorings nearby. The Totally Bamboo salt cellar features a clever design with a swivel lid that is made to latch securely with a magnetic lock and open effortlessly with just one hand for convenient access to spices as you cook.

It serves as a practical container for storing items like jewelry, dog treats, and office necessities. The small Totally Bamboo storage box is constructed of Moso bamboo, which is strong and renewable since it doesn’t require replanting, artificial irrigation, careful cutting, or pesticides to grow swiftly.

Highly trained artisans constructed and designed it to guarantee its endurance and attractive appearance. The split shape enables it to be placed easily next to the kitchen table, grill, or stove for traditional seasoning. The two sections may each hold up to half a cup. You can wipe it down or hand wash it, making upkeep simple.


  • constructed using a sturdy substance
  • Twin chambers for a traditional seasoning mix are included.
  • Useful for additional storage tasks
  • includes a magnetic lid
  • easy to maintain and clean
  • one-year manufacturer’s warranty included


  • Dishwasher incompatible

5. Estilo Single Round Salt or Spice Box with Lid, Bamboo

The Estilo spice and salt box is made from 100% natural bamboo, which is better for the environment, stronger than most woods, and even more attractive. It grows swiftly without the need for replanting, artificial irrigation, precise cutting, or pesticides, making it a durable material and renewable resource.

To create a tight seal and safeguard your salt from moisture, it contains a tiny magnet on the lid and base. It is ideal for storing herbs, spices, bath salt, salt, and other little objects like paper clips and jewelery.

Since the convenient box may be stored adjacent to the kitchen table, grill, or stove, you can season your food whenever you choose. This salt container has a 3.5-inch diameter and a 2.7-inch height. The salt cellar just has to be washed with warm, mild soapy water, completely rinsed, and allowed to air dry for maintenance. To extend the lifespan of bamboo, use oil often.


  • made with organic bamboo
  • lovely and beneficial to the environment
  • to ensure a tight seal and dry storage of the salt.
  • ideal for other little things
  • Easy to wash by hand


  • If bamboo oil isn’t applied frequently, it can break.

6. Mud Pie 4514006 Cellar Salt and Pepper

A lid, two bowls, and clearly labeled salt and pepper bowls make up this three-piece set. The white Mud Pie pepper and salt cellar is 6 inches by 3.5 inches in size, and visitors will find it to be extremely aesthetically beautiful. This ceramic salt cellar set has a more attractive look than most wood salt cellars and seems to be strong and long-lasting.

It has a retractable top that keeps the salt dry and shields it from sand and other debris. When seasoning foods in the kitchen or adding flavor to food at the dinner table, the detachable lid makes it simple to open and close for a pinch or two.

This Mud Pie salt and pepper dish has punctured holes that let air pass through and keep the salt fresh. This will be the ideal present for your loved ones during Christmas, a wedding, a father’s day celebration, or any other occasion. Additionally, it is simple to clean with warm, soapy water and store it to dry in the air. You can take it around and season many meals at once because to its modest weight.


  • includes two bowls
  • The material is ceramic.
  • It makes the ideal present for loved ones and friends.
  • appropriate for hand cleaning
  • Has perforated holes to keep the salt fresh.


  • According to some users, it soaks up a lot of moisture.

7. Fox Run 3850 Marble Salt Cellar, Black

This marble Fox Run salt cellar is a compact size that won’t take up much room on your counter but yet allows you to easily reach salt or other spices while cooking. It measures 3 by 3 by 3 inches. It is composed of 100% natural marble, which offers the highest level of elegance, toughness, and quality.

However, owing to natural differences, the colors in the photos may change somewhat from those in reality. It is a beautiful, fashionable container that may hold a variety of gourmet salts, pepper, herbs, spice mixes, and spices.

Every professional cook should own this immediately accessible storage container since it makes it simple to follow recipes that call for a three-finger or two-finger grain of salt. To safeguard your spices and salts and keep them fresh while not in use, it has lid closures that are simple to grasp.

The sleek, non-stick shape of the white marble structure makes it simple to empty and clean. Given that it goes with many kitchen decors, it is ideal for use as a countertop, cooktop, and tabletop.


  • includes lid seals
  • It’s a chic and functional vessel.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • ideal for cooks in the industry
  • It’s strong and high-quality.


  • may develop cracks if not properly cared for

8. Le Creuset Stoneware Salt Crock, 10-Ounce, White

This 10-ounce Le Creuset salt jar is made of high-fired stoneware and has an old-world design. It is a beautiful addition to your kitchen since it is spherical and has a sizable aperture on the side for easy access to salt, spices, and other culinary ingredients.

Additionally, it has a non-porous enamel finish that is odor- and stain-resistant and resists cracking and chipping. This stoneware crock has dimensions of 5.4 by 4.1 by 4.1 inches with a transport knob on the top.

The salt cellar includes concentric rings and Le Creuset’s brand on the side for aesthetic appeal. It is non-porous and prevents moisture from penetrating, which may otherwise produce internal rippling and crazing.

The impermeable finish is hard-wearing and fired at 21920 F. Additionally, the salt cellar is shielded from corrosion by the premium enamel substance and any metal markings. It is secure to use with a freezer, refrigerator, microwave, or oven.


  • Access to salt is simple.
  • made with premium enamel
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • It is extremely heat resistant.
  • It stops moisture from absorbing.
  • It is simple to move around and clean.


  • Quite pricey

9. jalz jalz Large Wood Salt Box Salt Cellar

The Jalz Jalz salt cellar adds vintage and opulence to your kitchen since it is constructed from genuine acacia wood and has a marble cover without a plastic seal. It is suitable for keeping jewels or spices, herbs, and salt because of its exquisite craftsmanship.

The acacia wood is of superior quality and density, and it is created entirely of natural materials without the use of chemicals. The salt keeper provides a great solution for you to store your preferred finishing salt or cooking salt in a chic and convenient location. The salt container holds 10 ounces and features a top that can be removed for easy access.

It is made by hand from acacia wood with a deep grain and an oil finish. It may be quickly cleaned by washing it down with a moist cloth and drying it with a towel. You may prepare a number of dishes using the enormous salt cellar without having to refill it. Without using detergent, it is simple to hand wash and maintain this Jalz Jalz salt box. It has a lifetime warranty as well as a 100% replacement warranty.


  • It is made by hand from natural acacia wood and is simple to maintain.
  • contains a lot of space
  • has a chic and convenient environment
  • lifetime warranty included


  • Over time, the marble lid could fracture.

10. Hearth and Hand Salt Cellar – By Chip and Joanna Gaines

This is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking for a simple yet attractive item. This stoneware salt cellar by Hearth and Hand serves a useful purpose and beautifies your kitchen. It is constructed from a strong, supple stone that is creamy in hue. It enables you to have a significant quantity of salt close at hand. It is simple to replenish the salt cellar or take a small amount and sprinkle it while cooking.

Its dimensions are 3.88 by 3.88 by 3.88 inches, and its 350ml volume capacity is adequate for preparing a family supper. It is a sophisticated dish that may hold a variety of gourmet salts, pepper, herbs, spice mixes, and spices.

It features a big aperture that lets you reach inside and take a pinch of salt out. This will be a thoughtful present for family and friends for any occasion, including Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, and weddings. Additionally, it is simple to maintain and dishwasher safe.


  • Dishwasher safety
  • Additionally, it is labeled so visitors won’t need to spend much time looking for it.
  • crafted from enduring stoneware
  • It is basic and ornamental.
  • broad opening and convenient refilling


  • Possibly boring for a dining table.

How To Use A Salt Cellar?

How To Use A Salt Cellar

The majority of us keep cooking salt in a plastic container and utilize it from there to add salt to any dish as needed. Some people even use salt straight from the shaker. However, the majority of skilled chefs and cooks are used to taking a pinch of salt out of a dish or bowl with their hands. Instead of keeping the salt in the pantry or a food processor, consider using a salt cellar. It keeps the essential components close at hand and can make seasoning your cuisine simpler.

The chefs and cooks can estimate ingredients using a salt cellar. Like how a pinch of salt is made: fingers are placed into an open container containing kosher salt when a recipe calls for one or two fingers’ worth. Compared to other salts, this one has bigger crystals. As an alternative to measuring using a spoon, use a salt cellar while making recipes. It also enables a cook to add a pinch of salt if necessary, possibly along with another pinch.

The word “salt” is etched on a clear salt cellar, allowing you to use it as you need it and preventing you from unintentionally using sugar. A hardwood salt cellar with a magnetic swivel cover is another excellent choice to employ, as is a Japanese salt cellar with a flip-up lid that is very simple to reach. If you use a salt cellar instead of a salt shaker, you’ll feel more professional.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a salt cellar, exactly?

A type of salt storage facility is a salt cellar. It is a fantastic kitchen tool. It maintains the salt’s dryness and makes sure that it is always available for usage.

2. Which material makes the greatest salt cellar?

Ceramic, wood, or bamboo are used to construct container to store salt. My recommendation amongst them is a salt cellar made of bamboo or wood. They are environmentally friendly and difficult to fracture. Due to their small weight, they may easily be held in one hand.

3. Is an airtight salt cellar necessary?

Your salt cellar must, of course, be airtight. You could be asking, “Why?”

The most crucial aspect of a salt cellar is its airtightness, which keeps the salt dry. You don’t want any wet salt to spill out of your salt storage facility.

4. How can a salt cellar help?

The most crucial and often used component in the kitchen is salt. It is hard to eat things for us without adding salt. Instead of keeping salt in a cup or pot, it should be kept in a salt cellar that resembles a box.

Final Verdict

Salt cellars are made to make seasoning meals while cooking simpler. It is a beautiful addition to your kitchen since it makes it simple to reach salt, spices, and other ingredients when cooking. The majority of these container to store salt are constructed from high-quality, dense natural materials that do not include any chemicals.

For Christmas, executive days, father’s days, birthdays, or weddings, this is the ideal present. Due to the design of the salt cellar, it can be kept easily next to the stove, barbecue, or dining table for elegant seasoning. Additionally, pick a salt cellar that shields your spices or salt from dampness.