Best Panniers For Groceries – Recommendations for 2023

Panniers For Groceries

One thing that keeps coming to mind in the midst of a highly stressful schedule and an exceedingly busy day at work is grocery shopping.

Well, it’s one crucial chore that every individual and housewife must complete. Now comes the million-dollar question, which I’m sure you’ve considered.

Individuals with a vehicle can load all of the items into their vehicle. But what about folks who ride their bikes to the farmer’s market or the grocery store?

Let me respond to that question for you. The greatest idea is to use grocery panniers. It’s quite convenient, believe me. If you’re wondering, “Will it even fit the bike I use?” the answer is yes. This is due to differences in size, mounting technique, form, durability, shape, and design. I spent a significant amount of time studying the finest supermarket panniers and researched and listed a few of them in this article.

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BV Bike Bags Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable Hooks
BV Bike Bags Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable Hooks

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Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Pannier
Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Pannier

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Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier
Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier

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WATERFLY 25L Bike Bag Bike Pannier Bag
WATERFLY 25L Bike Bag Bike Pannier Bag

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Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier
Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier

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Best Panniers For Groceries in 2023

1. BV Bike Bags Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable Hooks

In the business, BV is a well-known brand. I know this since I own a number of their items. The firm develops cutting-edge bicycle equipment for touring, leisure, and commuting riders (Like me).

These items are extravagant because they give you with more flair, convenience, and comfort all at the same time. Their Bicycle Bags Bicycle Panniers can be utilized on a daily basis.

What else?

The bike packs are also suitable for traveling to school or the office.

The bikes contain large compartments for storing various stuff such as groceries, literature, beverages, and clothing. Each planner has a zipper where you may put essentials like mobile phones, food, and wallets.

The bag’s angled pocket design ensures that you have enough of room when cycling. For further security, there are four white shelf straps situated on the bag’s linked central part.

The removable and adjustable hooks, which are situated on each of the panniers, have received a lot of attention. The hook is located on the rear. It will aid in the fastening of the lower section, providing considerably more stability. For more suggestions, you can read about Plastic Wrap Dispenser.

Product characteristics:

  • It has a hand-carrying strap.
  • At night, you may ride securely.
  • A stiff black panel is present.
  • The material is 1000D Cordura and 600D Polyester.

2. Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Pannier

The Ibera Bicycle Clip-on Bag is next on the list. Cycling, according to the firm, should be a part of everyone’s lives. For these reasons, they design world-class bike bags to provide individuals with a comfortable cycling experience.

Their Bicycle Bag Clip-on Bag is unique. It will release the bag in 3-seconds thanks to its clip-on function. Do you understand what this means?

There is no need for straps. It is the greatest grocery pannier among the others because of its sophisticated release method.

In addition, the bag is quite fashionable and appealing. It also carries several compartments, including massive capacious pockets and top zipped pockets. It also has elastic bands that aid in the retention of the flyway buckle straps.

As a result, it will have a more streamlined appearance. The installation method is rather simple, since it does not need any further information. Its 3-point attachment method will keep the bag firmly attached to your bike, preventing it from slipping off.

You may use the bag for anything, including grocery shopping and carrying it to work. The bag’s inside are rather big and would easily carry a variety of items. Additionally, you can check our review on Produce Storage Containers.

Product characteristics:

  • Weight about 14 lbs.
  • It has an all-weather cover.
  • Ideal for pool parties, hiking, camping, travelling, and other outdoor activities.
  • PAKRAK lever lock mechanism is included.

3. Ortlieb Back-Roller City Rear Pannier

To be honest, I had never heard of the Ortlieb brand before discovering its products. I had no clue they offered such high-quality Back-Roller Rear Panniers, and I was blown away by the features they offer.

The bag has a classy and sumptuous design with a roll-top fastening. It also incorporates a QL1 mounting mechanism that is simple to use. This suggests that mounting this rear pannier will be simple.

This bag was named the finest pannier bag among the others since it is large enough to hold veggies, fruits, juice cans, or even a large size turkey container, among other things.

You may also carry the bag with you when trekking or traveling and put all of your essentials in it.

I can promise you that you will have no trouble using this bag, and that the wear and tear will be minimal.

Another advantage of this back pannier is that it can easily accommodate a 15-inch laptop. You may also use it to keep your hiking boots or an extra pair of clothes while traveling.

Product characteristics:

  • The fabric is PVC-coated polyester.
  • With Allen Key No.3, it has QL hooks and a lower sliding hook.
  • Quite long-lasting.
  • A lateral 3M Scotchlite reflector is included.

4. WATERFLY 25L Bike Bag Bike Pannier Bag

WATERFLY is a well-known market brand. The firm has a good reputation for its bicycle panniers and other accessories. Their Upgrade Bicycle Pannier is one of the best bags for groceries and outdoor activities.

“What’s so special about this bag?” you may wonder. It’s the same as the other panniers.” No, absolutely not. This is due to the fact that this bag has a lot more to offer than you believe.

To begin, the entire bag is constructed of high-strength PVC, making it totally dustproof, waterproof, long-lasting, and wear-resistant.

It has a triangle hooking system as well as two solid and moveable buckles. The bag also has a 360-degree adjustable bracket that allows you to adjust and secure the bag in the proper position. The bag is both practical and spacious.

Whatever you want to use these bicycle panniers for, you can be assured that everything inside will be safe.

Whether you’re heading to the farmer’s market or camping with friends, this bicycle bag will keep your belongings secure. It has several pockets as well as retractable shoulder straps.

Product characteristics:

  • Night fluorescent stripes are included for safe riding.
  • Durable handles add another option for carrying the bag.
  • It weighs around 2.6LBS.
  • Available in yellow and black.
  • It has a large capacity of 27L.

5. Bushwhacker Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier

Bushwhacker’s products and merchandise have never failed to please me. Their Omaha Bicycle Grocery Pannier is modest, but it is an excellent choice for a fast trip to the market. It includes two bags of the same style and size.

The bags are distinct and must be mounted separately. Each bag is rather large, with dimensions of Length-14cm x Width-9cm x Height-11.5cm. If you are a frequent shopper (like I am), the bag is great for you.

The complete bicycle bag is built of high-quality, long-lasting materials that will avoid unnecessary wear and strain. The installation procedure is simple.

If you have any problems mounting it, see the user handbook that comes with the pannier. It has a three-point mounting mechanism that will keep the bag securely and firmly in place.

When your task is over, you can quickly disconnect it from your bicycle and use it again when you need it.

After using the bag, fold it and keep it anyplace in your home. This will allow you to save a lot of space. Oh! I nearly forgot the bags are for the back of your bicycle.

Product characteristics:

  • They are simple to work with.
  • It comes in two large supermarket bags.
  • It has a bike frame, a S Hook, and a bungee.
  • Weighs about 4.85LBS.

Things You Must Look into When Buying Grocery Panniers

Best Panniers For Groceries

Bicycle panniers are perfect for those who ride their bikes to food shops and marketplaces. They are useful since you can transport all of your belongings in them and return them safely without dropping them somewhere.

So, queries like “Which is the best pannier for me?” “Will it work with my bike?” and “Can it carry the load?” may arise in your mind.

That is why I have mentioned some of the essential characteristics that will lead you to the Best Food Panniers that will make your grocery shopping a lot simpler in this part. Check out the details below.


Durability is one of the most important elements to consider when purchasing a food pannier. Check the materials used to make it and whether or not it is strong enough to hold all of your stuff.

Make sure you conduct some research on the pannier bag and read the product reviews. When you get a bag with a robust structure, it will endure a long time and will not show signs of drooping. This will save you money by preventing you from acquiring another grocery pannier.

The Convenience of Unloading and Loading Groceries

When you have the appropriate grocery pannier, you need to make sure that you can unload and load all the things.

I’ve mentioned about ten supermarket panniers in this post, and you’ll see that the bulk of them have a basket top design.

You are incorrect if you believe this design is a mistake. The design makes it easier to load and unload all of your items at the store and at home.

Just make sure that the supermarket pannier you purchase does not require much time to load and unload.

System of Mounting

The next item to look at is the pannier’s mounting mechanism. The mounting method will assist you in installing the pannier to your bike. Even while all grocery panniers include a mounting system, not all functions are the same.

I was in a circumstance where I believed the mounting mechanism was broken, and guess what? The entire pannier came crashing down in the middle of the road. If you don’t want to end up in the same predicament as I did, it’s far better to understand more about the mounting process.


After you’ve double-checked and confirmed everything, don’t forget to double-check the amount of money you’ll spend on the pannier. Bike shopping bags, like all other things, are priced differently.

Based on the suggestions in this post, I can definitely state that a good-quality supermarket pannier will cost you between $30 and $70, with a maximum price of $100.

It will be much simpler to buy the bag you want on your budget if you select a budget that falls within this range.


Size does important when it comes to supermarket panniers. There is no set capacity of a pannier. The optimum size for you will be determined by the number of products or objects you intend to carry.

I assume you have a clear idea of the type of pannier you require. So, all you have to do is make excellent use of that image to acquire a notion of the size that is appropriate for you.

Based on my experience, I recommend getting a pannier with a considerably higher capacity. It will aid in ensuring that you have enough space to carry all of your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be able to gather one or two bags?

It’s entirely up to you how many you want. The majority of supermarket pannier bags come in pairs. However, there are various companies that provide the choice of only one bag.

But heed my advice and get two bags. Why? When you load them equally, it will precisely balance your bike. Alternatively, you may always go for one.

2. What are some of the top supermarket pannier brands?

Aside from the companies listed in this post, there are many others you may look at.

M-Wave, Green Guru, Blackburn, Inertia, and Diamondback are a few examples. Before purchasing a grocery pannier, visit each of their locations.

3. Will putting a basket directly on top of the rack work?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you lay a basket on top of the rack, it will still operate. The only thing you need to do is connect the clips on the top of the pannier bag to the rack under the basket.

If you do this, it will function perfectly. Just make sure you can detach and reattach the pannier bag.

4. What materials are they constructed of?

Different materials are used to make pannier bags. Polyester, nylon, tarpaulin, and Cordura are some of the materials used to make bags.

These materials will protect the bag from severe weather, scrapes, and wear & tear. Despite the fact that there are other more materials available, these are the finest of the best.

5. Where am I going to obtain these bags?

When looking for the best panniers for groceries, you may discover them on online buying platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, and many more.

There are several real stores that sell these bags, although the prices may be slightly higher. That is why I recommend that you get the bags from an internet store.

Final Words

Grocery panniers are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique features and purposes. These bags are not only popular among heavy shoppers, but also among those who like tour activities.

This article will provide you with a wealth of information about some of the finest food panniers, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

I’ve revealed all of the critical facts you need to know that you won’t find anyplace else. You will have a good understanding of the things or elements you should consider when purchasing a pannier bag.