Best Citrus Zester in 2022 – Top 5 Picks & Reviews

Best Citrus Zester

Nowadays, people are always attracted to smart things. This is how to get more output in a short period of time.

There is a widely used adverb; Time is Money. So no one likes to waste valuable time.

For this reason, we don’t want you to waste hours and hours just using the traditional peeler tool in the kitchen.

The best citrus zester can significantly reduce the pain of peeling fruits and vegetables.

Here are some of the zester toolsets available on the market. One of them you can choose and use to understand why it knew as a smart tool.

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Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater - Razor-Sharp Stainless Steel Blade
Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater - Stainless Steel Blade

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Citrus Zester - Parmesan Cheese, Lemon, Chocolate, Ginger, Garlic, Vegetables
Citrus Zester - Parmesan Cheese, Lemon, Vegetables

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Kaluns Citrus Zester, Lemon Zester, Cheese Grater With Handle
Kaluns Citrus Zester, Lemon Zester, Cheese Grater With Handle

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OXO Good Grips Etched Citrus Zester and Grater, One Size, Green
OXO Good Grips Etched Citrus Zester and Grater, One Size, Green

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OXO Good Grips Citrus Zester and Channel Knife, Black
OXO Good Grips Citrus Zester and Channel Knife, Black

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Best Citrus Zester Reviews

All of the zester we have reviewed are the best and updated products on the market. I have presented all the information as well as the features and facilities of these to you.

Maybe one of these will be able to take the form of your desired product.

1. Deiss PRO Lemon Zester & Heavy Duty Cheese Grater

When it comes to zesters, you want something made of sharp serpentine and sturdy material.

And if you’re going to use the product for a long time, this may be your desired kitchen utensil.

The grater is easy to handle and comfortable enough. One of the most common problems is that the use of fruit zesters causes pain in the hands.

Besides that, they’re frightened of cutting hand portions with them. But this product is not problematic. It has a dot grip on the handle, making it less likely to slip from the hand in use.

Moreover, many people want the kitchen accessories to be a little smaller because it is much tougher to take out the kitchen’s free space.

So you can buy this zester tool as a solution to this problem. Because it has a hole in the back of the handle, you can hang it anywhere in the kitchen.

This essential citrus can be very helpful in your daily life. Using this, you can try the typical recipes of the restaurant at home.

So whether it’s for yourself or the kids, a peeler can make your job easier.

Key Features :

  • Sharp and long-lasting build quality.
  • Loophole on the handle to save kitchen space.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Capable of cutting into restaurant vegetable shape.

2. Lemon Zester Grater – Perfect to Parmesan Cheese

The zester tool we are going to review is for those who want to use a product that is both comfortable and safe.

Besides being a comfortable product, this zester has all the features you expect.

The grater uses stainless steel serpentine material built into it, so there is no chance of it to damage while being used.

And the most common problem with fruit zester is the tendency to rust. However, this problem will not appear in this product.

So this zester tool will not put you under any stress in terms of durability.

Moreover, its packaging includes a cleaning brush and cover. To clean a peeler, you need a brush made of artificial fiber, which you do not have to buy separately.

And as to store it safely, a cover is being provided with it. So hopefully, you won’t have to buy anything else separately to use this zester.

The need for this thing increases when there are children in the house. Since children need nutritious food, fruits are too large to eat.

It’s pretty fun for them to eat when they can serve the food in small portions. Thus, the best lemon zester can help you to eliminate this situation.

Key Features :

  • Have a comfortable and non-slip-able handle.
  • Extreme sharp cutting edge.
  • Comes with a cover and cleaning brush.
  • Suitable for making nutritious children’s meals.

3. Kaluns Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater

Despite being concerned about safety, you’re looking for a zester. If you struggle with such problems, this zester tool may be just the solution you need.

The packaging of this grater comes with a pair of hand gloves which will protect the hand from cutting. Zester’s perforations are incredibly sharp and can be hand-cut if not used properly.

But if you wear these gloves, you won’t be afraid to cut your hands even if you work a different way.

In addition to the gloves, the company is also providing a cleaning brush and zester cover.

If zester does not adequately take care of, it can spread various bacteria that can be deadly. And this cover can be beneficial for you to save you from this problem.

The fruit zester we are talking about is FDA-approved. So you don’t have to care about its assembly or safety. When it comes to the steel’s quality, it is a guarantee that it will not rust.

This product will definitely be of good quality for your kitchen, so you will have the chance to save some money.

Key Features :

  • FDA standard approved zester.
  • Comes with hand gloves, a cover, and a cleaning brush.
  • Super comfortable to use.
  • Completely rust-free

4. OXO Good Grips Etched Zester and Grater

Let us introduce you to a citrus that will make all the work in your kitchen more manageable than ever. In a word, one product will be enough to grate everything in your kitchen.

This versatile zester tool can grate all kinds of fruits, including all the vegetables and spices in the kitchen.

A kitchen utensil such as this will help you grate chocolate in seconds if you make a sweet dish.

And if you are concerned about how a product of such versatility will be able to fulfill all your working needs, you can stop worrying.

Because Oxo Company makes this zester and this company launches their product in the market after many tests.

You can be sure of the durability and service, so there is no reason to worry.

The most impressive thing about the grater is that its different variants are available.

This product variation includes both large and small side zest facilities. So you can easily do your job by selecting the desired variant according to your needs.

Moreover, the two sides of the peeler function separately for sweet and savory dishes. And this is why this best citrus is considered the first choice for many.

Key Features :

  • Suitable to use in a variety of ways.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Space-saving hanging loop
  • Highest level of quality

5. OXO Good Grips Citrus Zester With Channel Knife

We have brought another product from the Oxo Company. The zester is a bit different from all the other products but not different in terms of work.

Instead, in some respects, it is more efficient than others.

It is basically for those who don’t like trouble at all and always want to take the easy way out.

The knife design in a specific style, and also the zester build with serpentine and stainless material.

So there is never a fear of breaking or rusting. Regarding the handle, we would say it is comfortable enough to use as a knife.

It will be an excellent choice for those who want to design or sketch on fruit. Using it, you can make different kinds of crafts on the fruit in a restaurant-style.

And at the same time, you are getting the service of peeling. So thinking from this perception, it can count as an excellent feature.

You can easily store this outstanding zester tool anywhere in the kitchen. You can keep it in the drawer of the spoon rack or compartment.

For its small perception, there is no hassle of using and cleaning.

However, if you do a lot of cooking, this product will not be the right choice. It can consider the perfect choice for serving occasional or designer dishes.

Key Features :

  • Design like a knife.
  • Easy to store anywhere.
  • Comfortable and Anti-skid handle.
  • Stainless and Sharp head.

Things to Consider Before Buying Citrus Zester

If you look at some aspects, you can find the essential citrus in the market. But in this competitive marketplace,

no one is inferior, so finding a zester based on features alone is a tricky thing to do. If you pay attention to some essential things, you will recognize an outstanding zester tool.

Zester Build Quality

Indeed, you don’t buy a citrus for one-time use. You want the product to last a long time. And if that is your wish, you must pay attention to the product’s built quality.

It’s essential to ensure that the zester tool is made of good quality stainless steel so that it will help to make long-lasting and healthy food.

Comfortable Handle

To use the zester, you have to work with a lot of energy, which puts pressure on the hands. So if the handle of the zester is not comfortable, then the hand may feel pain with a little use.

Another problem common in it is the use of gestures to slip off the hand. To select a product that has a comfortable handle and anti-slip facility.

Versatile to Use

If there is a zester in the kitchen, it may need for many purposes. You can do everything with one gesture when cutting fruits or slicing vegetables.

But is the gesture of your choice really capable or not? If not, give priority to a zester that can work versatile. Then you can do all kinds of greetings through a zester.

Safe for Everyone

The zester tool is easy to use, but it is also less likely to cut many hands. It is because its built-in material uses serpentine and stainless steel, which can cause careless hand-cutting.

So buy a product that is entirely safe to use. Wearing a glove before use is the best precaution to prevent accidents.

Package Includes

However, you do not have to buy gloves separately unless the product package with these gloves.

There are some products with accessories included in the inclusion so that there is no need to purchase new products separately.

Before purchasing, make sure you know what kind of combo you are getting in the product’s packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to use a zester properly?

The zester is very easy to use. Just wash the fruit or vegetable, place the fruit zester on a plate or bowl, and keep rubbing its sharp side.

This way you can easily do the hard work. However, it is best to do the work under adequate light, and then it will be beneficial for you.

2. Is there a quick or easy way to wash citrus?

Cleaning the zesters is not a difficult task. However, many people go to clean by mistake and get into an accident. It is possible to clean it by using a brush after each use.

And to clean the routine, it has to be dipped in submerged water with detergent and dipped in it. After 15 to 20 minutes, please pick it up and rinse it again with fresh water.

3. What is the best way to determine a suitable citrus zester?

Finding the best citrus zester depends on the necessity. If you prioritize what kind of product you are looking for, you will be able to choose the right zester.

However, all of the ones we have reviewed are suitable for versatile use. You can choose any one of them.

4. Does citrus zester need safety gloves?

Safety gloves are not required if you are a professional in this field. However, it would be better for newcomers to use safety gloves.

It is pretty sharp, which leaves a possibility of cutting off the hand. But for professionals, using the zester tool is like a child’s sport.

5. Is it possible for metals to rust after dipping in water?

The citrus zester builds with stainless steel, so there is no chance of rust.

But if it soaks in water for a long time, the lining may fall off, which can be cleaned and reused. But I hope you will not face any problem with rust in regular use.

Final Words

By using a zester, you can easily do all kinds of long tasks in the kitchen. But it will be applicable only when you choose a better grater.

Choosing out of almost a thousand zesters is not an easy task. So if you have to spend valuable time buying a cheap thing, it will not be efficient either.

Therefore, we have found some of the best citrus zesters on the market with our specialist team’s help. You can choose one of these. Hopefully one product will be enough to simplify your job.