Sustainable Kitchen Remodel

Sustainable Kitchen Remodel

What a wonderful thing it would be if a home improvement project could almost pay for itself. Even though it might seem impossible, some home improvements can really increase a house’s worth by almost as much as they cost the homeowner to perform. A simple kitchen remodel, for example, can provide a return on investment (ROI) of more than 85%, which may be advantageous to homeowners when it comes time to sell or refinance their houses, according to the Remodeling 2023 Cost vs. Value Report.

There is, however, another element at work here. The Inflation Reduction Act can also assist in making improvements self-sufficient. With the help of the bill’s incentives and rebates, homeowners can recuperate part of the money they spent remodeling their kitchens while simultaneously lowering their monthly electricity costs.

If your kitchen might use an overhaul because it has seen better days, now might be the moment. Additionally, making the switch to more environmentally friendly appliances, fixtures, and building materials can not only benefit the environment but may also increase interest from buyers if you decide to put your house on the market. The National Association of Realtors recently released a research, and it found that more than 50% of real estate agents believe their clients are interested in sustainability.

Find out which sustainable kitchen ideas this year are most deserving of your attention by reading on.

Stove Electric

Stove Electric

There is a drive to use electric burners in the kitchen to increase energy efficiency and household health. In fact, homeowners who invest in an induction range will reap the most rewards because the technology uses less power than a traditional electric stove and loses less heat during cooking. That’s a win-win situation for increasing sustainability.

The Inflation Reduction Act also allows householders to get a rebate of up to $840 on the purchase of an electric stove, cooktop, range, or oven. It’s important to think through every part of the project before investing in a new appliance, even though this improvement might be advantageous for both your house and your cash. You can decide if a contemporary electric stove is the correct choice for your kitchen using the recommendations below.

Streamlining Fixtures

A homeowner’s effort may also be worthwhile if they replace their dishwasher and faucet with more efficient models. These fixtures not only improve the look and practicality of a kitchen, but they also aid in a 30% decrease in household water consumption.

For instance, the typical kitchen faucet uses 2.2 gallons of water every minute. It can rapidly add up to significant monthly bill savings if you replace it with a modern low-flow model that uses just 1.5 gallons of water every minute. In addition, it helps conserve a vital natural resource for the benefit of the environment. Likewise, installing an Energy Star-rated dishwasher can increase kitchen efficiency.

Recycled Resources

One of the most sustainable things people can do is take a material that has served its purpose and turn it into a new substance. Thanks to goods like the recycled glass countertops from IceStone, incorporating recycled materials into a kitchen makeover is simpler than ever. The environmentally friendly surface gives any kitchen a striking, distinctive appearance while recycling materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Furthermore, highly renewable materials like bamboo or linoleum provide excellent choices for kitchen flooring. The latter has an advantage since bamboo can imitate the appearance and texture of hardwood, which some real estate experts believe has a ROI of 70 to 80 percent.

Green furnishings and finishes

Green furnishings and finishes

The addition of finishing touches, such as wall color and decor, is one of the most satisfying aspects of a kitchen renovation. Fortunately, there is room to increase these features’ sustainability as well.

Consider LED light bulbs as an example. Despite having a higher initial cost, LED lighting is more energy-efficient and durable than previous types of lighting. Because LED bulbs don’t need to be changed as frequently, it not only saves money on monthly power costs but also time in terms of maintenance.

It’s also important to note that paints with low VOC content are better for the environment than those with greater VOC content. Additionally, they are safer to use for both the painter and the occupants of the room.

Consider brands and items that use recycled or renewable materials and ecologically friendly production techniques when equipping a newly renovated kitchen. An FSC-certified stamp, for instance, certifies that wood was obtained ethically and sustainably.

Acceptable Disposal

As with any home improvement project, it’s crucial to use caution when getting rid of trash following a kitchen remodel. Appliances, cabinets, and other items that are no longer needed can be saved from the landfill by being taken to the neighborhood reuse or recycling facility. This alone can encourage renovators to go toward sustainability.

However, DIYers can also try to sell their good but used items online or through classified ads. If they decide to sell, the money raised can be applied to the remaining costs of the restoration, including the purchase of the new furnishings and materials. Additionally, neither approach involves paying fees at the nearby dump.