Best Food Service Butcher Paper – A List from The Expert for 2022

Everyone dislikes food that is cold and rough, especially when it’s their favorite meat. While smoked meat can taste divine, correctly preparing it calls for knowledge and care. By enabling the rich, smokey taste to permeate each cut while keeping it soft and juicy, good butcher paper may make smoking meats much simpler.

No matter what’s on the menu, this article will assist you in choosing the best butcher sheets for smoking.

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Pink Butcher Paper by Meat Hugger
Pink Butcher Paper by Meat Hugger

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Pink Butcher Kraft Paper Roll by Tenderlicious
Pink Butcher Kraft Paper Roll by Tenderlicious

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YRYM HT Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll
YRYM HT Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll

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Peach Butcher Paper for Smoking Meat by DIY Crew
Peach Butcher Paper for Smoking Meat by DIY Crew

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Pink Butcher Paper Roll by Bryco Goods
Pink Butcher Paper Roll by Bryco Goods

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Why You Need Butcher Paper

Why You Need Butcher Paper

Some home cooks ask why their meat doesn’t smoke nicely when they use normal parchment paper or aluminum foil. The purpose of butcher paper is to smoke meat. Its distinctive construction guards against burning while the meat is being smoked.

Butcher paper preserves meat soft and succulent while allowing the ideal amount of flavor to permeate. It’s likely that your smoked meat will come out dry, stiff, and unappealing without butcher paper.

Additionally, butcher paper preserves food quality and preserves flavor. For this reason, butcher paper is frequently used by chefs and restaurant proprietors to wrap takeout orders and deliveries.

4 Important Qualities to Look For in a Butcher Paper

4 Important Qualities to Look For in a Butcher Paper

You must be very careful when choosing your brand of butcher paper since it will come into touch with the meat you are preparing. Here are the top 4 factors to think about while purchasing butcher paper.

Quality Control and Certifications

Meat cooked on a grill after being wrapped in butcher paper changes in composition due to heat. Selecting paper that is safe to come in contact with food and devoid of hazardous compounds is essential for this reason. By searching for genuine licenses and certificates from reputable organizations like the FDA, you can verify the legitimacy of the document.


Water, oil, and food fluids are all exposed throughout the cooking process. The quality and strength of a butcher paper must be high enough to survive all that wetness. Your meat might end up crispy and dry if moisture weakens the paper, which will produce holes and rips that can sabotage the entire smoking process. Use a butcher paper that is resistant to moisture to prevent an incident like this.

Strong and Smoke Resistant

Butcher paper of inferior quality might also become brittle due to other factors. If you don’t use a high-quality product with a long lifespan, you could have paper rips that might burn and ruin the meat.

Additionally, be sure to use a paper that won’t become brittle when exposed to heat. Quality performance within a smoker depends on resistance to heat and smoke.

Shouldn’t Change the Flavors of the Original Ingredients

Many companies sell butcher paper that has been treated with wax, which is thought to be more robust. However, the wax’s chemical composition might contaminate your meals. They occasionally have the potential to be poisonous or change the meat’s original taste. Your meat will taste as it should by using all-natural, unwaxed butcher paper, and there won’t be any pollutants to worry about.

Types of Butcher Papers

Types of Butcher Papers

Butcher paper comes in five standard variants, and each one may be identified by its unique characteristics.

Butcher paper in white

FDA-approved, uncoated white butcher sheets are typically used to wrap meat, sandwiches, and subs. This kind of butcher paper is widely used in restaurants because it is very good at preserving the freshness of cooked food.

Pink Butcher Paper

These butcher sheets, which come in a variety of pink hues, are excellent for smoking meat. Particularly in an outdoor kitchen, they are robust enough to resist heat and shield the food from airborne pollutants as it cooks. When used to wrap food, pink butcher paper resists moisture and does not get soggy.

Butcher paper with a peach coating

The best butcher paper for storing meat is peach-treated. Despite having a similar appearance to pink butcher paper, the two differ primarily in terms of their make-up and intended use. Butcher paper that has been peach-treated is particularly made for preserving raw meat. Just enough air is allowed in by the paper’s composition and layout to keep the meat fresh and avoid color fading.

Gardenia Paper

Usually, packaging uses gardenia paper. The airy texture of this premium butcher paper reduces sogginess, and its resistance to moisture makes it the ideal substance for leak-proof packing.

Steak Paper

In butcher shops, steak paper is frequently encountered and is used to showcase meat. The paper, which often comes in tones of peach, white, green, and black, completely seals in the color and fluids of the cut.

Best Food Service Butcher Paper Reviews

The Top 5 Best Food Service is shown below. Butcher How to paper meat expertly

1. Pink Butcher Paper by Meat Hugger

This pink butcher paper is made by the company Meat Hugger using food-grade materials. It is extremely heat- and moisture-resistant and prevents leakage of meat fluids. When serving newly cooked meat that still has its fluids, this aspect is usually helpful.

Additionally, it is entirely wax-free and does not alter the food’s natural flavor. Additionally, the papers’ clever construction permits just the correct amount of steam to escape while yet holding onto enough moisture to make the meat soft.

The easy-tear dispenser that comes with the paper roll is my favorite feature. It greatly speeds up the process of wrapping the meat for me.

There are 4 different sizes available, allowing you to select the ideal wrap for any sort or cut of meat. Additionally, it makes it possible to smoke several pieces of meat on a tight schedule and speeds up the process of the meat reaching its ideal cooking temperature. Besides, you can choose some Anti Fatigue Mat for Concrete.


  • doesn’t become sloppy
  • not tearing
  • thick without wax
  • includes a dispenser for simple tearing


  • Box has no seal on it.

2 . Pink Butcher Kraft Paper Roll by Tenderlicious

These pink butcher papers are produced in the US to the highest safety and quality standards, resulting in a product that is reliable, long-lasting, and of the highest caliber.

These papers are made by the brand without the use of bleach or polymer coating and only from the best virgin wood pulps. This guarantees that your meat’s purity and quality are unaltered. The texture is all-natural and free of polymer coatings, which helps preserve the meat’s flavor.

The internal structure of the paper has received special attention from the creators, who have also used a proprietary formulation to increase the material’s strength. This enables the paper to hold up well and be unaffected even after being saturated with water or oil.

These butcher paper rolls are ideal for smoking brisket in the Texas style. The meat is completely enclosed by the paper, which keeps the meat moist but not soggy while allowing steam to escape.

It can also be used for a variety of other things besides cooking, which was very handy when I ran out of parchment paper for sandwiches and had to use these butcher papers instead. It keeps cooked foods like sandwiches, beef ribs, and pork chops fresh and works equally well for this purpose. Make sure you also check our guide for Container for Marinating Meat.


  • numerous uses
  • without a polymer coating
  • Perfect for smoking brisket in the Texas style
  • unique formulation that strengthens paper


  • The size might not be appropriate for everyone.

3 . YRYM HT Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll

The butcher paper by YRYM HT is manufactured from the best recycled paper available and is made from raw, virgin wood pulp. The brand’s extra assurance of quality and safety, together with its avoidance of waxes, bleaches, and coatings, make it the ideal choice for your meals.

Due to its greater tensile strength and longevity compared to normal aluminum foil, it is more successful at preserving the flavor and texture of the meat.

Additionally, using butcher paper will enable you to prepare true Texas-style BBQ and experiment with different cooking methods while saving time in the kitchen.

What I particularly appreciate about this paper is that I can use it as table runners and table coverings in addition to smoking my meat and wrapping presents and meals. These butcher sheets were even more precious due to the variety of uses I discovered.


  • US food safety certified leak-proof
  • The meat develops the ideal outer bark.
  • made from virgin pulp and high-quality recycled paper.


  • For preserving meat, freezer paper is superior.

4 . Peach Butcher Paper for Smoking Meat by DIY Crew

My favorite aspect about this DIY Crew peach butcher paper is its length, which was incredibly helpful once when I had to place a sizable purchase. These rolls are around 200 feet long, which is more than sufficient to wrap any sort of meat and the supply lasts for a longer period of time.

For added strength, the company employs the best red butcher paper fibers. They are able to absorb liquids such as cooking oil, water, food juices, and other liquids without tearing or creating holes as a result.

The company has gone above and above to make the paper more durable without using any wax coating that may contaminate your meals. It is ideal for using to smoke meat for traditional American barbecue recipes.

Additionally, the inside structure of the paper allows for sufficient ventilation to let moisture to evaporate and rich, smokey tastes to permeate the luscious, supple meat.


  • enduring heat for 200 feet
  • Made of the finest red butcher paper fibers, which preserves the meat’s juices


  • Some people may choose a shorter roll.

5 . Pink Butcher Paper Roll by Bryco Goods

This food-grade butcher paper is produced in the United States by Bryco Goods and is purposefully uncoated and flavorless so that your recipes will taste better and preserve their natural character.

The brand’s adherence to safety standards guarantees that the meat you prepare with these papers is both healthy and delicious for everyone, including young children. The paper’s layout and construction help guard against needless leaks and breaks that might jeopardize your work.

The paper is non-stick and easy to remove, making it simpler for you to detach the paper from the meat once you are through smoking it. It is available in two sizes to suit various demands.

Additionally, unlike conventional tin foil, this paper does not break, preventing the meat from being suffocated. In fact, it will maintain the smokey taste and spices as well as the incredibly soft and juicy texture.


  • Non-flavored
  • not crimped
  • Design with no adhesive for simple removal
  • keeps the spice and smokey taste in tact.


  • It might not have adequate width for some applications.

Final Thoughts

Best Food Service Butcher Paper

In a fair amount of time, all of the butcher sheets previously described can yield properly cooked, tasty meat with a delicious bark. But I think the YRYM HT Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll comes out on top.

It possesses every characteristic a good butcher paper should have, and to top it off, it has a certification from US food safety authorities, which verifies every claim made by the business.

It is entirely natural and devoid of any dangerous chemicals or wax coatings that might contaminate your meat and change its flavor.

Additionally, it is quite strong and doesn’t leak when exposed to damp. This makes your beef the ideal option for your kitchen since it keeps it from forming a crusty peel.

The butcher sheets from YRYM HT are my favorite brand since they take a sustainable stance while still producing high-quality goods. These incredibly effective pink butcher sheets are made solely with premium recycled paper made from pure, virgin wood pulp.

Additionally, you may use them to wrap a variety of other foods, such as sandwiches, fries, and hamburgers, or for entirely other uses. You have the choice.

It is my top option due to these important advantages and the validation by government agencies in charge of ensuring food safety. Having said that, you are free to select any of the aforementioned butcher sheets based on your requirements.