A complete guide to choosing the Best Olive Wood Cooking Utensils for 2022

Olive Wood Cooking Utensils

One of the most beautiful types of wood is olive wood. It has a striking pattern and gives your kitchen a rustic appearance. As opposed to other wood, this wood is smooth and won’t add a grainy texture. Additionally, it has a neutral flavor. It is the most popular option for a butter spreader. It can taste metallic if you use metal utensils with it. But every manufacturer’s quality may be different. The best olive wood cooking utensils won’t have any cracks and will only use a small amount of wood glue.

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STAUB Wooden Spoon, 12-inch
STAUB Wooden Spoon, 12-inch

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Eddington Italian Olive Wood Wide Spatula
Eddington Italian Olive Wood Wide Spatula

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RSVP Set of 2 Olive Wood Utensils
RSVP Set of 2 Olive Wood Utensils

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Naturally Med Olive Wood Butter Knife/Spreader
Naturally Med Olive Wood Butter Knife/Spreader

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Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 5 Piece
Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 5 Piece

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What exactly is Olive Wood?

What exactly is Olive Wood

Olive trees are used to make olive wood. Olea europaea is the botanical name for olive. They are derived from the Oleaceae family of tiny trees. They originated in the Mediterranean Basin but are now cultivated worldwide. Today, California is one of the leading producers of olives.

Although olives are famous for their flavor, nutritional value, and oil. The wood is likewise highly sought after. It is lovely, silky, and firm, and it improves with age. It is graded 2690 on the Janka Hardness scale. When compared to other woods, this is rather high. The hardness of hard maple, for example, is 1450. This suggests it is very strong and long-lasting. It also contains natural oil that moisturizes itself. This means you won’t have to oil it as often.

As a result, it is a popular wood for kitchen utensils. The majority of olive wood kitchenware available now are handcrafted in Italy. However, due to global manufacture, kitchenware from America, Turkey, and the Middle East are often seen. Check out the most essential Review for Wooden Utensil Set.

Cooking Utensils: Olive Wood vs. Bamboo

Bamboo wood seemed to have sprung out of nowhere. They are inexpensive and grow quickly. They are, however, less appealing, and the texture is gritty. They often fracture and splinter. If you’ve ever used a bamboo spoon, you’ll recognize the unpleasant texture. Olive Wood, on the other hand, has no such problem. It is silky to the touch and has a pleasant taste.

However, there are some difficulties with Olive Wood. They shatter and break because they are so hard. To cover the gap, manufacturers often employ wood glue and dust. When exposed to water, the adhesive disintegrates, showing extensive fractures. After you get it, I will personally examine it. Make sure you also check our guide for Slow Cooker For Bone Broth.

What olive wood cooking utensils Should I Purchase?

Best Olive Wood Cooking Utensils

Olive wood is ideal for kitchen items. They are often hand carved, and each form is unique. They differ in form and size. The following are some kitchen tools to look for.

1. STAUB Wooden Spoon, 12-inch

Olive Wood Spoons are among the finest stewing spoons available. They have no aftertaste and feel amazing in your tongue. Staub manufactures a fantastic olive wood spoon. It is 12 inches in length and works well on nonstick cookware. A excellent alternative to using a plastic spoon, which may melt and end up in your meal.

2. Eddington Italian Olive Wood Wide Spatula

If you’re just searching for a spatula. Eddington’s create an excellent spatula. They are constructed in Europe using olive wood from Italy. Their timber is obtained specifically from the south of Italy. The surface is large and flat, allowing you to reach beneath food easily.

3. RSVP Set of 2 Olive Wood Utensils

Nonstick cookware is popular, but it cannot withstand the abuse of metal spoons. As a result, the RSVP two-piece set is fantastic. The curved spoon will sit neatly on the pan’s edge. The spatula is used for flipping and turning food. They are 12 inches long and crafted of Italian wood.

4. Naturally Med Olive Wood Butter Knife/Spreader

To spread butter, an olive wood spreader is often used. They are thought to lack taste when compared to metal ones. For this reason, French chefs often employ them. To enjoy the true flavor of butter, I suggest the Naturally Med brand, which is reasonably priced. Just keep in mind that it does not include the dish. I’m not sure why they included it in the photo.

5. Tramanto Olive Wood Utensil Set 5 Piece

If you only want a set, the Tramanto one is a nice option. You receive 5 pieces that are 12 inches long. They are handcrafted in Tunisia and are reasonably priced.

6. Naturally Med Olive Wood Cutting Board

The olive wood board is an excellent presentation piece. They provide a dramatic contrast when paired with charcuterie or cheese. You can make it really Italian by utilizing the same board that the Romans use.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, I like boards that have a more natural curve. There are some that resemble a standard serving board, but that is all up to you.

I suggest that you acquire boards that are 14 inches or larger. Thicker boards are also preferable. They might get moldy or have other difficulties. The additional thickness allows you to sand it down and remove the problem.

Naturally, Med makes an excellent board for serving cheese. Some people use it as a cutting board, but I don’t suggest it. It spoils the natural beauty and is too difficult to cut with a knife.

Concerns Regarding Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils

There are various drawbacks to using Olive Wood. I urge that you check every thing you purchase. Look for visible cracks. To fill it, the producer may use wood glue and wood dust. When you soak it in water, the adhesive softens and loosens. The utensil will eventually fracture, and you will need to replace it.

You should always dry the Wooden Board correctly. Do not leave it where it will remain moist. Mold will often develop, and you will need to sand it down.

Final Thoughts

Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils are an excellent way to bring personality to your kitchen. Because they are naturally oily and hard, they should endure a long time. While they are somewhat more costly than bamboo, the beauty of the pattern more than compensates.

I hope you like this best olive wood cooking utensils post.