Best Sprinkles for Funfetti Cake | Top 5 Selection for 2022

Sprinkles for Funfetti Cake

There’s more to funfetti cakes than vanilla cakes with sprinkles mixed in. Whether you refer to them as sprinkle cakes or confetti cakes, they all evoke memories of simpler times.

For birthdays and other occasions, they work well. The frosting is covered with sprinkles, and the cake crumbs are tender. Funfetti cake is a vanilla butter cake with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles on top.

But you need sprinkles to make these delicious vanilla cakes. It won’t be a Funfetti cake if that happens. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a recipe that didn’t call for jimmies or any other kind of sprinkles.

The white cake is what is often decorated with Funfetti. This cake’s look of whiteness and the delicate appearance of the crumb are both due to the usage of egg whites.

On the other hand, whole eggs are what give the yellow vanilla cake its golden hue. The jimmies are then easily added.

Now, as you are undoubtedly aware, sprinkles come in a variety of forms. How then can you determine which sprinkles are ideal for Funfetti cake? Should I use nonpareils or Jimmies?

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Wilton Rainbow Funfetti Cake Sprinkles
Wilton Rainbow Funfetti Cake Sprinkles

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Decorating & Flavoring Desserts Rainbow Sprinkles by Chefs Select
Decorating & Flavoring Desserts Rainbow Sprinkles by Chefs Select

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Hoosier Hill Farm Multi-colored Sprinkles
Hoosier Hill Farm Multi-colored Sprinkles

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Mermaid Cupcake Sprinkles
Mermaid Cupcake Sprinkles

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Oasis Supply Edible Confetti Sprinkles For Cake and Cookie
Oasis Supply Edible Confetti Sprinkles For Cake and Cookie

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Our Selected Top 5 Best Sprinkles for Funfetti Cake

Let’s now examine several well-known Funfetti sprinkles that you can put on your cake.

1. Wilton Rainbow Funfetti Cake Sprinkles

Jimmies comes to mind when we think about sprinkles, and there’s a good reason for it.

For confetti cakes, everyone recommends Jimmies. This is the ideal topping whether you want to serve it with confetti, cake pops, peppermint hot chocolate, or cookies.

This traditional topping is delicious because it is crunchy, sweet, and colorful. Cakes with icing hold crisp toppings well. They may also be slapped on top of birthday cakes or poured over stencils.

By combining colors from 8 vibrant tones, you may create a sprinkle mixture that goes with your party’s theme.

There are many different hues of these varied jimmies. Although they don’t taste unpleasant, some of the sprinkles have a distinct fragrance. It is advised that you apply them before the icing hardens. The jimmies will remain on in this manner. Your favorite snacks may simply be colored in a spectrum of hues.

By icing and putting swirls on top of a special occasion cake, you can quickly turn it into a centerpiece.

Jimmies of various colors should be pressed into the bottom third of each side. Over the swirls, drizzle the remaining mixture. Here is a simple cake recipe that will impress your visitors.

Features that Stand Out:

  • crunchy sprinkles that may be eaten
  • Produced in the USA
  • meets FDA specifications
  • vibrant and lovely hues

2. Decorating & Flavoring Desserts Rainbow Sprinkles by Chefs Select

The ideal finishing touch for a fun-themed Funfetti cake are these colorful rainbow sprinkles from Chefs Select. There are lots of jimmies in the 14-ounce jar, which it comes in. Desserts like cupcakes and muffins may be flavored and decorated using these sprinkles. The fact that they are gluten-free is the greatest part.

They may be added to ice cream, yogurt, and other ice cream favorites in addition to cake frosting. It tastes fantastic and is enjoyable for both children and adults of any age.

Be aware that sprinkles, even the chocolate and rainbow types, can bleed if the batter is too moist.

Because of this, you ought to add them following cake baking. Take care not to disturb them too much. The color softens if the batter is mixed too long and vigorously.

The jimmies therefore spill into the batter. Even though there won’t be much blood, you shouldn’t take any chances when making a Funfetti cake.

Even though it has a shaker cover, you may remove it entirely. I’d do it if it were me. A shaker lid is kind of pointless.

Only a little sprinkling emerges. If you want a lot of sprinkles on your cake, remove the lid. These jimmies have a sweet, soft, and slightly crispy flavor.

Features that Stand Out:

  • There is little bleeding in these sprinkles.
  • Licensed as gluten-free
  • contains each basic color.
  • fantastic for toppings

3. Hoosier Hill Farm Multi-colored Sprinkles

When Hoosier Hill Farm sprinkles are added to sweet desserts like cupcakes, eating them becomes even more enjoyable. These long, traditional sprinkles come in a variety of hues, so you can match them to your special occasion.

To maintain freshness for a longer period of time, they are packaged in jars that can be resealed. These jimmies have a delicious frosting-like flavor to them.

They taste great. To quit eating them is difficult. These rainbow sprinkles are also produced in the United States.

As a sprinkle connob, you are aware that chewy sprinkles are the best available.

These have less consistency or chewiness. They are not, however, as crunchy as sprinkles.

They work well enough for baking and cooking. When heated, their waxiness causes them to melt.

These sprinkles are on par with other sprinkles. The containers may be used again and are quite durable.

To move them into a container I could control for personal use, I would like a spout with an easier pour.

Features that Stand Out:

  • It comes in a 2-pound bulk container.
  • uniform hue and pleasant taste
  • ideal garnishes for Funfetti cakes
  • a reusable jar with a sealable lid

4. Mermaid Cupcake Sprinkles

Want to create a fun Funfetti cake with a mermaid theme? You’ll enjoy these mermaid sprinkles, without a doubt. They can also be used as sweets.

These go well with colorful party decorations and birthday cake toppers. Master sugar artisans meticulously and expertly construct each piece.

If you don’t use it all, you may safely store any leftover sprinkle candy in its unique stand-up bag. How about the baking mix?

Could these be included in it? Probably. Since the sprinkles are thicker than usual, I believe they will maintain their shape after baking.

It might be challenging to bite through sprinklers since they are sometimes so thick. They could have a precise melting point, but I’m not sure. You could notice that they dissolve since damp soap contains some sugar that dissolves. They have a similar texture and firmness to a sweet tart.

These ornaments resemble the sprinkles you can buy at the supermarket. Even though the cost is considerable, once you taste the cake, you won’t regret purchasing it.

The mermaid tails are silky and have a great flavor. They would make a lovely and distinctive decoration for a Funfetti cake.

Features that Stand Out:

  • Mermaid-themed seasoning
  • for use with birthday cakes
  • includes pearls and metallic sugar beads.
  • Both jimmies and nonpareils are included in the box.

5. Oasis Supply Edible Confetti Sprinkles For Cake and Cookie

Your Funfetti cakes may have individuality and color thanks to Oasis Supply’s Edible Confetti Sprinkles. Adding these sprinkles to any cake can turn it into a spectacular party delight. These are bigger than typical sprinkles.

They have wonderful flavor and have a significant impact. They are vibrant, and I enjoy how much you receive for your money. They don’t bleed or sink to the bottom of the cake, which is another feature I enjoy about them.

You’ll initially notice that these sprinkles taste sweet. They taste exactly like candy wafers, unlike other sprinkles, which do not.

The sparkles truly make the goodies shine, and the flavor is great. The brilliant colors add to the overall joy of the décor.

The colors are precisely as they are seen in the images. The cost is quite fair for what you receive.

These sprinkles are consistent in size and come in a resealable bag. These may be used to make around two batches of confetti tiny cupcakes.

Features that Stand Out:

  • Sprinkles of palatable confetti
  • uniform size, high caliber
  • ideal for decorating cakes with confetti
  • satisfactory thickness and size

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Sprinkles for Funfetti Cake

1. How do jimmies work?

These tiny rod-shaped sprinkles are most frequently found on cakes that are either chocolate- or rainbow-colored. Any color cake may be decorated with these. In the end, they don’t dissolve or bleed when combined with dough.

2. Which Sprinkles Should I Use, #2?

Use jimmies in place of nonpareils, please. Nonpareils cause the batter to spill color, giving it a murky, soiled appearance. Jimmies have a much lower risk of bleeding. The tiny circular balls are called nonpareils. Jimmies have the appearance of tiny cylinders. You’re all set. Simple and concise response.

3. Do all sprinkles look alike?

Not every sprinkle operates in the same manner. Some of these can be baked in cookie dough, but not all of them can withstand high heat! It’s essential to know which can be baked where.

4. How do nonpareils work?

A cake or sugar cookie decorated with these little balls looks lovely. But cookie dough won’t work with them. as a result of the bleeding and unappealing look.

5. Can I substitute sugar pearls?

These kinds of sprinkles give cooked and frosted cookies a pleasant crunch. However, you shouldn’t include them into the dough or batter. They are challenging to chew.

6. How much time do sprinkles last?

Sprinkles will last between 12 and 18 months if they are stored properly.

7. How should sprinkles be kept?

Sprinkles don’t like to be stored in damp or warm surroundings since they can’t all resist heat. If you prefer to keep them in transparent glass containers, be sure to pick a location that is cold, dark, and low in humidity.

Last Words

In some circumstances, some sprinkle blend ingredients shouldn’t be used in baked goods. A few hues are also difficult to locate. You wouldn’t believe the variety of sprinkles available.

As a result, you shouldn’t make a special effort to buy them all. This guide’s objective was to help you choose the best sprinkles for Funfetti cakes so that the next time you bake and use sprinkles to decorate, the results would be optimal.