How to Clean Projector Lens – Ultimate Guide

how to clean projector lens

Projectors have become a much-needed commodity in this digital age. Projectors are used a lot in offices, meetings, schools, or at home, and most of the meetings done through the use of projectors.

But the problem is that after a few days of use, the image becomes blurred or imprinted. The problem occurs because of dust and fungus. It falls on the projector lens due to the humidity of the air and gets stuck, which not possible to remove without proper cleaning.

If you are looking for a solution to this kind of problem, then this article is written for you. Today I will tell you how to clean projector lens properly.

The different ways to clean the projector lens described below

External Cleaning of Projector Lens

External Cleaning of Projector Lens

If you see dust attached to the lens and light hedge, you can clean your projector lens this way.

First, turn off the projector and make sure it is normal. Many projectors can take up to 30 minutes to return in normal conditions. After that, clean from the top with a light, thin type brush and gently wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth. Wipe in such a way that no stain occurs on the lens.

I would recommend at least try to clean the lens once in a month, and it will help the projector to run much better. And if the projector attached to the top, then lower it first and then clean it.

Of course, keep in mind gently clean the projector so that no damage occurs.

Internal Cleaning of Projector Lens

Internal Cleaning of Projector Lens

If your projector’s image is too blurry or too light. Then it would be best if you cleaned from the inside of the projector.

A fungus usually causes this type of problem. This problem occurs when the fungus falls on the projector’s lens due to humidity or in an unused condition.

To fix this problem, you need to turn off the projector first and then cool it down. It is better to put it on a table and turn on the light of the house very well. You will found a sticker on the bottom of the projector and gently lift it. Then blow inside the projector using an air duster spray. Do not blow excessive amounts of spray.

And after use, attach the cover and then put a sticker on the back cover. Do this cleaning only if necessary.

Inside Cleaning of Projector Lens

Inside Cleaning of Projector Lens

If your projector’s lens is showing purple dots due to fungus and the above two methods are not able to clean the lens, then you can use this method.

Make sure to use this method when your projector does not have a warranty, and also you have an idea about the maintenance of electrical items. Otherwise, I would recommend an expert to do the maintenance.

First, cool the projector and, of course, disconnect it from the electric. Then remove the nut using a screwdriver. Open the locks of the projector very carefully, and care must be taken not to break any lock. Then when all the screws are open, gently wipe the backside of the lens with a microfiber cloth.

If there is any dust attached to the lens, then lightly wipe the air duster with a fabric of microfiber. Re-apply all the locks, including the screw.

All the things that need to be taken care of while cleaning

  • No water should not use. The lens could wholly damage due to the use of water.
  • It is better not to use any fabric other than microfiber because the use of synthetic fabrics can result in permanent stains on the lens.
  • Using light pressure. Applying too much pressure on the lens can cause it to rupture and blur permanently.
  • Using an air duster does not damage the lens, but it must use according to the rules. And it is better not to use it unnecessarily. Shake well before using the air duster spray.
  • If you have no idea about projector maintenance, it is better not to open it. If you have no idea, take the help of an expert.
  • The lens should be cleaned with microfiber at least once a month.

Final word

I have reviewed how to clean projector lens. I hope that will help you, but keep in mind that lenses are susceptible products. Damage can occur if you use any indecent material or if you do not clean it in the right way.

So try to clean the way you mentioned, your projector will last a long time and will show clear pictures.