How to Make Compost Tea from Kitchen Waste? Easy Tips in 2022

How to Make Compost Tea from Kitchen Waste

If you are already here to read this article then you are a true plant parent and we think you are looking for ways to help your plants and indoor jungle grow big and strong.

Many think of making plants grow big and strong is always a matter of light and water given to the plants. While light and water are essential, but these only do not necessarily ensure faster growth of your plants.

What can actually help to grow your plants is a simple compost tea that you can make easily following our instructions. Compost tea is made from leftovers and scraps and is completely organic. Few leftovers of kitchen waste that you can use are banana peel, onion skins, eggshells and ground coffee. These are easily available materials found in almost every home.

Compost tea gives nutrient boost to your pot plants and help them grow big. Like fertilizers that you buy from stores or make at home, consider compost tea as a plant’s vitamins and nutrients. Compost tea helps plants boost their immune system and better prevent pests and insects. Other than that, compost tea also improves a plant’s soil health.

So, now you know what a compost tea can do for you. You must be waiting to know how to actually make compost tea for your plants. Wait no more. In the following sections, we will provide how you can make compost tea very easily and the ingredients or materials that you will need for the whole process. You can check out our picks for Air Pump for Compost Tea as well.

Things You Need to Make Compost Tea

Things You Need to Make Compost Tea

The following list contains the materials that you can use for the preparation of compost tea. The main ingredients are kitchen waste or leftovers and water. Whatever material or instrument is suggested beyond these main ingredients will actually help you to make the job easier and smoother. So the list goes as:

  • Five-gallon bucket
  • Water
  • Aquarium air pump
  • Plastic tubing
  • Air stone
  • Kitchen Waste (Banana Peel, Onion Skin, Ground Coffee & Eggshells)
  • Molasses (Optional)

There are two ways that you can make compost tea. The first way is a more straightforward, easy and fast process to prepare the tea and the second process will extract a bit more work from you but nevertheless the second process is the better one of the two.

However, whichever process you choose, you will definitely get better results in preparing the compost tea. If you are looking for the Grinder for Flax Seeds, you can find the recommendations here.

First Method for Making Compost Tea

First Method for Making Compost Tea

This is a straightforward and easy method. Use this method if you want to prepare compost tea easily and if you have a few plants in your indoors or garden.

Step 01: In a glass jar or pitcher, combine pieces of banana peels, onion skins, eggshells, and ground coffee bits.

Step 02: Fill the jar or pitcher with water until the jar or pitcher is completely full of compost waste.

Step 03: Leave to steep in water for 3 to 5 days.

Step 04: Strain the liquid once the kitchen sink compost tea has steeped thoroughly. Then, using a 1:4 ratio of one part compost tea to four parts water, water your plants.

Step 05: Make a compost smoothie by blending banana peels, onion skins, eggshells, and coffee grounds with water. It’s great for fertilizing your garden.

Second Method for Making Compost Tea

Second Method for Making Compost Tea

The second approach necessitates the use of a basic brewing setup. To accelerate the population boom of helpful microorganisms, compost is mixed into a pail of water and then aerated. Stasis is also avoided by constantly rotating the water.

Step 01: Fill a five-gallon bucket halfway with water, then top up with a shovelful of loose, high-quality garden compost. To make a liquid solution, vigorously stir the ingredients together.

Step 02: Allow 15 minutes for the solution to settle. Some of the compost will float to the top of the bucket, while the silt will drop to the bottom. Turn on the air pump and connect the air stone to the plastic tubing. Place it in the bucket.

The air stone oxygenates the water, promoting the development of microbes. Use a tiny spring clip to tie the tubing to the bucket’s edge and to keep the air stone below the water’s surface.

Step 03: To further encourage and feed the increasing microbial population, add a cup of molasses to the mixture.

Step 04: Allow at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours for the solution to brew. Because bacteria need oxygen to survive, it’s critical to maintain constant aeration during the compost tea brewing process. The mixture becomes anaerobic if the expanding microbial population exhausts the oxygen supply (depleted of oxygen).

Step 05: Strain the mixture to eliminate any bigger particles, and then use a watering can or garden sprayer to apply the solution directly to the plants and leaf surfaces. Because many garden sprayers have tiny spray nozzles that might clog, strain the liquid well before using it in a garden sprayer.

Final Words

Make Compost Tea from kitchen waste

There you have it. Two processes through which you can easily make compost tea at your home. One important tip for you is that if you leave the tea to steep for more than three days, the microorganisms will die. So, don’t brew the tea for more than three days. One more thing, if you want to see real benefits in your garden, apply compost tea at least twice a week.

Making compost tea at home is an excellent method to reuse and recycle kitchen trash while also improving the soil in your garden. Use our instructions to easily make compost tea and start feeding your beloved plants the nutrients and vitamins that they need.