Best Acrylic Drinking Glasses – Top 5 Picks For 2022

Best Acrylic Drinking Glasses

Most people think that a drink’s taste won’t change, no matter what kind of glass is used! If you think so, then we will say that your idea is absolutely wrong.

The material of glass can deteriorate the quality of your drink. On the other hand, it can put your health at risk.

It’s for this reason you have to waste time searching for the best acrylic drinking glasses.

The acrylic glasses that our experts have discovered are different from usual. Our review talked about all the aspects that make these glasses the best in the industry.

Maybe your intended glass set is hidden in it. Let’s discover which product best fits your needs.

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Classic Acrylic Drinking Glasses | Plastic Tumblers
Classic Acrylic Drinking Glasses | Plastic Tumblers

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Break-Resistant Acrylic Drinking Glasses | plastic glasses | Set of 16
Break-Resistant Acrylic Drinking Glasses

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Break-Resistant Acrylic Drinking Glasses | plastic glasses | Set of 16
Optix 20-ounce Acrylic Glasses

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Premium Quality Acrylic Drinking Glasses | Plastic Glasses
Premium Quality Acrylic Drinking Glasses

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Palmetto 20-ounce Acrylic Drinking Glasses | Plastic Tumblers
Palmetto 20-ounce Acrylic Drinking Glasses

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Benefits of Using Acrylic Drinking Glasses

Most people are annoyed with the use of clear drinking glass. Due to the fact that they break easily, and are not available in more than six pieces in a set, this is the main reason.

However, there is a growing demand for acrylic glass as a solution for this issue. Acrylic glass has a number of advantages over clear glass glasses that are listed below.

Durable Compared To Ordinary Glass

Usually when we drink liquid, we like to drink it in a transparent glass. However, the problems that have to be faced with clear glasses break after a while.

Because of this issue, long-term glass usage is quite challenging. It is nevertheless possible to avoid these problems by using acrylic glasses.

During cleaning, they will not break. They are even as light and easy to use as clear drinking glasses. In all these respects, acrylic glasses are much more beneficial than clear drinking glass.

Colorful and Stylish Design

Acrylic glasses are available in different colors and styles. There are also variants for home use or party use. However, acrylic glasses are made from fiber which allows them to be designed accurately.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to design clear drinking glasses so accurately. Due to this, the colors and variations of the clear glasses are not seen in large numbers.

However, acrylic glasses have gained a lot of popularity in the market for their different colors and designs.

Easy to Clean

Clear glasses have to be cleaned very carefully after use. It may break during cleaning. However, acrylic glasses are made of fiber and they do not break easily. So it does not take much time to clean.

Even these are completely dishwasher safe and scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about long term use. You can use them like premium drinking glasses after regular cleaning.

Best Acrylic Drinking Glasses Reviews

In this review, we have discussed all the features, uses, and drawbacks of each product. At the same time, we gave a complete idea about their measurement and capacity.

So hopefully you can choose the product of your choice from these.

1. US Acrylic Classic 16 ounce Premium Quality Plastic Water Tumblers

For those who love glassware but are looking for something different, this product is a good choice.

The most interesting aspect of this glasses set is its crystal clear design. If anyone sees the glasses in a rush, they will not realize they are plastic drinking glasses or glassware.

The company will provide you six glasses in this set. Each of these glasses has a capacity of 18 ounces. This type of glass can be used for drinking water, wine, or juice.

Also, if we talk about its durability, it can be put at the forefront in this regard. Because the material used to make this glass is not the same as regular glasses.

It is quite tough and flexible compared to regular soda-lime glasses. As a result, they will not break easily and are also less likely to get scratches. So you can expect to be able to use it for a long time.

Six inches tall, the diameter of this glassware’s face is 3 inches round.

The most common problem with glassware is wide-mouth diameter, which can result in awkward situations after drinking juice or liquids.

This problem cannot be seen in this set since the glasses are perfectly parallel bottom to top. So these will be good enough for regular use.

If you are here to buy a simple or classical glass set, then you can pick the best plastic glasses.

Additionally, you will be able to achieve satisfaction by using these glasses, which can appear as if they were made of glass.

Key Features :

  • Design is clear and captivating.
  • Set of 6 durable glasses.
  • Perfect alternative to the glassware.
  • Suitable for regular use.

2. US Acrylic Café 20-ounce Plastic Restaurant Style Lightweight

We have another affordable glass set that is colorful and has a high liquid holding capacity. This can be a good consideration for those who prefer colorful over white tumblers.

The exterior of this tumbler looks a bit hazy. The main reason for this design is that it does not get scratches easily. Plastic glasses are usually stained by something hard or sharp.

This is why many people get annoyed and throw the glasses away after a short time. But the manufacturer of this product has chosen this solution to get rid of this problem.

Not only this, with the help of these glasses you can get complete satisfaction about health security.

They make drinking glasses completely BPA-free so that you do not have to face health problems. And for the convenience of cleaning, you can also use the dishwasher.

This set of 16 glasses is divided into four different colors. Therefore this will be a good choice for those who like colors.

Moreover, it will be quite fun for different campaigns. It will never be boring to use these glasses.

However, if you want to use it regularly at home, our first option is better.

Also, if you intend to serve it in a garden or at a small gathering, then these best plastic tumblers will be super suitable for you.

Key Features :

  • Colorful Acrylic glass set.
  • Consist of 16 glasses with 4 different colors.
  • Completely BPA-free.
  • Suitable to use in garden and crowd get-together.

3. US Acrylic Optix 20 ounce Plastic Stackable Water Tumblers

If the design is your top priority and you’re seeking a truly unique product, then you’re free to choose this one. It consists of the best acrylic drinking glasses set for indoor and outdoor use.

The outstanding plastic drinking glasses are characterized by their design and color. Available in 4 different shades of purple color.

This glass set is commonly used at parties. Moreover, its acceptance among the customers is quite high as well.

In this glass set, you will find eight glasses.

Their mouths are approximately 3.5 inches wide, and each is barely 6 inches high. It is a good option for juice, water, or any liquids.

The tumbler is made from durable material that is much stronger than regular glass.

As for the durability of the color, you can rest assured about it. There is no risk of color degradation from regular cleaning or chemical exposure.

You can use these glasses both indoors as well as outdoors. Its premium design will captivate anyone.

There are only eight glasses in the set, so you may need two sets if your demands are greater than this.

Key Features :

  • Premium Design and Excellent outlook.
  • Set consists of 8 glasses with 4 different shades.
  • Reusable and better Durable.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties.

4. US Acrylic Classic 16 ounce Premium Quality Plastic Water Tumblers

Suffering from confusion? Would you like something that is made up of both color and clear? If you have such a thing in mind, then you can choose these drinking glasses.

Different color has been added to the bottom of the design, which is entirely clear. The color of the liquid will vary when it is poured into the glasses.

It is quite interesting and unique to look at. And that’s what these tumblers made apart from others.

The plastic drinking glasses are 6 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Each glass can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid.

These would be quite sweet at a party or gathering of friends. Moreover, the glasses are also a top choice for lemonade or juice.

Furthermore, there are a total of 6 glasses in different color variations. As a result, even if you present these to the guests, they will be surprised.

A good set of glasses is not bad if someone is impressed with it.

These glasses are a good choice to use everywhere. However, there are six classes in one set and four different colors.

For this reason, there may be some uneven feel for use and decoration. So if this is not your problem, then you are completely free to buy it.

Key Features :

  • Unique Design and Color shade on the outside.
  • Set of 6 drinking glasses with 4 color variations.
  • Each glass capacity of 16 ounces.
  • Suitable for house use.

5. US Acrylic Palmetto 20 ounce Plastic Stackable Water Tumblers

We end our review with a different product whose outlook is different from all the products described above.

This is a good pick for those who always want a drinking glass to climax. The glass set is designed on crystal clear acrylic, making it outperform other sets in terms of its outlook.

You will find 16 glasses in this set, and all of them are included in the same design and color.

A set of 16 glasses will not be less in any part to handle a small party. In addition to its abstract design, it is convenient for regular use.

There’s a color variant if you don’t like white glass. Also, there is the option of choosing multi-color.

It would be a very good decision if you chose to use multiple colors when hosting the party.

These glasses with a height of more than 6 inches have a good holding capacity. Each glass can hold 20 ounces of liquid. And this amount of juice or lemonade is enough for a person to drink.

However, the shape of the glasses has been stylized so that it’s a little wider. Depending on the design, the grip might be uncomfortable at times, but that is not a major issue.

Key Features :

  • Outstanding Design and Durable drinking glasses.
  • Available in both Clear and Color variants.
  • Set of 16 glasses with 20 ounces of capacity.
  • Suitable for Regular parties and House as well.

Comparison Chart Of Acrylic Drinking Glasses

Product Name

Set of Product



Classic Acrylic Glasses

6 pcs

16 Ounces


Break Resistant Plastic Glasses

16 pcs

20 Ounces


Optix 20-ounce 

8 pcs

20 Ounces


Premium Quality Plastic Glasses

6 pcs

16 Ounces

Coastal Mist

Palmetto 20-ounce

16 pcs

20 Ounces


Things to Consider Before Buying Acrylic Drinking Glasses

You can buy a good quality acrylic drinking glass based on some aspects. And before buying a product, everyone wants to be able to use it for a long time.

Let’s look at what matters most when finding an acrylic glass set.


All the glasses have different shapes and sizes. It is apparent that the differences are all based on the different capacities.

Now the question may arise which glasses would be better to choose! If you think so, then we would recommend you to choose large size glasses.

This is because plastic drinking glasses are slightly larger in size than regular drinking glasses, but they can hold approximately 4 ounces more when compared in terms of capacity.

And for this, it is safe to select them. However, if you want to select glass for juice or soft drinks, you will not be in trouble even if you buy a small size.


The most important factor behind durability is the built quality of the product. For acrylic glasses to be of good quality, they must build with good quality plastic.

Poor plastic will stain and will not last long. Before you buy a pair of glasses, you have to be aware of its build quality.

Safe to Use

If you search in the market, you will find many types of drinking glasses. But it is a bit difficult to understand which product will be safe for you to buy.

However, if you want to buy the best acrylic drinking glasses, it must meet health standards.

In this regard, we would suggest buying a product that is BPA-free and excludes harmful chemicals. Hopefully, you won’t have a problem choosing such a product.


If you want to buy glass for the party, then you must look at the design. Because people prefer colorful glasses at house parties or outside parties.

And for this reason, you should give priority to the purpose. However, if you buy for regular use, you can choose white or crystal glasses, which are also very nice for home use.


When you buy a glass set, you definitely don’t want to put it in the showcase. And for this, you should prefer versatile products.

Glass sets that can be used for all purposes, including water, juice, lemonade. If you can choose a set of such glasses, it will hopefully be helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are these drinking glasses likely to get scratched?

Glasses are relatively smooth from the outside, as we reviewed. And also quite good in terms of built quality.

Therefore, the chances of having a scratch are very low. However, if a knife or something like it hits it, it could stain.

2. Do any of these smell after some time of use?

Plastic drinking glasses are made of standard acrylic material which can be used for a long time. If it is cleaned after a certain use, then there is no reason to be afraid of the odor.

3. Is there a chance these can be destroyed if you use disinfectant or acid?

These were tested in dishwashers, no problems were found. However, if the acid is too strong, then it can cause one to burn. Despite this, ordinary alcohol will not destroy these compounds.

4. Why are acrylic glasses better than regular plastic glasses?

Acrylic glasses are completely free of BPA, and they are made in compliance with health regulations.

As a result, they are better and more durable than ordinary ones. So these are quite suitable for food.

5. Would these glasses be suitable for regular home use?

Yes, you can choose these as an alternative for home use. They don’t break easily and can be cleaned very effectively. Therefore, you are free to choose from them.

Final Words

Acrylic glasses are gorgeous to look at, so the demand for them is increasing each day. These are not likely to break regularly and are easy to clean, so they are now widely used in parties or hangouts.

However, buying these glasses can be dangerous unless you purchase high-quality glasses.

This is why our experts find the best acrylic drinking glasses so that you may quickly identify the plastic drinking glasses set.

We reviewed a variety of glasses for regular home use and also for the party or outdoor use. Hopefully, if you choose a glass from among these, you will be able to use it sweetly.