Best Angle for Knife Sharpening – Top 5 Selection for 2022

Angle for Knife Sharpening

Is there anyone who never uses a knife? The answer will be no. Each of us uses knives for many purposes. The angle of the knife edge is the most important aspect of sharpening a knife. For this purpose, an angle guide is required to sharpen knives at right angles.

You can find many options to buy an angle guide on the market. But it is a bit frustrating to choose the best angle for knife sharpening one from there. A brand can declare that its angle guide has the most modern features, but the most important thing is the satisfaction of the customer.

By looking at all the quality knife sharpening stone packages available on the market, we have compiled the super angle guides in our list below.

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Sharp Pebble Angle for knife sharpening | 20-degree Angle | Premium Quality
Sharp Pebble Angle for knife sharpening | 20-degree Angle | Premium Quality

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SHARPAL Angle for Knife Sharpening | Two Angle Guide | Four Angles
SHARPAL Angle for Knife Sharpening | Two Angle Guide | Four Angles

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Spyderco Angle for Knife Sharpening | ABS Plastic Base | Instruction Book and DVD
Spyderco Angle for Knife Sharpening | ABS Plastic Base | Instruction Book and DVD

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Sharp Pebble Angle for Knife Sharpening | 15 to 20 Degree | Premium Quality
Sharp Pebble Angle for Knife Sharpening | 15 to 20 Degree | Premium Quality

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KERYE Angle for knife sharpening | Japanese Quality | 15 to 20 Degree
KERYE Angle for knife sharpening | Japanese Quality | 15 to 20 Degree

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Best Angle for Knife Sharpening Review

In this session, we check all the facts with specific features and specifications to choose an angle for knife sharpening. Let ‘starts the review.

1. Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Tired and frustrated with maintaining the correct sharpening angle? Do you hurt your wrists after sharpening your knives? No worries. Sharp Pebble premium knife sharpening angel will help you maintain perspective, as well as put pressure on your wrists.

Recognizing the importance of safety when handling an electric knife sharpener, the knife angle guide will allow you to maintain the correct angle and confidently follow the constant tension as you sharpen the blade.

What does it feel like when one knife sharpening angle is suitable for all knives? It’s cool right! The Sharp Pebble angle guide can be used for all types and all knife sizes. There is a sharpening setting between 15 and 20 diplomas, depending on the type of knife.

The Sharp Pebble sharpening angle guide consists of a durable plastic body and is supplied with a protective ceramic coating that protects the knife’s sharpening stone when knives are sharpened. All products have been checked before they are shipped to you. Therefore, the prospect is extraordinarily long-lasting and durable.

Most liking Features

People like the ceramic coating at this angle. This function makes the angle guide very smooth so that it is convenient to use.

Probable Drawbacks

Along with all these cool features, we have found some reports of cracks in the angle guide.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all knives
  • Premium quality
  • Fixed sharpening angle
  • Long-lasting and durable

2. SHARPAL 196N Angle Pyramid Whetstone

Sharpening knives at right angles is extremely difficult to achieve with experience and except sharpening guide at low speed and probably ruin your blade. To solve the problem, SHARPAL best angle for sharpening knives would be a good choice.

This crisp perspective guide with four built-in angles: 14 °, 17 °, 20 °, 25 °, helps to set the preferred perspective when setting. Angles commonly used in sharpening knives include a Fillet knife 17 ° per facet, a Pocket knife 20 ° per facet, Hunting and a Tactical knife 25 ° per aspect.

The orange posture guide has a magnetic base. On the other hand, the black is equipped with a non-slip rubber pad base. The magnetic base is used to sharpen stones in ferrous metal buildings and a non-slip rubber pad is used for normal whetstones and ceramic whetstones.

The dimension of this angle guide is very compact. The look of the square frame measures 1.57 inches. The wedge occupies a small grinding wheel area, which means that an additional grinding area can be used.

Most liking Features

In general, each angle guide can set a small range of angles, but the SHARPAL knife sharpening angle offers four different angles for sharpening. People like it better.

Probable Drawbacks

Some of the SHARPAL angles are not accurate. They are ground so that they cannot form the angle exactly.

Key Features

  • With four built-in angles
  • Orange angle guide: magnetic-based
  • Black angle guide: non-slip rubber pad-based
  • Very compact

3. Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods

The main work of a sharpening set is to remove the metal from blade with maintaining its uniform angle. Spyderco electric knife sharpeners angle guide is so user friendly as it allows anyone to sharpening their knife with just a few minutes of practice.

You may be concerned about how to use it or whether it is easy to use or not. But do not worry. Just keep the plane of your knife blade perpendicular and pull the side next to each stone to sharpen.

The compact Spyderco knife sharpening angle is designed as a handheld and portable device. Simply place all items on the stand-alone, durable ABS plastic base and lid. You are exactly to go!

Its durable ABS plastic base has keyhole holes that set the sharpening angle stones at 30 ° or 40 °. Each • knife sharpener electric comes with a information book and a DVD that guides you.

Most liking Features

The unique style and easy-to-use function made Spyderco’s angle guide suitable for humans. Users don’t have to work hard to sharpen their knives.

Probable Drawbacks

The holes in the black plastic bracket that you will insert the stones into will not be accurate for all angle guides. Some of them are small.

Key Features

  • Uniform angle between the blade and the stone
  • Durable ABS plastic base
  • Easy to travel
  • Includes instruction book and DVD

4. Whetstone Knife Sharpening Angle Guide

If you are looking for a knife sharpening angle that can be paired with kitchen knives, chef’s knives, pocket knives, scissors, and punches, Sharp Pebble is a great choice for you. It would be what you expected.

This best angle for knife sharpening guide is made of durable plastic and comes with a protective ceramic coating that holds the knife sharpening stone when sharpening knives.

It is less time-consuming and easy to use for all types of users. Excellent product and especially recommended if you have never sharpened knives before or are unsure of the angle to sharpen your knife.

Sharp Pebble knife sharpener electric guarantee their quality through various processes. Third-party inspection is one of these processes. Every product has been tested, tested for robustness and performance before it is shipped to you.

Most liking Features

Sharp Pebble guarantees first-class quality for angle guides. Third-party inspection is the best way to do this tremendous job.

Probable Drawbacks

It’s hard to mention the downsides of this angled guide. However, some of Sharp Pebble’s angle guides scratch on the knives.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all knives and many other tools
  • Made by long-lasting plastic body
  • Fast and user friendly
  • Guarantee their quality

5. Knife Sharpening Stone Kit, KERYE Professional

When it comes to sharpening your favorite knife, it’s important to think carefully about the side angle. Matching the correct side angle to your knife is an essential part of maximizing the performance of your knife. Use the KERYE angle guide for better performance.

This knife sharpening set is very practical to use and a great investment for anyone who wants to sharpen their blades! To be fair, you will be impressed by the high quality of the angle guide and the way they are set.

Quality is very important at KERYE. Sakai KERYE Company has more than 600 years of experience in the production of knives by skilled craftsmen. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of the KERYE angle guide.

This sharpening stone angle can be kept constant with all kinds of knives, such as household knife sets, professional chef’s knives, roasting knives, steak knives, pocket knives, fruit knives, and Japanese knives.

Most liking Features

With the KERYE knife angle guide, you can keep the fixed angle constant. Confidently follow the constant tension as you sharpen the blade.

Probable Drawbacks

It’s difficult to sharpen larger knives with this KERYE blade angle guide that needs to be repeatedly realigned.

Key Features

  • Japanese quality angle guide
  • Less time and easy to use
  • Fit with all types of knives
  • Guarantee their quality

Things to Consider Before Buying Angle for Knife Sharpening

Best Angle for Knife Sharpening

Not only for a knife sharpening angle but also any type of product, there are a few things you need to focus on before purchasing. Because each product comes with new themes and special features and has its tests and trials. Without knowing them, you may not be able to buy any of the products you want either.

Do not worry! Our team of professionals works long hours to solve some factors that must be taken into account before purchasing satinwood paint. Let’s see what they are. Checking the cutting board for chicken will be helpful as well.


Considering the angle is a must because your sharpeners have a predefined sharpening angle that does not fit with any random angle guide. Therefore, before buying an angle guide, you need to know the angle of your knives.

There are many different types of angle guides on the market. Some of them can only cover a small range of angles and others can cover a wide range of angles. We suggest that you buy angles according to your requirements. For more suggestions, you can read about Citrus Zester.


The maximum of the angle guide is made of plastic. Some quality plastics make the angle smooth and durable. Before buying, you should check the quality of the plastic used in the chosen angle guide.

Some of the angles have different materials such as a slip-resistant pad or magnetic base. These types of materials are used for different purposes. Try to make sure that the material used in the base is workable. Additionally, you can check our review on China Storage Containers.


Without a few exceptions, angle guides are generally compact. But you have to pay attention to the size when buying, as some angle guides are a bit long or large and cannot be carried when traveling. Buy a compact angle guide so you can take it with you wherever you go.


The knife angle guide should allow you to safely maintain the correct angle and maintain even tension while sharpening the blade. Consider the issue of safety very carefully, otherwise, an accident could occur. Try to buy an angle guide with no slippage or breakage problems.


What you have to accept is that the product of a well-known brand is expensive. They are long lasting also. But it’s annoying to keep buying ephemeral products from lesser-known brands and wasting money. Always try to buy a quality product even if it is expensive. However, if you find a new brand with a quality product that is struggling, buy their product.


This is the one thing you can’t go wrong with. A quality angle guide must be made of good quality material to be durable, it must have a smooth surface to be comfortable, and it must provide safety protection to ensure it is safe. When buying an angle guide, pay attention to the quality mentioned above.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the process of determining the sharpening angle of a knife?

To determine the sharpening angle, use the goniometer. This is a system that shines to the side with a laser beam and then projects in a degree distribution. In this way, you will be able to know the sharpening angle of the respective knife.

2. How I can select the right angle guide?

Choosing an angle can be one of the easiest steps to sharpen once you understand the basics. To make it easier, a 20° bevel angle is a great beginning point. If sharpened precisely, the 20-degree angle will work fine on most knives.

3. Can I use the angle guide for a straight razor?

It probably helps you get off to a great start, but you need to finish a razor by hand. You need a leather strap which helps to polish the blade.

4. What is the angle range of kitchen knives?

The angle range of kitchen knives varies on the different continents like European / American kitchen knives have 20 ° per side, Asian kitchen knives have 14 or 17 ° per side.

5. Is this best sharpening angle for pocket knife angle guides safe enough?

Yes. These angular guides guarantee the safety of the user. The high-quality material and smooth workmanship ensure they won’t slip or break during use, so you can use them worry-free.

Final Words

Now you have a better idea of the angle guide for knife sharpening. Not all companies supply high-quality products, so you need to be careful when purchasing an angle guide. To get a more realistic idea of each product, you can check the reviews on social media.

Now you can choose the best angle for knife sharpening. If you follow this article, it will be convenient for you to find the right product according to your desire.