Best Coconut Oil for Popcorn in 2022 – Top 5 Reviews

Best Coconut Oil for Popcorn

Have you constantly been to a movie theater just to eat popcorn? However, this is not new. Many people have fallen into such a situation.

The flavored popcorn in movie theaters tastes different from everyone else. But have you questioned if they are actually using ingredients that make it so crispy and delicious?

You will be surprised to hear that, with the best coconut oil for popcorn, you can transform ordinary popcorn into delicious ones without any other expensive ingredients.

In addition, coconut oil also plays a key role in popcorn’s glorious premium outlook.

We have reviewed some of the best coconut oils in today’s review. Our specialists have included them in this list because of their quality and effectiveness.

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Dutchman’s Coconut Oil for Popcorn, 30oz Jar
Dutchman’s Coconut Oil for Popcorn, 30oz Jar

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Snappy Popcorn Colored Coconut Oil, 1 Gallon
Snappy Popcorn Colored Coconut Oil, 1 Gallon

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Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavored Coconut Oil - 30 oz
Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Coconut Oil

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Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil
Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil

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Snappy Pure Colored Coconut Popping Oil, 15 Ounce
Colored Coconut Popping Oil

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Popcorn

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Popcorn

Increase Crunchiness

To enjoy the taste of popcorn, you need to eat it in a crunchy condition. It isn’t easy to get crunchy popcorn all the time. Most of the time, homemade popcorn doesn’t crunch.

You can make homemade popcorn taste like a movie theater if you follow a simple guideline. A team of professionals uses coconut oil with beta-carotene added to fry popcorn.

In large quantities, coconut oil makes popcorn crunchy. Popcorn made with this oil does not easily lose its crunch.

Delicious Taste

Among the many benefits of coconut oil is that it makes popcorn taste better. It provides more nutrition than natural popcorn due to the mixed beta carotene.

However, this yellow coating enhances the taste of popcorn due to beta-carotene in coconut oil. Coconut oil popcorn differs significantly from normally prepared popcorn.

Those who are not willing to compromise on flavor should use coconut oil when making popcorn.

Enhances Popcorn Popping

A popcorn machine or stovetop usually requires butter or oil to make popcorn. However, it is essential to note that butter or oil can reduce the effectiveness of the popcorn.

Most people who eat popcorn to lose weight should not use butter or oil at all.

Therefore, using coconut oil in popcorn is an excellent way to keep it as a healthy food. Adding coconut oil to popcorn will help it popping faster without harming it.

Best Coconut Oil for Popcorn Reviews

Throughout our review, we discussed all the aspects of coconut oil. We also talked about how to find coconut oil for popcorn popping.

In this review, we hope that you will find helpful information and find your desired product within it.

1. Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil | Butter Flavored Oil

The Dutchman name is not unfamiliar to popcorn lovers. This brand is quite famous in the American market for selling classical and flavored popcorn.

The specialty of this brand is that its products do not use harmful chemicals. And this coconut oil is no exception.

Several types of ingredients are usually added to make coconut oil. It is done to increase the efficiency of the oil.

However, food-grade oils contain no harmful ingredients. Due to this reason, Dutchman butter flavored coconut oil is regarded as a food-grade oil.

This coconut is entirely chemical-free and contains no trans fat, and it has an oily butter flavor and natural beta carotene.

Carotene causes popcorn to have a yellowish tinge that makes them even more delicious.

The popcorn kernel is not likely to burn or melt using natural coconut oil. As a result, if you pop popcorn on high heat with these, the kernels will not burn.

Furthermore, unrefined oil releases a lot of smoke when popcorn is popping. Due to its complete refinement, this oil is suitable for this application.

However, this oil is completely natural as it does not use any additional chemicals. And because it is natural, it may need to be used a little more than other oils.

Due to its size, this 30-ounce pot is not suitable for daily use. To eat more popcorn, you can purchase two pieces at once.

Key Features :

  • Produced naturally without harmful chemicals
  • It contains beta carotene and butter flavors
  • This refined oil prevents corn from burning and melting
  • Trans fats and preservatives free

2. Snappy Popcorn Colored Coconut Oil, 1 Gallon

Those who are looking for coconut oil that can last a long time should consider this oil. Anyone who loves popcorn will find this one-gallon coconut oil a lifesaver.

You will find this coconut oil in a completely liquid state. You do not need to use your freezer to store it. Hence, coconut oil does not need to pre melt after being used in popcorn poppers or cookware.

With its ability to be immediately used, this oil can be applied anywhere, anytime, with any instrument.

The most popular flavor of popcorn is buttery popcorn. This oil is also suitable for making butter popcorn, so you don’t have to add butter separately.

Using butter as a flavor gives it a rich taste. You will save both time and cash by doing this.

This versatile oil is suitable to make movie theater popcorn or delicious popcorn. However, if you want to lose weight with popcorn or eat classical popcorn, avoid this oil.

Because it has a butter flavor mix, it will not be suitable for weight loss. But it would be a super choice to make delicious popcorn.

Key Features :

  • The Pot has one gallon of coconut oil
  • Not necessary to use butter separately. It comes in a butter flavor
  • Perfect for making movie theater popcorn or delicious treats
  • Pre-melting is not necessary

3. Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Butter Flavored Coconut Oil – 30 oz

If you are looking for an organic, vegan, and non-junkie product, coconut oil is for you.

This gourmet coconut oil from Franklin Company is made with the exception of full junkie ingredients. It leads to excellent quality as well as a delicious taste with this coconut oil.

No specific apparatus is required to use this oil. Using this oil in the microwave or machine should get good results.

It is normal to burn popcorn kernels when using coconut oil in closed machines, but using this coconut oil machines will not cause this problem.

The pot has an oil weighing 30 ounces or 750 grams. It will be enough for occasional popcorn meals.

However, the amount of coconut oil from the Franklin Company uses a little less than ordinary ones.

It is why we hope you can use this oil for a long time. Making popcorn with this gluten-free coconut oil is a great idea.

The oil is marketed in a plastic container. Leakage-free pads are used under the lid of this container.

The case will not leak if it needs to be carried somewhere or packed in a clothing bag. Our recommendation is to wrap it in a plastic bag or poly before putting it in your bag.

Key Features :

  • Produced without junk food and in a vegan manner
  • Suitable for microwaves and popcorn machines
  • Up to 30 pounds of gluten-free coconut oil are contained in the Pot
  • Leak-free and portable plastic container

4. Paragon Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil

Here we are discussing coconut oil that is not hydrogenated. Without hydrogenation, coconut oil has a long shelf life. This container holds a gallon of oil.

If you have one gallon of coconut oil, you can make popcorn for years. Therefore, the shelf life will need to be long. This one has excellent storage capabilities.

Additionally, it is not contaminated with any fungus in its stored state.

Its chemical composition contains 76 percent coconut, and the rest of it is beta carotene. This natural coconut oil contains no other ingredients.

One of the main reasons for using beta carotene is the golden color of popcorn. It is quite common to see popcorn in golden color, and the golden glow makes the popcorn appear delicious.

To stabilize this color, this coconut oil contains a lot of beta carotene. Beta carotene is basically made from carrot juice.

Using this best coconut oil for popcorn you can obtain the same flavor of popcorn as that served in the expensive movie theater.

Moreover, if you want to add a different kind of flavor, you can do that too. By adding salt or caramel flavor to this oil, you can make popcorn with different flavors.

Key Features :

  • One gallon of coconut oil with a long shelf life
  • The container contains 76% coconut oil, and the rest is beta carotene
  • Completely non-hydrogenated products
  • It is famous for making movie theater popcorn

5. Snappy Pure Colored Coconut Popping Oil, 15 Ounce

Even though you don’t always eat popcorn, if your health condition permits you to eat it occasionally, you can make popcorn from Snappy Company’s pure coconut oil.

This 15-ounce coconut oil is enough to make healthy and delicious popcorn. It is made in a completely non-GMO manner.

And the most highlighted thing is that the pot has only 120 calories in this 15 ounce or 444 gram. So you can choose this product as a combination of both healthy and tasty.

This oil can be used not only for making popcorn but also for making different recipes.

This versatile coconut oil is suitable for making any salad. However, in that case, do not mix water with hot oil.

The coconut oil with a battery flavor will give popcorn an extraordinary taste. However, in cold weather, the coconut oil becomes solid.

In this case, the oil has to be cooked at a temperature of 76 degrees or above. When it is solid, first liquefy it with heat, then you can use it.

This coconut oil is made in America and is quite suitable for making popcorn. But the size of this container is small.

If you are going to carry it anywhere or use it for a short time, this is a good choice.

Key Features :

  • The container contains 15 ounces or 444 grams of oil
  • The entire oil has been processed using non-GMO methods
  • No trans fats or harmful chemicals are present in the oil
  • About 120 calories are contained in 15 ounces of oil

Comparison Chart Of Coconut Oil for Popcorn

Product Name




Dutchman’s Coconut Oil

30 Ounces

6.54 x 6.06 x 4.37 inches


Snappy Popcorn Colored Coconut Oil

128 Ounces

7 x 7 x 14 inches


Franklin’s Gourmet

30 Ounces

3.5 x 3.5 x 6 inches


Coconut Popcorn Popping Oil

128 Ounces

12 x 6 x 6 inches


Snappy Pure Colored

15 Ounce

6 x 4 x 4 inches


Coconut Oil for Popcorn Buying Guide

Coconut Oil for Popcorn Buying Guide

There are a few effects you should consider before choosing coconut oil.

The points discussed made it easy to understand which oil works best for popcorn pops by discussing some of the aspects and characteristics of coconut oil.

Food Grade Quality

There are several variants of coconut oil. Due to the many properties of this oil, many people use it on their hair or body. However, the food variant of this oil is different.

It has to be processed separately for cooking. And this is why food-grade butter-flavored coconut oil is different.

Many people buy coconut oil machine but before buying it must make sure that it is the right food graded. And the coconut oil you buy for food must not be used elsewhere or for any other purpose.

Quantity of Container

The quantity of the container may vary. However, coconut oil is not required for popcorn popping. For this reason, if you buy a 30-ounce container,

it will also serve you for several days. Choose a large container if you eat a lot of popcorn or use coconut oil for other cooking.

Refined and unrefined oil

Many people don’t know the difference between refined and unrefined oil, which is why they burn the popcorn. With refined coconut oil, you can fry popcorn over high heat.

As a result, the kernels of popcorn do not burn or melt. On the other hand, non-refined oil cannot be used in high heat. For this reason, refined oil should always be preferred for popcorn cooking.


Coconut oil is very healthy to eat. However, when it needs to be tasted, some additives are added to it, making it look harmful.

All its ingredients are written on every product from which it is possible to get an idea of whether there is any allergic or harmful chemical in it.

We must check the products we find to make sure they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Suitable for Popcorn Making

Coconut oil popcorn is much more crispy and delicious than regular popcorn. Movie theaters or famous popcorn are usually popped in specially branded coconut oil which makes them taste different.

But it is a secret to many. So make sure to choose the best coconut oil for popcorn. However, this battery-flavored coconut oil has the advantage that it can be used in microwave and popcorn machines.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Coconut Oil for Popcorn

1. Why is beta-carotene used in coconut oil?

Movie theater popcorn has a golden glow on them that makes them look delicious.

And beta carotene is mixed with coconut oil to bring out this golden glow. As a result, popcorn tastes great and looks good.

2. Does Coconut oil need to be pre-melted?

Coconut oil freezes when exposed to cold weather. As a result, when heated, frozen oil becomes liquid.

However, if the oil is kept in normal weather conditions, it will not freeze, so no preheating is necessary.

3. How long can coconut oil be stored?

Coconut oil usually does not spoil. It can be kept outside in addition to the freezer. However, there is no specific time limit.

If the oil does not contain any additives, it can be used for up to 18 months. When you keep it in intake condition, there is no chance of spoiling it.

4. Which jar is better for storing coconut oil: glass or plastic?

Plastic pots can be carried without leaking. However, there is no fear of spoiling it if you put coconut oil in it. On the other hand, glass jars cannot be carried in most cases. They weigh more and are more likely to leak. They stay cold if you put oil in them. Therefore, two types of jars would be suitable for several processes.

5. What are the advantages of Refine oil?

Refined coconut oils give good results for popcorn pop. They do not burn much and are not likely to be smoked or melted during popcorn popping. It is why they are used for popping popcorn.

Final Words

This coconut oil can make the difference between popcorn and actual popcorn. Adding this oil to ordinary popcorn makes it taste delicious, healthy, and different.

However, there are many types of coconut oil available in the market. As a result, you may have to spend a lot of time recognizing your good product. It is why we chose the five best coconut oil for popcorn

Pick your favorite popcorn product and have a good time eating it.