Best Gourmet Popcorn Kernels – Top 5 Picks for 2022

Best Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Despite knowing the dangers of pre-packaged popcorn, we still consume it almost daily. Popcorn itself is the reason for this.

What many don’t realize is that gourmet kernels are more nutritious, tastier, and fluffy than pre-packaged popcorn.

The exciting thing is that you can serve these with any flavor you like.

It is possible to find many types of popcorn kernels in the market, but not all varieties can compete with gourmet popcorn.

However, the best gourmet popcorn kernels is the way to experience this taste is to purchase original and organic gourmet popcorn.

Our food specialists have discovered just a few products that are completely organic and processed without harmful chemicals.

Let’s see which one of these products is more suitable for you.

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Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Kernels

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Dutchman White Popcorn: Medium Popcorn Kernels
Dutchman's White Popcorn

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Hoosier Hill Farm Gourmet NON-GMO Popcorn
Hoosier Hill Farm Gourmet NON-GMO Popcorn

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Concession Essentials Yellow Gourmet Popcorn Kernels
Yellow Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

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Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Certified USDA
Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Certified USDA

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Benefits Of Eating Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Benefits Of Eating Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Health Friendly Food

The amount of calories in popcorn kernels is meager. However, each of its kernels contains a lot of fiber. These kernels contain more fiber,

so consuming them regularly reduces the body’s consumption of nutrients. Gourmet popcorn has become a popular healthy food choice for many people.

Additionally, eating popcorn helps control both diabetes and cholesterol levels. It is for this reason that gourmet kernels are placed inside healthy foods.

Movie Theater Taste

Movie theater popcorn is a favorite snack of many people. Some people go to the movies just to eat popcorn.

Did you ever wonder what kind of kernel is used to make movie theater popcorn? Movie theaters choose gourmet popcorn as the kernel for their popcorn.

Despite the fluffy consistency, gourmet kernels are made with all kinds of flavors. Thus, gourmet popcorn is the only way to get a taste of movie theater popcorn.

More affordable

Popcorn kernels are not expensive food. Nevertheless, if you eat popcorn regularly, you may have to spend a lot of money on popcorn every month.

Nevertheless, kernels may have a lower cost level. After popping, gourmet kernels grow in size and become much fluffier.

As a result, gourmet popcorn is significantly less expensive than ordinary popcorn. Therefore, popcorn kernels must be prioritized when it comes to affordability.

Best Gourmet Popcorn Kernels Reviews

In today’s review, we discussed various gourmet popcorn produced in America. We have chosen these products depending on their place of production, quality, packaging, and taste.

So you will definitely find them on the list of the best gourmet kernels on the market. We hope you will discover what you are looking for.

1. Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

If you want to recognize the name of the finest popcorn, you can easily call it Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn.

Basically, the popcorn kernels of this company have some features that make them different from others.

The kernels of this popcorn are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. And this is why their tastes are different from others.

The company does not use any artificial ingredients to maintain its quality. Although popcorn is a healthy snack, many people add artificial colors, flavors,

or flavorings to it, so it loses its healthfulness. Nevertheless, Orville does not use any of these ingredients. The kernels of popcorn are entirely natural.

These finest kernels are able to pop with microwave and non-microwave. You can easily cook these on any type of stovetop or air pooper. In a matter of minutes, you can make it from kernel to ready popcorn.

The kernels are completely whole grain and gluten-free. These are good enough to eat at family gatherings or movie nights.

However, you can add different flavors to enhance the taste. Popcorn kernels will become healthy and nutritious in this way.

Key Features :

  • Crispiest and finest popcorn kernels
  • Made from natural ingredients, no artificial additives
  • Kernels are whole grains and contain a lot of fiber
  • Easily made on a stovetop, in an air popper, or with an electric popper

2. Dutchman’s White Popcorn: Medium Popcorn Kernels

Dutchman is a well-known name among popcorn lovers. The company has been processing popcorn for a long time with a lot of reputation and loss.

However, most of this company’s customers are older. There are many reasons behind this.

Some people prefer classical things. Old style and even the quality of old food. And that’s exactly what the Dutch company provides.

The taste of the company’s popcorn is from the 19th century, which gives a complete classical taste. The food is not only popular because of its taste, but also because it is very healthy.

Dutchman kernels are only collected from the heartland of America. And this place is famous for producing only quality popcorn seeds and kernels in the world.

For a traditional taste, it should be organic. And that’s why Dutchmen only import their popcorn kernels from there.

Many people put popcorn on their diet or weight loss list. The main purpose for this is that the amount of calories in a lot of popcorn is very low.

Also, eating a small amount of popcorn leaves the grossness, which is quite effective for weight loss.

Dutchman kernels are very low in calories. It’s a good way to get good results in diet or weight loss.

Key Features :

  • Dutchman is a well-known popcorn producer
  • Classical and original popcorn taste
  • The kernels are collected from the heartland of America
  • Weight loss or diet-friendly

3. Hoosier Hill Farm Gourmet NON-GMO Popcorn

The kernels from Hoosier Hill Farm are the prettiest and most crunchy ones.

These gourmet kernels are larger in size than others so that they have a round and fluffy shape after popping. And being fluffy popcorn, these are also very delicious to eat.

These kernels are collected from the North East Indiana ground. And this place is called heaven for producing gourmet kernels.

Since gourmet popcorn is so large, it tastes good when it is mixed with flavors or oils. Due to this, Indiana popcorn is given priority when it comes to flavored popcorn.

However, let’s talk about nutrition. Gourmet kernels do not contain sodium or cholesterol.

Each serving has 130 calories. Since the kernels do not contain any harmful chemicals, it can called the best gourmet popcorn kernels at all time.

The jar contains up to four pounds of popcorn kernels. These special kernels contain a lot of fiber which is suitable for eating at different times,
including breakfast.

But not always, but if you want to eat popcorn routinely at certain times, you will definitely get good results.

Key Features :

  • Large and fluffy popcorn kernels
  • Each jar contains four pounds of gourmet kernels
  • The popcorn kernels were collected from Northeast Indiana
  • Free from harmful chemicals or cholesterol

4. Concession Essentials Premium Gourmet Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Gourmet popcorn packs by Concession Essentials Company have topped the list of delicious popcorn in general popcorn size. The amount of popcorn hulls in these premium kernels is negligible.

In a word, it can be put in the list of hulless popcorn. For regular eating, this is an excellent option.

People give high priority to certified products, so this product will be a good plus for them. It is Kosher Pareve, and Halal certified.

The biggest problem popcorn kernels have is their shelf life. Popcorn kernels can usually be stored for up to six months.

However, this company’s product has a twist. You can store the intake pack for up to one and a half years in a closed place. It should not be kept near water or a wet environment.

These popcorn kernels made in battery flavor are a good choice. To make it taste different, you can add some flavors or salts to it.

Many people purchase specific flavors and oils for popcorn foods. If you need, you can try it with them.

Key Features :

  • Halal and Kosher Pareve certified
  • Kernels can be stored for up to a year and a half
  • You will receive four pounds of gourmet popcorn in a plastic container
  • Made in the USA and completely non-GMO

5. Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Certified USDA

Franklin is another popular brand of popcorn. Franklin’s popcorn kernels are among the top-rated kernels on the market. Not only this, but their popcorn is also very healthy and reliable.

The most interesting thing is that the Franklin Company has certain popcorn growers. Every year, these farmers grow large quantities of popcorn.

From them, Franklin Company selects its best-cultivated popcorn. Thus, only popcorn kernels are marketed without any ingredients or chemicals.

These kernels do not contain sodium or trans fat. After popping these organic kernels, it has a golden coating that looks delicious.

In addition, the popcorn gives a feeling of being in a movie theater. However, like others, these kernels are cultivated in America.

Any recipe using these organic gourmet kernels will turn out quite tasty.

Many people have their own recipes for popcorn. Some prefer salty, and many prefer sweet recipes. This is an excellent choice for them.

The amount of popcorn in its container is 28 ounces. As a regular, this amount of popcorn kernel is enough to eat for a long time. As a healthy snack, you can eat it without any ingredients.

However, if you want to eat this popcorn at a party or movie night, you will get a more delicious taste by adding flavor with it.

Key Features :

  • Kernels are collected from specific local producers
  • Organic gourmet kernels do not have GMO or trans fat
  • Turns from kernel to ready popcorn in a short amount of time
  • Gourmet kernels are quite suitable for making homemade recipes

Comparison Chart Of Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Product Name




Orville Redenbacher’s

Gourmet Yellow

8 Pounds

Orville Redenbacher's

Dutchman’s White


4 Pounds


Hoosier Hill Farm


4 Pounds

Hoosier Hill Farm

Concession Essentials Yellow

Gourmet Yellow

4 Pounds

Concession Essentials

Franklin’s Gourmet

Gourmet Yellow

28 Pounds

Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn Kernels Buying Guide

Gourmet Popcorn Kernels Buying Guide

Popcorn comes in many categories. And it is quite challenging to differentiate the quality as their production and processing are different.

We have highlighted some important aspects of easily distinguishing between good and bad popcorn by noticing them.

Organically Grown Kernels

The actual taste of popcorn depends largely on the popcorn kernels. And this is why the production and processing of popcorn play an important role.

In the event that harmful chemicals are released into the popcorn field during production, the popcorn kernels may be at risk.

As a result, if possible, try to purchase popcorn from reputable brands and know who makes it.


Among the healthy foods, popcorn ranks near the top. However, when chemicals are used in it, it can be the opposite. The farmhouse collects and packages popcorn kernels.

But that’s where the problem is; many people mix ingredients to increase the shelf life of popcorn or taste it, which lowers popcorn quality.

For this reason, it can damage the body in the future. But one thing you need to keep in mind besides this is that popcorn is an ingredient.

If you are sensitive to slightly of the elements, make sure that peanuts and tree nuts were separated when packaging the kernels.

Kernel Shelf life

Kernels can usually be stored for a long time. However, the problem is with the wrong place. Popcorn kernels need to be kept in a dry and normal heat so they stay good even after a year.

Many companies use chemicals to extend their shelf lives, resulting in a loss of quality.

When stored properly, popcorn kernels are not easily damaged. Before buying popcorn, choose kernels with healthy ingredients.

Grown Area

Popcorn is cultivated all over the world. It should be noted that popcorn tastes are not the same everywhere. The world’s best gourmet popcorn kernels producers are the Americans.

The heartland of America and Indiana is home to many farmers who grow it. Popcorn’s raw flavor is determined by the place in which it is produced.

Thus, before buying gourmet popcorn, you must check where the popcorn kernels were grown.

Whole grain Kernels

The nutritional value of popcorn kernels depends on their fiber content. Basically, popcorn kernels contain a lot of fiber which forms a very good part of health.

Nevertheless, some farmers or brands produce kernels from hybrid seeds since they are available in large quantities.

Consequently, the fiber content is reduced. Before buying gourmet kernels, you should consider whether they are whole grains or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

1. Does gourmet popcorn contain fiber?

Gourmet popcorn is larger in size than normal and is quite fluffy. As a result, they contain more fiber than usual. So this is a beneficial aspect for gourmet popcorn.

2. How can I keep my popcorn fresh?

Popcorn kernels need to be kept in a cool place to keep them fresh. And once you open the pack, it’s best to eat as soon as possible.

However, popcorn kernels do not spoil easily if they are not exposed to water or excess heat. So if you store the kernels using these methods, they will be fresh.

3. Do I need to mix different colors to make yellowish popcorn?

Many people like the golden coating of popcorn. However, you will be surprised to hear that no different color is used for it.

Popping the popcorn kernels with beta-carotene coconut oil gives a golden coating to the popcorn. If you try this method, you will not need to mix any color separately.

4. Would gourmet popcorn be tasty in the microwave?

Gourmet kernels are quite fluffy and organic. This means heating them up in the microwave won’t harm the quality or taste of popcorn.

However, gourmet popcorn can be made on a stovetop or popcorn maker without a microwave. These are all capable of popping up everywhere.

5. Where is the tastiest popcorn produced?

Globally, popcorn is produced, but the amount is higher in the USA. In the United States, Heartland is known for its classical popcorn and Indiana for its gourmet popcorn.

The kernel seed is what makes it different, so popcorn produced anywhere in America is good quality.

Final Words

Whether it’s Christmas, birthday, or movie night, a party should always include popcorn to make everyone happy.

The popularity of popcorn seems to be growing day by day with the advent of new flavors.

As a matter of fact, gourmet kernels are the most popular and cannot be compared from a taste perspective. Due to this, they hold a significant position on the market today.

Our food specialists have found top-notch products from the wide marketplace. It means you do not have to spend a lot of time picking the best gourmet popcorn kernels.

Celebrate all of life’s special moments with gourmet popcorn and the people you love.