Best Cupcake Liners for Weddings – Top 7 Selection for 2022

Cupcake Liners for Weddings

Do you already hear wedding bells ringing? Are cupcakes, or better yet, both, being served in place of the cake? Don’t allow your cupcakes be forgotten.

With attractive cupcake liners for weddings like these lovely lace Suyeper Cupcake Wrappers, you can make them just as dazzling as the rest of your party.

If there is one thing I know, it’s cupcakes. My name is Michelle. As much as I like making them, I also enjoy eating them. Having said that, I’ve had the chance to utilize a ton of cupcake liners over my baking career, and I must say, they’ve advanced significantly.

Considering how wonderfully stunning the Suyeper Cupcake Wrappers are—yes, I’m using this phrase to describe a cupcake liner—I believe they should be the top choice. The wrappers are surprisingly high-grade, and the hollowed-out lacy design is perfect for anybody who feels like “Cinderella” on their wedding day.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for cupcake liners for weddings. We’re talking about some of the top wedding cupcake liners right now. Don’t be too astonished; there are some very glitzy alternatives on this list.

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Suyeper cupcake wrappers, to start (Best Overall)
Suyeper cupcake wrappers, to start (Best Overall)

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Bakelite baking cups (Best Tulip-Style Option)
Bakelite baking cups (Best Tulip-Style Option)

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Cupcake wrapper decorations from Andaz Press for parties (Best Glitter Option)
Cupcake wrapper decorations from Andaz Press for parties (Best Glitter Option)

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TEAVAS Auto Fold Flower Cupcake Boxes, No. 4 (Best Box-Style Liners)
TEAVAS Auto Fold Flower Cupcake Boxes, No. 4 (Best Box-Style Liners)

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Baking cups for tulip cupcakes by BAKHUK (Best for Rustic Weddings)
Baking cups for tulip cupcakes by BAKHUK (Best for Rustic Weddings)

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Top Picks for the best wedding cupcake liners

Your wedding day ought to fulfill all of your expectations and then some. I’m here to assist you, at least with decorating cupcakes. You may say “I do” to the ideal cupcake liner since I have gathered some of the greatest options available.

1. Suyeper cupcake wrappers, to start (Best Overall)

Suyeper cupcake wrappers, to start (Best Overall)

  • Features include wraps that match any hue, premium and robust material, simplicity of assembly, and exquisite hollowed-out lace decoration.
  • Count: 100
  • Regular Size
  • Palettes of white, gold, green, blue, and pink

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the song, I immediately picture weddings and lace, particularly the stunning dress worn by the bride. The flowery bride who can’t get enough lace in her life will fit right in with these cupcake liners.

Okay, so technically these are wrappers that fit around your liner, but I couldn’t help but rank them first. The hollow-out lacy pattern is lovely enough for the Queen of England, yet they are simple to put together.

The product is composed of Pearlescent art paper, a well-known high-grade substance that can resist even the most thrilling and dramatic weddings worldwide. The nicest thing about these wrappers is that they complement any color below. Pick a traditional color like white or be daring with mauve or royal blue.

To hold these wrappers securely together, you may need to add some glue or tape, but that’s not a huge issue. Adding these exquisite, elegant liners to your wedding cupcakes is worthwhile. Besides, you can choose some Meat Slicer for Bacon.

2. Bakelite baking cups (Best Tulip-Style Option)

Bakelite baking cups (Best Tulip-Style Option)

  • Highlights: lovely flower pattern, superior greaseproof paper, and environmentally friendly
  • Count: 100
  • Regular Size
  • Pale shades of pink, white, green, and brown.

For some folks, the flowers at a wedding are everything. So it makes sense that I had to include these exquisite cupcake liners in the shape of tulips in my list of the top seven. They come in a variety of hues, including white, pastel, and pink, and are certainly alluring.

These cupcake liners are created with premium greaseproof paper to ensure that your cupcakes taste, feel, and look delicious. They are also the most environmentally beneficial choice for individuals who are determined to protect and better Mother Earth.

Each package contains 100 exquisite cupcake liners in the shape of tulips. You will adore how your cupcakes are displayed in the magnificent pattern, instantly transforming them from “birthday celebration” to “lavish wedding.”

The packing of these liners was the main source of problems. Some were twisted or smooshed when they arrived. I would advise obtaining a fresh batch and getting in touch with the vendor right away if you have any issues. Make sure you also check our guide for Stovetop Popcorn Popper.

3. Cupcake wrapper decorations from Andaz Press for parties (Best Glitter Option)

Cupcake wrapper decorations from Andaz Press for parties (Best Glitter Option)

  • Features include glittery wrappers, simple assembly, 300 GSM card board, fade-resistant printing, and a wide range of color choices.
  • Count: 24
  • Regular Size
  • 10+ color options

Is glitter going to be thrown everywhere during your wedding? Cupcake liners that are as brilliant are required if you want to create a star-studded evening to remember. Pick one of these magnificent Andaz liners.

Technically speaking, the Andaz wrapper decorations are wrappers that can be easily wrapped around any regular-sized cupcake. There are practically many color combinations available in this set of 24 wrappers, including pink and gold, black and gold, baby blue and aqua, and more. On the large list, there is undoubtedly a color choice for any wedding.

Along with stunning glitter bombshell possibilities, you will appreciate that they are printed with fade-resistant ink on premium 300 GSM card material. They are very simple to put together thanks to the pre-cut slots.

Despite being a little bigger than “standard” cupcake sizes, several individuals said that they nevertheless functioned well. If it’s feasible, I’d suggest creating cupcakes that are a little bigger or higher.

4. TEAVAS Auto Fold Flower Cupcake Boxes, No. 4 (Best Box-Style Liners)

TEAVAS Auto Fold Flower Cupcake Boxes, No. 4 (Best Box-Style Liners)

  • Features include an easy-to-assemble box “liner” that contains cupcakes, a lovely floral pattern, plenty of room, a transparent window to see the cupcake design, and compatibility with giant cupcakes.
  • Count: 50
  • Regular or jumbo size
  • Pattern: floral

At your wedding, are there cupcakes outside in a bundle? Possibly not elegant enough. a sweet cupcake-filled box that guests can carry about the reception or even go home and enjoy later? Now that’s style!

I suggest using these cupcake boxes if you want to give your cupcakes a beautiful show without keeping them outside in the weather. Okay, so these aren’t particularly “lines.” These boxes, however, function well with any old liner since they are completely concealed.

These boxes have a lovely flower pattern that is ideal for any wedding. Don’t believe your beautifully designed dessert has to remain buried in some generic box since there is also a transparent window to display it.

One reviewer complained that her shipment included 48 rather than 50 cartons. Contact the seller if you have the same problem or any other packaging-related issues so they can resolve them right away before the big day.

5. Baking cups for tulip cupcakes by BAKHUK (Best for Rustic Weddings)

Baking cups for tulip cupcakes by BAKHUK (Best for Rustic Weddings)

  • Features include food-grade silicone, a lovely tulip design, and shipment in a durable cardboard box.
  • Count: 200
  • Regular Size
  • Natural hues of brown, white, and green

Do you envision a rural wedding? Then you need these cupcake liners, which come in dark brown, light brown, and white “outside” hues. The set would look stunning against a natural backdrop and could just be the finishing touch your wedding décor needs.

These cupcake liners come in a tulip design, which further enhances the rustic appearance in addition to the wonderfully complementary color scheme. Additionally, each box has 200 liners, so you won’t have to worry about going over budget.

Each liner is made from premium, very strong, and food-grade silicone paper that won’t produce any unpleasant smells and won’t fade, keeping in great shape for your wedding night. The firm uses strong cardboard boxes to prevent possible damage to make sure they arrive in perfect shape.

Be aware that these cupcake liners are rather thin. Some folks had trouble with a little amount of grease on the bottom of their cupcakes, but nothing that was so severe that it adversely affected the flavor or texture.

6. Cupcake liners for EUSOAR (Best for Jumbo Cupcakes)

Cupcake liners for EUSOAR (Best for Jumbo Cupcakes)

  • Strong metal, lids included, perfect for big cupcakes, portable
  • Count: 50
  • Jumbo in size
  • 10+ color options

There is no denying the grandeur of your wedding. Why therefore limit yourself to “normal” cupcake sizes? By choosing huge, jaw-dropping treats, you can take your cupcakes to the next level. Oh, and be sure to put them inside of these wonderful cupcake liners.

Functionality and portability are the two goals for which the Eusoar cupcake liners were created. Even the largest cupcakes fit comfortably inside thanks to their huge size, and the cover that comes with them makes it possible for visitors to move about the celebration without damaging their baked delicacies.

The cupcake liners themselves are made of very durable aluminum foil that won’t break down in the weather, guaranteeing that your cupcakes will look lovely from start to finish. Make sure the lids aren’t used in the oven since they aren’t oven-safe!

Customers have nothing but positive things to say about this purchase and were generally delighted. The packaging is the only thing that may go wrong. Contact the vendor once again if you run into any issues.

7. White Gifbera mini cupcake liners (Best for Mini Cupcakes)

White Gifbera mini cupcake liners (Best for Mini Cupcakes)

  • Features: odorless, greaseproof, enormous pack, simple but attractive, also available in normal size
  • Count: 400
  • Mini or Standard in size
  • Shade: White

Consider choosing small wedding cupcakes if your wedding is extravagant or if you just like little, charming treats. You just need the Gifbera cupcake liners to ensure the success of these adorable bite-sized sweets.

You won’t have to scrimp on desserts thanks to the excellent 400 count of cupcake liners in this package. Everything can easily get a cupcake, even Grandpa Ben and Aunt Bertha.

Because the liners are completely odorless and greaseproof, you may have faith in the finished result. (Hint: if you’re using one of the “wrappings” listed above, you might want to consider that they also come in “standard size”!)

There weren’t many critical remarks made about these liners. The majority of respondents said that they were rather “basic,” but that’s okay. White will almost always go with a wedding, and you can use the standard size with wrapping to elevate them.

Considerations for the Best Wedding Cupcake Liners

Best Cupcake Liners for Weddings

You must be thrilled about your impending nuptials, I know. Why wouldn’t you be, too? It’s a remarkable, life-altering occurrence. Nevertheless, you must be selective when selecting the ideal cupcake liner – just as selective as you were when selecting your significant other!


Are you more of a XXL person or a standard-size person? How about little, adorable treats? When choosing cupcake liners, keep in mind the size of the wedding cupcakes.


This list has a few alternatives, such as conventional liners, wrappings, and box-style. The liners will take center stage, but if you’re using a box or wrapping, you may ignore the liners and concentrate on utilizing the accessories to make the décor seem better.


Lace? Tulip? Floral? Because I wanted to make sure you chose a liner that complemented your wedding’s theme, there are several options on this list. In light of this, be careful to choose the ideal one for your surroundings!


Consider the color in addition to the design. Not all weddings are held in the conventional color “white.” I’ve added cupcake liners in more vivid colors if you’re the kind of person that thinks outside the box and follows their own path.


The number of cupcake liners needed is less of an issue for smaller weddings, but those who are inviting their whole family should double-check to make sure they get enough. After all, the counts on this list fluctuate widely. Avoid failing!

Last Words

All of these liners are fantastic choices, regardless of whether they can do the task on their own or want the assistance of “basic liners.” Still, the Suyeper Cupcake Wrappers are my fave. I have no doubt they’ll look fantastic during your wedding since they’re simply so elegant and gorgeous. Oh, and CONGRATS as well!