Best Meat Slicer for Bacon in 2021 – Top 5 Picks & Reviews

Best Meat Slicer for Bacon

Are you looking for an stress-free way to make bacon? Or you are repeatedly buying pre-packaged meat from the market just to make bacon.

Don’t waste money buying pre-packed meat when you can make it by sitting at home.

However, buying a meat slicer is not an easy task unless you know which product is suitable for you. Still, if you facing a hard time, we are here to help.

Here we will show you the machines that are known as the best meat slicer for bacon. These are the best in terms of quality and durability; you can purchase the product you desire from them.

We are hoping you could read our review to know all the information.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon with Child Lock Protection
Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon with Child Lock Protection

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Carbon Steel Blade Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon
Carbon Steel Blade Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon

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Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon, Stainless Steel Blade
Chefman Meat Slicer for Bacon, Stainless Steel Blade

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Anescra Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon with Two Removable Stainless Steel Blades
Anescra Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon with Two Blades

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Kitchener 9-inch Meat Slicer for Bacon, Stainless Steel Blade, 150 Watt
Kitchener Meat Slicer for Bacon, Stainless Steel Blade, 150 Watt

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What is a Meat Slicer

Meat Slicer is a slicing machine that is used to slit meat or beef. At one end, it is equipped with a blade that is used to cut the meat according to exact size. Most people use this machine to cut bacon or meat.

Benefits of Using Meat Slicer for Bacon


Maintaining the meat’s size is the most challenging part of cutting it. Special recipes typically call for actual size meats and bacon. Using a knife, however, is not an effective way to cut evenly.

The meat slicer is capable of completing this task with ease. Now, the meat slicer has found a good place either in the professional sector or for personal use.


Nowadays, people think about versatility before buying anything. And it should be considered before buying a meat slicer.

Meat slicers aren’t just for cutting meat. As well as cutting bacon, it’s also useful when cutting bread.

In order to cut any type of meat or beef, you just need to choose the blade size. The versatility of this tool is ideal for a variety of tasks.

Best Meat Slicer for Bacon Reviews

The products we have reviewed count as the best products on the market. We have talked about all these features and facilities in our review. Hopefully, you will find your desired product among these.

1. Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon with Child Lock Protection

Not to mention this product when we talk about a powerful bacon slicer. This bacon slicer is capable of performing well in both speed and quality.

Many people waste all their energy on slicing bacon just to put pressure on the machine. If you waste energy, then why spend money on a machine?

The machine we are talking about, you do not have to spend either energy or effort.

This meat slicer for bacon has a 7.5-inch sharp blade. The stainless steel blade is also capable of slicing the meat to your desired size in just seconds.

Moreover, this single machine is suitable for all types of slicing. An internal guard allows you to slice different sizes of food so that your desired result can achieve.

This machine can scale from very thin to 3/4 inches. Therefore, confidently you will not have any headaches caused by the size of the slices.

Besides, if we talk about its safety, then the company is giving you a new technology.

Because of their safety features, you have to press both the power button and the safety lock simultaneously.

You can use the machine only after using this method. This machine will be entirely safe for children.

Key Features :

  • Power button with safety protection.
  • 7.5inch stainless blade.
  • Capable of slicing thin to thick sizes.
  • Easy to operate.

2. Carbon Steel Blade Electric Meat Slicer

This product will fit you perfectly if you dislike sharpening blades repeatedly.

At the time of a project, when your tools breakdown, you will hate working. Therefore, you need a product that can help you out of this mess.

Also, the blades of the meat slicer we discussed are incredibly sharp, so you do not have to sharpen them again.

Moreover, when it comes to the machine’s build quality, we must say you cannot quickly destroy it.

The blade that comes with this premium machine has chromium plating on it. Because it will prevent corrosion, you can assure that the product will last long.

It is also quite useful for versatile use. This machine has designed to cut meat, vegetables, and cheese, which will be very useful in daily life. It is suitable for use as a commercial bacon slicer.

Durability is a big deal in the case of machines. If you bought a product but could not use it for a long time, both will waste your money and time.

So if you spend a little more money to buy a decent meat slicer, it will be an asset for you.

Key Features :

  • Steel blade plated with chromium.
  • NSF and ETL Standard Approved.
  • Switch with double illumination.
  • Capable of slicing meat, cheese, and Vegetables.

3. Chefman Die-Cast Meat Slicer, Stainless Steel Blade

If you have a shortage of space in your home, you should find a machine that can set up perfectly in your kitchen.

Also, we have come up with a bacon slicer machine that has designed to save space. And since its design is compact, it fits anywhere.

Many people avoid small machines because they have problems with vibration. It causes the slicer machine to slip while running. Luckily, this slicer machine doesn’t have that problem.

There is an underside rubber grip, and it virtually does not vibrate. It will keep the machine from slipping, so there is no risk of an accident.

Besides, the kitchen is a quiet place, and no one wants it to be noisy. As a result, buying this machine for you will be beneficial.

Due to its blade’s low sound and its lack of vibration, it will be impossible to hear excess noise. Therefore, no need to worry about the noise.

The versatile meat slicer is capable of using for cutting all types of meat. You don’t have to buy separate meat slicers to cut turkey or beef roast.

This best meat slicer for bacon is sufficient to back up your kitchen.

Key Features :

  • Space-saving compact design.
  • Less vibration and low noise.
  • Safety guards for blades and non-slip able feet
  • Comes with a better warranty policy.

4. Anescra Electric Meat Slicer for Bacon with Two Removable Stainless Steel Blades

An excellent meat slicer needs to have a strong power capability. And speaking of power, it is hard to think of anyone that can compare to this product.

This meat slicer runs at 200 watts, and it is powerful enough as a meat cutter for bacon.

By using this slicer, it is straightforward to get good results in a short time. It’s a good option for those who are looking for such a powerful product.

Most meat slicers for bacon have only one blade, but this one is so great that it has two blades.

One of which is serrated, and the other is non-serrated. Each measuring 7.5 inches long, the meat be able to cut entirely with two blades.

Aside from great blades, this product is also excellent in terms of build quality as well. Aluminum is used as a primary material to build it. Therefore, in terms of durability, this product is excellent.

However, with all the features and facilities, this meat slicer is an excellent choice.

And if you compare it to the price ratio, it can be called the best value product. Feel free to count it as part of your kitchen.

Key Features :

  • Compact and Durable Design.
  • Made with cast Aluminum,
  • Use two stainless steel blades
  • Powerful, versatile slicer.

5. Kitchener 9-inch Meat Slicer for Bacon, Stainless Steel Blade, 150 Watt

Undoubtedly one of the best products that we are going to review. By using this product, you can slice effortlessly.

The slicer has constructed with die-cast aluminum. The product is protected with a premium coating to prolong its longevity.

It is a good option for commercial use. Also, it is perfect for home use, so you can expect this slicer to last for years.

However, this slicer with adjustable thickness is capable enough to cut vegetables and fruits, including meats. It is hard to find a more efficient method of chopping meat or bread than this.

Thus, it would not be unreasonable to prioritize this product for all types of cutters. If one can achieve the complete solution with just one product, it can refer to as outstanding.

The end line is when it comes to cleaning, you can take a deep breath because all the parts are openable so that you can easily disassemble and clean with ease.

Nevertheless, you have to be sure of your protection before using this high-powered meat slicer for bacon. We recommend wearing safety glasses and a pair of hand gloves.

Key Features :

  • Built with cast aluminum and coated steel.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Suitable for commercial and personal use.
  • Capable of slicing meat, veg, and pieces of bread.

Comparison Chart Of Meat Slicer for Bacon

Product Name

Product Weight

Product Dimensions


Electric Meat Slicer

8.64 pounds

14.2 x 9.65 x 10.24 inches


Carbon Steel Blade

33 pounds

20 x 17 x 14.75 inches


Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat Slicer

9.46 pounds

14.5 x 12.5 x 9 inches


Anescra Electric Meat Slicer

10.69 pounds

16.5 x 11.2 x 10.9 inches


Kitchener 9-inch Meat Slicer

14.55 Pounds

19.5 x 14 x 11.8 inches


How to Use Meat Slicer for Bacon

People are willing to buy meat slicers to make kitchen work easier. However, they are afraid to buy it because they do not know precisely how to use it. Today we will talk over how you can safely cut the meat to the correct size using the meat slicer.

1. First, input the food into the meat slicer. Make sure the food is not frozen. When the meat slicer is holding frozen food, it cannot get a good grip on it, so you won’t be able to cut it properly. It is essential to ensure no bones in the meat; otherwise, the knife may break.

2. Set the meat slicer’s blade to a preferred thickness. Since you are using an electric device, your hand needs to be completely dry. It is best to wear a safety glove before using the meat slicer.

3. Turn the meat slicer on after ensuring the blade setting is correct. If the meat slicer is automatic, it will cut the meat without the help of hands.

However, if it is manual, then you have to hold the handle of the meat slicer and move forward at a certain speed. Until the meat divides into equal pieces, continue the process.

4. Close the slicer after cutting off all of the meat. However, refrain from cleaning the blade or opening the machine as soon as it is closed. You can start cleaning the machine at least 10 minutes after the work is finished.

5. Open the side of the meat slicer first to clean it. Wash the blade after it is opened. However, if you do not like to open and clean the machine, you can clean it without opening it. In that case, wipe the machine with a wet cloth with detergent.

Things to Consider Before Buying Meat Slicer for Bacon

You can quickly identify a good meat slicer by looking at some aspects. Let’s take a look at the factors that can make your product more attractive to you.

Slicer Build material

You spend your money and effort to buy a product. If its durability is terrible, then your money is worth throwing in the water.

However, if a product’s build quality is good, you may not have to deal with this problem. Slicers are quite heavy and robust products.

So try your best to buy the product that makes with good material. The meat slicers that reputable companies manufacture currently make from graded standard steel or aluminum.

Device Vibration

The biggest problem with the meat slicer is its vibration. However, it is a powerful machine, so it is normal to vibrate. The machine may slip if it vibrates too much, which could cause a serious accident.

So before buying, look at any safety measures the company has taken. If there are no problems with safety, you can add the machine to your cart list.

Blade Durability

The most necessary and central part of the slicer machine is its blade. If the blade of the slicer is terrible, you will be annoyed by using the machine.

And if the blade is good, then this machine may be your most preferred device. So try to buy a machine made of graded steel and have enough sharpened blades.

Then hopefully you will not face any problem with the service.

Versatile Use

A slicer machine is not only used for cutting meat but also for slicing vegetables and fruits. As a result, the machine can become a multi-usable product for you.

So before buying a slicer, make sure that your desired slicer is suitable for all cutting types. If it is suitable, you can buy the best meat slicer for bacon immediately.

Easy to Clean

Machines that are easy to clean should give priority first. It is because after using a machine, it needs to clean.

And if you have to spend hours and hours cleaning, it will be disastrous. So try to buy a machine that can easily clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a meat slicer cut frozen meat?

It would be best if you put a lot of effort into cutting frozen meat. However, if the slicer’s blade is sharp enough, you can cut the frozen meat without suffering.

However, cutting frozen meat is not a very easy task. We will recommend normalizing the meat and then cut it.

2. Is buying a meat slicer worth it?

A meat slicer for bacon is an excellent investment if you eat meat frequently. Moreover, a meat slicer allows cutting both types of meat as well as bread and vegetables. So I think it’s good enough to buy.

3. How to clean a meat slicer?

It is enough to use a fabric to clean the meat slicers. Still, if you want to use it for a long time, you can mix it with detergent and clean it lightly. Nevertheless, make sure no water gets into the machine.

4. Which is the best meat slicer for home use?

The products we have reviewed above are suitable for home use. But if you want to use it for a long time, we recommend the second product from our review. It can be used at home as well as commercially.

5. How often should a meat slicer be cleaned?

Generally, meat slicers need to clean after every use. On the other hand, after a certain period of routine use, must completely clean them. Cleaning in this way will increase the lasting time of every machine.

Final Words

Sometimes you may have to pay extra for a product. But if you rely on that product every day, then spending extra money on it is not a waste.

It’s not every day that you buy a meat slicer, so pick the best one. We’ve found all the best meat slicer for bacon available on the market for you.

We hope you have found your desired product from these. Buy the right product and get a taste of bacon without leaving the comfort of your home.