Best Epson Photo Scanner – Top 5 Picks for 2022

Best Epson Scanner

In the current world, Scanners have become one of the most sought-after products. People don’t like to keep tons of photos and documents to carry. Everyone is looking for secure methods.

But buying a scanner in the competitive market is also a difficult job. Epson has come up with its best products to make this difficult task easier.

Epson is a well-reputed and trustworthy company in the world. They are running their business for over 75 years.

Today I will help you to pick up the best epson photo scanner you are looking for. Read my full review to know about the Epson scanner in detail with their key features.

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Epson Color Photo, Image, Film, Negative & Document Scanner
Epson Photo Scanner | Perfection Color Photo, Negative & Document Scanner

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Epson Wireless High-Speed Photo and Document Scanner
Epson Photo Scanner | Wireless Photo and Document Scanner

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Best Epson Scanner
Epson Photo Scanner | Duplex Document Scanner

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Epson Color Photo & Document Scanner with Scan-To-Cloud
Epson Color Photo & Document Scanner with Scan-To-Cloud

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Best Epson Scanner
Epson WorkForce Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner

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Benefits of Epson Photo Scanner

Benefits of Epson Photo Scanner

Right Combination Of Colors

There are many types of printers and scanners available in the market. However, if you wish to prioritize color combinations, then you should keep the Epson at the top of your list.

Epson scanners are made with durable and strong materials. It basically takes the company a long time to work on keeping its color combination perfect.

Epson’s testing team ensures that each scanner’s color accuracy is never compromised. Accordingly, Epson is ranked higher than the others in terms of color combination.

Greater Productivity

Epson scanners are more popular in offices with a lot of staff. In multinational companies, papers and photographs distribute widely. Therefore, they need a product that is fast and productive.

Epson has come up with precisely this solution. Epson provides different performance and speed levels for different models, and prices also vary for each of them. So you can choose among them according to your needs.

Cost Efficient

However, it is impossible to survive in the current competitive market based on color combination and performance. Epson has responded to this situation by introducing new technology into their scanners.

Epson scanners consume slightly less power than regular scanners. Maybe in a few days, you won’t realize the difference. With common use, you will have a good portion of the savings at the end of the month.

Top 5 Best Epson Photo Scanner Reviews

1. Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo

The product I am about to review is the Epson V600 document scanner. This scanner can scan in 6400 x 9600 dpi up to 17 Inches x 22 Inches in sizes.

So if you are looking for a product with this requirement don’t hesitate to buy this.

It comes with ArcSoft Photo Studio and Epson easy photo fix. ArcSoft Photo Studio helps you to edit your photo after a scan. And Epson easy photo fix helps you to fix faded are of a scanned photo.

If your photo is old enough or it has some scratches, the Epson document scanner able to fix this. It has Digital ICE that works on film.

With this, it could remove a lot of minor and some significant scratches on your photo.

This scanner is super quick. You can scan or copy the scan it would do in a minute. Suppose you have to send a pdf file by mail immediately. In this situation, this scanner could be your lifesaver.

Key Features :

  • Can cover up to 17 Inches x 22 Inches size.
  • Scanner comes with all essential software.
  • Digital ICE for prints and film.
  • Super Quick scanner for images.

2. Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High-Speed Photo

Here comes the world’s fastest photo scanner. Epson FF-680W is a personal photo scanner that able to scan thousands of photos continuously.

It will take 1second to scan per photo. So just input in the scanner, and it will scan it in a second.

This scanner is capable of scanning panoramas and postcards. It can scan up to 8.5 inches wide photo. Also, you can use this for scanning your wills, any records or receipts.

It shows a better result in scanning authoritative documents. If you have any handwritten text, it can scan that also. This product is a total package.

The scanner is easy to connect with USB. But in the modern world, people are always in a hurry,

so Epson gives you the WIFI option with this product so you could quickly scan your documents and operate your scanner with a laptop or mobile phone.

Preserve your photos on a safe drive. This product has a feature that you can upload your pictures in dropbox and google drive.

Also, for safety, you can turn on an auto backup system, so you don’t have to worry for lost any document or your priceless memories.

Key Features :

  • Fastest Photo scanner
  • Easily connectable with USB and WIFI
  • Able to upload photos on dropbox and google drive.
  • Have an Auto backup system for photos and documents

3. Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner

If you are looking for a scanner for your organization or office work, then have a look at the Epson ES-400 scanner.

This scanner captures both sided paper at the same time. Just put a paper inside the scanner, and it will scan it in one pass. It has an auto document feeder that can feed up to 50pages automatically.

Also, this scanner has a feather of ultrasonic double-feed detection system that prevents any document will not missing or double scanning. So you will get neat and clear paper works every time.

This product comes with Epson image processing technology. This software helps you to get adjustable auto photos.

It can crop your standard documents area automatically, so you don’t have to crop your every single image each time. Also, have background removal and blank page detector.

The connectivity system of this product is super-fast. The Transfer system is USB 3.0.

So if anytime you wish to upload your photos or documents on google drive or dropbox direct from your scanner, it won’t take too long.

So if you are thinking of buying this Epson scanner for your organization or office, this will be one of the best decisions you have ever taken.

Key Features :

  • Both side documents scan at the same time.
  • Have an ultrasonic double-feed detection system.
  • Scanner Comes with Epson image processing technology.
  • Transfer system is USB 3.0

4. Epson Color Photo & Document Scanner with Scan-To-Cloud

Epson V39 is the Best value product. This product is for those who are searching for a High-quality scanner at a reasonable price.

It is a light scanner with some higher essential features. If you need a scanner for scanning your priceless memorable photos or necessary documents, then it’s a better choice for you.

This scanner comes with high-quality scanning. It has a 4800 dpi optical resolution that assists you in getting an excellent clear and sharp photo.

Also have advance digital dust correction, if any photo contains dust or little blur effect that can be removed by this feature. So this feature is useful when you have an old photo or photos that occurred some damages.

Epson scanner is linked with google drive, dropbox, Evernote, and other cloud drives. So any time you can upload your memories without difficulty.

So the Epson scanner is an illegible product for home use and light use. It is suitable for scanning priceless memorable photos or relevant documents.

It also can convert a document into editable text. So this product is one of the best epson photo scanners at a reasonable price. I hope you will not get disappointed if you buy it.

Key Features :

  • It has a 4800 dpi optical resolution.
  • High-quality scanner for images and photos.
  • Linked with many cloud drives.
  • Scanner comes with essential Epson software.

5. Epson WorkForce Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner

This Epson scanner is a comfortable mobile and completely portable scanner with its ideal features. It is one of the fastest and lightest scanners you have seen. With this, You can do your most essential work by this.

This scanner can handle up to 8.5 x 72 inches of documents. It is capable of scanning a single page in 5.5 seconds.

So it is only for light work or non-professional work also not suitable for an office or organization. Mostly use for Scanning a couple of text documents, ID cards, and receipts scanning.

This device does not need any external power supply or any battery. Could work only connected with USB. It works on windows all versions and also on Mac.

So this is a super suitable device for any external meeting or outdoors. Just connect with the laptop and put paper. It will do your work in a few seconds.

There are two excellent features of this Epson scanner. The first one is it comes with the essential software that compatible with any imaging software and many devices.

And the second one is it has automatic feeding mode; this scanner automatically accepts blank pages when you input every time.

Key Features :

  • Portable Mobile scanner
  • Fast scans a single page in 5.5 seconds.
  • USB powered.
  • Automatic feeding mode.

Comparison Chart Of Epson Photo Scanner

Product Name

Scanner Type




Photo, Negative Scanner

Film, Photo, Document


19 x 11 x 4.6 inches


Wireless Photo Scanner

Photo, Document


6.7 x 11.7 x 6.9 inches


Duplex Scanner



11.6 x 6.6 x 6.3 inches


Color Photo & Scanner 



14.4 x 9.9 x 1.5 inches


WorkForce Portable



1.8 x 10.7 x 1.3 inches


How to Install Epson Photo Scanner on Windows or Mac

Follow some simple steps to set up the scanner correctly and install drivers properly.

  • 1. Unpack total Epson scanner and all accessories.
  • 2. Connect USB cable with a scanner.
  • 3. If your scanner has any power cable connection.
  • 4. Any external battery given with your canner put it in.
  • 5. Put the Epson CD driver pack on your computer. If your computer doesn’t have any CD drive, then download your required driver from the Epson website.
  • 6. Install drivers that needed for the specific Epson scanner model.
  • 7. If your computer has Adobe Photoshop or any image scanning software, then install plugins and Epson image editing software or image tools.
  • 8. Put the scanner power cable on electricity and turned it on. If the scanner works on battery, then just turn it on.
  • 9. Connect the scanner with a computer using USB; make sure your computer USB driver already installed.
  • 10. If you found any notification that the Epson scanner connected, then your scanner is ready to use.
  • 11. Before the scan, selects the specific scanner from your required software. You will found a device named with the model number or Epson scanner. If it does not show, then try to restart your computer.
  • 12. For further help or any error occurred, read Epson Troubleshooting guide or contact with the Epson helpline.

How to Clean Epson Photo Scanner Properly

How to Clean Epson Photo Scanner Properly

Follow some cleaning cautions that might help to make your scanner durable.

  • 1. Do not spray water or any liquid inside the scanner.
  • 2. Do not press with force on the glass are.
  • 3. Never use alcohol or thinner for cleaning this scanner.
  • 4. Never turn on the Epson scanner when cleaning with any liquid or lubricant.
  • 5. Must be careful about scanning are, or the glass does not occur any stretch or damage.
  • 6. Do not spray on scanning glass. Use a soft fabric or napkins to clean the glass area.
  • 7. Never open the scanner for hardware maintenance if you are not professional. It can damage your scanner permanently.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Epson Photo Scanner

Epson Photo Scanner

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a good quality scanner. If you prioritize these features, it will be easier for you to identify the best quality scanner.

Reputed Brand

When you buy an electronics item, you will buy it for long-term use. So always try to take the excellent brand product.

They launch products in the market after a lot of research and necessary testing. As a result, products are more reliable than others.

Moreover, Branded Company always prioritizes their products according to quality. So I hope you will not be disappointed if you take electronics products from a well-known brand.

Scanning Speed

If you want to buy a scanner for office or home, the first thing you need to look at is the scanner’s speed. If the scanning speed is low, you will be annoyed in the long run, and your workability will reduce.

However, a good quality scanner will save your electricity bill too.

Supported Paper Size

You select the scanner based on the size of paper used in your office or home. This way, you do not have to face any problem with the paper category.

However, if you buy a Maximum paper size supported scanner, you can scan all paper sizes. It will be an advantage for you.

Maximum Resolution

The first problem you will face when using a scanner is its resolution problem. If your required photos or documents are not clear after scanning, the scanner will be a wastage for you.

So if your main reason to buy a scanner for scanning photos, then give priority to a scanner with maximum resolution.


No matter which scanner you buy, if you can’t maintain it after it breaks down, it can’t be called the right choice.

Epson’s scanners are usually easy to maintain and easy to service. So try to give priority to the Epson brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Scanner

1. Is this scanner working with Windows 10?

Epson scanner is capable of working windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, XP, and Mac. So it will run properly on windows 10. Just install the required drivers before using the scanner.

2. Does Epson provide any warranty?

Epson provides you a 2-year service warranty. For further information, read the Epson warranty policy guide to ensure that which services are under the warranty policy.

Generally, Epson has two types of warranty procedures. The first one they will repair your product if it shows any minor problem.

If any major problem occurred, they would replace your product if it covered the warranty policy.

3. Can I clean this scanner with thinner or acid?

Epson scanner body made with plastic, so if you use thinner or acid on it could be melted. Also, the area of the scanning glass is susceptible,

so you should not use any lubricant in this area; otherwise, it could be permanently damaged. So do not use thinner or alcohol to clean the Epson scanner.

4. I don’t have a CD drive on my laptop, how do I install drivers?

If your computer does not have a CD drive, don’t worry; just go to the Epson driver website and put your scanner information like a model number or serial number.

Download the drivers and install them on your laptop.

5. Is this scanner working with third-party software or every time I have to use Epson software?

Epson scanner is capable of using it with Adobe Photoshop and other standard image editing software.

And if you are comfortable with working adobe Photoshop, you can scan it directly from there. Just install the driver first.

6. I have tons of photos, and I want them into digital format. Which scanner is best for me?

I recommend you to buy Epson Fast Foto FF-680W. It is the fastest photo scanner for personal use.

It can scan thousands of photos per second. So 1 second for one picture is pretty good for scan your tons of photos into digital format.

7. Does it scan to JPG format?

With Epson scanner, you can save your scanned document or photos into JPG format. Before saving your scanned file, select the jpg option, and it will save ayour data into jpg format.

8. Can this be used to scan plastic ID cards?

Yes, you can scan plastic ID cards with the Epson scanner. It will show better results to scan plastic ID cards into a digital file without compromising the color view.

Final Words

A scanner an essential tool for every house and office nowadays, and Epson is making the best scanner than other companies.

I have reviewed the Best Epson Photo Scanner found in the market. You can select the scanner of your choice based on its features and convenience.

But if you want to buy the best scanner, you can choose a scanner from our reviewed product. These are the best products in the current market.

So try buying Epson Company’s product, choose the right specific scanner which suits your requirement.