Best Platinum Hair Dye in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Platinum Hair Dye

You are thinking of coloring your hair at home but can’t find the right product, or you don’t know how to get the right product.

Don’t worry; today, I will tell you how to find the right product for your hair and what kind of qualities it needs to have.

You will find different types of products in the current market, but when you buy, you must pay attention to what they are made of, and whether they can be harmful to your hair.

Don’t get confused! I will let you know about the best platinum hair dyes available on the market.

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Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color
Platinum Hair Dye | Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

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Metallic Permanent Hair Color
Platinum Blonde Hair Dye | Hair Color

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Best Platinum Hair Dye
L’Oreal Paris Platinum Hair Dye

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Platinum & Silver Hair - Banish Yellow Hues
Platinum Blonde Hair Dye | Bold Uniq Platinum & Silver

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best platinum hair dye
Platinum Hair Dye | Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye with Keratin

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Benefits Of Using Platinum Hair Dye

Benefits Of Using Platinum Hair Dye

Gorgeous look

Human hair originates in a variety of colors. Additionally, they have different fan bases. Every human being has a favorite color.

Since a person’s birth time or environment does not allow them to choose their hair color, Platinum hair dye gives actual color.

Platinum dye is available in a variety of colors and shades. Therefore, a single pack is sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

Brighter Shine

Quite a few people wish to brighten their existing hair color, which is another reason they need platinum hair dye.

The color of hair dye removes natural shades from the hair roots, so there is no way to know if it is a natural or artificial hair color. Almost every model in today’s world uses it, and it is trendy.

Addition of Strength

Artificial colors are thought to damage hair by many people. However, if you choose the suitable dye, it will not damage your hair but strengthen it.

Platinum dyes are made of natural ingredients and contain essential oils.

As long as you use them regularly, you can get healthy hair. Please be sure to check whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the product packaging.

Best Platinum Hair Dye Reviews

1. Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Hair Color Creme

Garnier is a hair and skin expert brand. They are selling their product over 100years. All their products are of better quality than others.

This dye is a Garnier product and much better than many popular products. It will nourish your hair and makes your hair look a different beauty.

This product comes with color boost technology. The significant part of this product made with triple fruit blended formula.

You will found shea, avocado, and olive. So it will dye your hair from the root and create a natural look.

This platinum dye also made with grape seed and avocado oil; for this reason, it will prevent your hair from breaking to create an anti-breaking condition.

This hair color is well suited for temporary hair color, and also you can do a root touch up with this product.

For better results, I will recommend you to do permanent hair dye. It will make it more durable and healthier.

This Garnier product brings you a natural blond hair dye look. It will make your hair smoother and more durable than before you have.

This could be an excellent option for buying a hair dye.

Key Features :

  • Permanent platinum dye.
  • Made with natural fruits.
  • Prevent your hair from breaking to create anti breaking conditions.
  • Will make your hair smooth.

2. Platinum Blonde Hair Dye | Hair Color

You are thinking of a metallic look. What if you have metallic hair color on your head?

If you think something like that, try this Metallic platinum permanent hair dye.

This hair dye made some synthetic and natural integrands like coconut alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, and ammonium hydroxide.

These integrands will boost your hair into a metallic look. Also, this product prevents your hair from fading to create an anti-fading condition.

You will get a box comes with dye cream, developer lotion to make your hair last longer, hand gloves to prevent color sticks to the hand,

after-treatment cream to stay strong your hair and instruction manual for how to dye your hair in the best way.

If you have any allergies about dyeing hair-related or already have damaged hair, then I will recommend you to avoid this product.

This product brings a synthetic solution that may affect you have allergies. Otherwise, it brings you a permeant long-lasting hair dye.

Key Features :

  • This platinum brings you a metallic look.
  • Permanent, long-lasting hair dye.
  • Made with Cetearyl alcohol and ammonium hydroxide.

3. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Color

L’Oreal Paris is one of the most demandable and reliable brands for hair dye. This company makes better makeup and beauty kits from year to year.

So if you are looking for a super-rich color with excellent care, then this is for you. It is one of the best platinum hair dye for grey hair.

The product ensures you 100% grey hair coverage. Also, this product comes with a three-step protection system. It is the most effective hair dye for coloring root to tip.

If you take collagen conditioning treatment every week, this grey color will last long to the next coloring.

This product comes with an instruction manual for how to dye your hair safely, a pair of gloves, color comb for combing your hair when using dye,

Pre coloring treatment it will help you to stay grey color on your hair permanent, Developer and color creme for grey hair color, also a conditioning treatment for curing your hair color.

If you like blond hair dye or grey hair dye for a long-lasting, you can try this product, and it will give you light blond, medium blond and also dark blond color.

Just try out any of these to give your hair an exclusive look.

Key Features :

  • Provide 100% Grey and Blond hair color.
  • Permanent hair dye.
  • The product comes with a pretreatment hair color.

4. Platinum Blonde Hair Dye | Bold Uniq Platinum & Silver

The product I am about to review is different. It is a unique conditioning hair musk for blond hair. The company BOLD UNIQ made this product.

This product is famous for its natural uses and fast hair dyeing without damaging hair.

Without dulling, it will condition your hair with uniform evenness. It also removes brassiness and natural yellowish tones of hair.

So the purple color looks gorgeous after applying it on hair. So the color-treated blond hair will be shiny and smooth.

Applying this product is very easy. First, take a shampoo on your hair. Apply the platinum dye on hair. Don’t forget to put on hand gloves. Stay for 10-15 minutes.

After that, rinse your hair with water and dry it. Boom! You’ve got smooth purple hair.

But be careful about its usedness; color must spread in the whole hair; otherwise, the color shade will not even, and it will look peculiar.

This product has an excellent review of its secure hair dyeing method and superior colorfastness. So you can buy this without any hesitation.

Key Features :

  • Unique conditioning hair mask.
  • Removes brassiness and natural yellowish tones
  • A secure method to apply on hair.

5. Permanent Hair Color by Revlon, Permanent Hair Dye

If you are allergic to ammonia and looking for a hair dye that manufactured without ammonia, then here’s your solution, Revlon platinum dye.

Revlon is an American company, and they are running a business over 85 years in the whole world with a better reputation.

Every product they make is advantageous. It is also their e product, so it is no different than every product about effectiveness.

This platinum dye is totally ammonia-free. Many products in the market contain ammonia, so after using it for hair dyeing, it provides a lousy ammonia smell.

Most of the people don’t like it. You will not get this kind of smell after using this product.

It comes with Revlon 3D hair dye technology. Through which you will get not only colorful hair but also healthy and silky hair. With this product, you will get 100 percent gray hair by seating at home.

The product provides you a blond platinum dye. But you can do three types of shade in your hair. Light blonde, dark blonde, and brown blonde, so before use read the instruction properly.

Key Features :

  • Ammonia free platinum dye.
  • It brings a natural grey look.
  • Rich and long-lasting hair dye.

Comparison Chart of Platinum Hair Dye

Product Name


Item Form


Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

Mascarpone Creme Pl2



Platinum Blonde

Metallic Silver M71



L’Oreal Paris

Extra Light Natural Blnd 02


L'oreal Paris

Bold Uniq Platinum



Bold Uniq

Revlon Colorsilk Hair Dye

Ultra Light Ash Blonde 05



How to Use Platinum Hair Dye

How to Use Platinum Hair Dye

  • 1. Wash your hair before coloring. I recommend you wash it before around 24 hours. Natural skin oil takes approximately one day to back to the skin, and it helps your dye to last longer.
  • 2. Pick an appropriate color that suits your hair and must not affect if you are allergic to the dyes.
  • 3. Wear an old t-shirt or any cloth that is comfortable and easy to remove. The reason behind wearing an old t-shirt is the solution of hair color may drop on cloth and could permanently stay.
  • 4. Brush your hair. You must have separated all your hair; it should be well noticed that no hair sticks to one another.
  • 5. Put your hand gloves and mix the dye in a bottle or bowl.
  • 6. If your product has any pre hair treatment, do it with the help of instruction given with it.
  • 7. After that, apply the dye on hair with hand/ Brush/ bottle anything that makes yourself more comfortable to do.
  • 8. Set a timer and wait for its required dyeing time. Each product needs different time to dye. So ensure it before dyeing your hair.
  • 9. If any dye drop on the face or neck, wipe excess stains with a towel.
  • 10. After the required time, rinse your hair with water. If your dye provides you any conditioner, use it.
  • 11. Dry your hair well. You can use a dryer or naturally could air dry, it does not affect.
  • 12. The process of coloring your desired hair is complete.

Things to Know Before Using Platinum Hair Dye

Platinum Hair Dye

  • 1. Do not use the entire dye on the head. Must have separated the solution to all the hair evenly.
  • 2. Taking off the dye before the required time. Each dye needs a separate time to color. You must read the instruction manual given with the product.
  • 3. Leave it the dye for too long. If you leave the dye for a long time, it may affect your hair. Roots of your hair could damage, or your desired shade could be dark.
  • 4. Use old dye after a certain time. Every dye reacted when you open it for the first time. So when you stay it for a long time after opening it could be damaged or may affect your hair.
  • 5. Pick up a better product. Before buying any hair dye must know about its details. Don’t buy any product that confuses you about its suitability.
  • 6. Must avoid if you have dye allergies. Do not color your hair with a product that contains any integrands you are allergic to.
  • 7. Get a regular shampoo. Choose a shampoo brand that suits your hair. That will help you to stay hair dyed longer.
  • 8. Before dyeing, Read the instruction given with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum Dye

1. Can it cause any kind of hair loss in use?

It will not. This product is to prevent your hair from breaking to create an anti-breaking condition. So it will not harm your hair in any way. It also makes your hair healthier and more durable.

2. Natural or Synthetic dye, which one is better?

Both natural and synthetic is better if it does not carry any harmful chemical. But I recommend you to use the natural product which made from natural fruits or integrands, so it is a better choice to use on the hair.

3. I have some allergies, should I use hair dye?

If you have allergies to hair dyeing, then you should avoid using hair dye. It may affect your health. But if there is any other type of allergy, then no barrier to its use.

4. How much time is needed to color my hair?

It varies for different products. For better use, you should follow the instruction manual.

Is also depends on which shade you want your hair to be more time is required if you wish to a darker shade. But follow instructions, leaving the dye for too long could damage your hair.

5. Does platinum hair dye contain bleach?

The product that I have reviewed any of them does not contain bleach. But you may find some weak quality platinum dye that contains bleach before bye tries to read the integrands written on the product.

6. How many packets need for long hair?

It depends on how long your hair is. If it is longer than your shoulder, then try to buy two packets. But make sure to use the same quantity of dye all over the hair. Otherwise, all over your hair color leveling will not even.

7. What is an anti-breaking system? Does it work?

Anti-breaking hair condition it helps to prevent hair fall problems by creating an anti-breaking situation.

It also makes hair smoother and more durable. So try to pick up a product that contains anti breaking conditioning system.

8. Is it possible to color only roots?

If you color your hair roots after a specific time, it will not match with before. So your hair would show two types of color. It may look peculiar. So I recommend you to use platinum dye all over the hair.

Final Words

I have reviewed the Best platinum hair dye available in the market. So if you are looking for buying a product that contains a better result and does not damage your hair also, my recommendation will be to buy within these products. All of them are the most reliable and reputed products in the recent market.