Best Masking Tape For Painting in 2022 – Top 5 Picks

best masking tape for painting

If you love to paint or put wallpaper in your home or office, masking tape can be your lifesaver.

A professional painter knows very well how effective masking tape is in small size spaces. But the problem is that it is challenging to make a good masking tape selection.

Today I will tell you about some of the Best masking tape for painting available on the market and also tell you where you can get good results if you use them.

I will also give you all the information on how to use masking tape, and if you remove it in the right way, no glue will stick.

Read my full review to know everything.

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ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape
Masking Tape For Painting | ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface

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60 Yard STIKK Blue Painters Tape
Tape For Painting Walls | 60 Yard STIKK Blue Painters Tape

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best masking tape for painting
Scotch Masking Tape For Painting

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Scotch Greener Masking Tape for Painting
Scotch Greener Masking Tape for Painting

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best masking tape for painting
Scotch Tape For Painting Walls | Masking Tape for Basic Painting

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Benefits Of Using Masking Tape For Painting

Benefits Of Using Masking Tape For Painting

Damage-Resistant Surface

You can use any tape for coloring, but removing it is a problem. In general, tapes contain a high amount of adhesive so that when they are removed, part of them remains.

Due to the tape, it often damages walls or paperwork. To solve this problem, masking tape is a perfect choice.

Masking tapes have relatively little adhesive and are easy to remove. It can easily remove even although this applies to paper or walls.

Perfect Painting

When painting corners or small spaces, brushes need to be used carefully. Even after taking precautions, it not consistently achieves good results.

Professionals use masking tape for this reason. By using masking tape, you can remove excess paints easily without damaging the painting.

However, you can use these masking tape tapes on paper, a floor, or a wall. Masking tape is an excellent product for maintaining accuracy.

Versatile Use

There are several kinds of masking tape available on the market today. Each of them uses for a different purpose. Furthermore, one must be aware of the differences among the types of masking tape.

Nevertheless, the practice of using masking tape to paint papers, walls, furniture, or painting is highly effective. The primary purpose of masking tape is to keep the painting work clean.

Best Masking Tape For Painting Reviews

1. ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape

This masking tape is for those who are looking for a tape that is rich in many facilities. It can used on boards, glass, as well as walls and tiles. The effectiveness of its use in all types of places is quite impressive.

As its glue is medium, it will not be a problem to lift after use. If you want, you can remove it after 10-14 days without any hassle. There will be no stains or glue on the surface after lifting.

This tape is straightforward to use. First, thoroughly clean the place and make it Dust-free and where you will use the tape, otherwise the tape may come off.

After wiping carefully, apply the masking tape with light hand pressure. Make sure that the tape is not loose anywhere. Of course, if you use tape 30 minutes before painting, you will get the best performance.

When the painting is dry, remove the tape very lightly. Be careful not to pull too hard when lifting, as the tape may tear. And try to raise it to 45 degrees, the tape will rise very quickly.

The biggest thing is that many people are now marking the floor of the shop or home with social distance. But people are using colors or markers to mark, but are having trouble when the time to remove.

So it is possible to mark social distance only by using this tape without these problems. Attach the masking tape in Square shape where needed.

It will not be a problem to lift the tape, and the marking with this will look beautiful.

2. Tape For Painting Walls | 60 Yard STIKK Blue Painters Tape

Stick Painter masking Tape Maker is one of the leading companies in the field of paint tape. Their tapes are quite popular with many.

Because the tape of this company is low priced and very good at work, and it’s also quite easy to remove.

A significant aspect of this tape is its structure. It is a bit thick and straight. Because of its construction, you don’t have to suffer to remove the tape.

And you can easily apply the tape in the right way. People do not like it when the work of paint is faulty or imperfect. So this tape will help you to make the perfect paint.

One of the features of this masking tape, it is effortless to remove. No fear of any glue sticking when you remove it at the end of work.

The glue will come off entirely with the tape. But there is a condition in the usage rules of this tape, which the tape must remove within 14 days;

otherwise, the tape will be in trouble, and the glue may stick. To finish the work and remove the tape as soon as possible.

You can use this tape in different places, including walls and bricks, which can also use on glass. The use of this tape for applying wallpaper on the walls of the house is much more effective.

And if you use it after applying liquid paint on it, will be no damage to the tape. So after using this tape, you can use water on it, no problem will occur.

This versatile masking tape will make your work much more accurate and enjoyable.

3. Scotch Tan Home and Office Masking Tape

You can use this masking tape if your work area is much curved or round type. The structure of the tape is somewhat soft. You can use this soft texture tape in various curved regions.

It easily does not tear and does not fold when pulled, and it is possible to put the tape on the wall or surface very accurately because it does not fold.

You can use this tape on drawing paper or plain paper. It’s easy to lift. It will be raised lightly by hand, and no glue will stick after lifting. For this reason, there is no fear of leaving the paper.

It holds tightly to the wall, so you can stick posters and painted paper or to-do lists with the wall.

This masking tape width is less than an inch. It is better to use in a small space. Because it made to fit in the perfect place, it’s unique to use in various paintings.

This versatile tape will fascinate you. This tape can use on walls and paper, and two types of surfaces can remove excellently, so you don’t have to bother much.

It is the best masking tape for painting for those who are looking for tape for such work.

4. Scotch General Use Masking Tape for Basic Painting

Scotch Blue Tape Maker is one of the most reliable and longest masking tape makers. The tape they make is more durable than others and works quite well.

The tape made by this company can be used on multiple surfaces and can lift smoothly, which is why the products of this company are popular.

Scotch masking tapes are well adhered to a variety of metals and plastics and will not remove in low stretched.

It also can be used easily on vinyl or carpet. And it is possible to remove it without any stains.

Usually, apply the tape one hour before the paint. And make sure that the place where the tape used is clean and does not contain dirt or dust.

If you put the tape on the sand, it could easily open up. It will not work well if you apply the tape in water or wet place. Once use the tape, it will not be a problem if waterfalls on it.

Do not remove the masking tape as soon as the painting. After the painting completely dry, lift the tape. Lightly lift with a 45 degree.

However, remove it within three days of planting; otherwise, the glue may stick.

5. Scotch Tape For Painting Walls | Masking Tape for Basic Painting

This tape is much broader and designed for lengthier and larger surfaces. Its width is 1.8 inches, which makes it almost twice as thick as regular tape and stiffer.

The advantage of applying this masking tape is more than ordinary tape. Because the tape is more extensive, it is possible to mask a lot more space once used. It will take much less time.

This tape cannot use in thin areas. And it is not possible to be too crooked. So before buying, make sure that your workspace area is less than this masking tape. If it is less, then avoid buying it.

It is also easy to use, clean the surface, apply it, and remove it within three days. However, it should apply for a minimum of 30 minutes before painting; otherwise, if liquid falls on it, it can rise and lifted.

Comparison Chart of Masking Tape For Painting

Product Name



Pack of Products

ScotchBlue Original


4 pcs

10.23 pounds

60 Yard STIKK Blue


2 pcs

5.00 pounds

Scotch Masking Tape


2 pcs

5.57 pounds

Scotch Greener 


2 pcs

3.61 pounds

Tape For Painting


4 pcs

7.81 pounds

How to Use Masking Tape For Painting

How to Use Masking Tape For Painting

  • 1. First, clean the area you are going to use. Make sure dust-free entirely the application place.
  • 2. Then apply one end of the masking tape, hold it with one hand, and then straighten the tape with the other side.
  • 3. Take the help of scale or something similar to make the line completely straight. And if the place is curved, then fold it lightly.
  • 4. After applying the tape, apply light hand pressure to attach it more perfectly.
  • 5. Make sure that the entire non painted area is covered.
  • 6. After applying the tape, remove the tape when the painting is completely dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Masking Tape For Painting

1. Can masking tape be used in wet places?

Masking tape cannot use in wet or damp places. If used in moist areas, it may rise quickly. But if you use it in a dry and clean place,

it will not be lifted, and there is no possibility of paint entering it. So always use masking tape in a dry place.

2. How many days is it better to remove the masking tape?

The lifting time of masking tape depends on the product. Some masking tapes have a durability of 4 days, while some masking tapes have a strength of about 15 days.

If you lift the tape at this time, no glue will be visible in the place of use. However, as soon as the painting is dry, it will be no risk if you remove it immediately.

But once the masking tape sits permanently, it can be complicated to lift.

3. Is it possible to apply masking tape on drawing paper?

Yes, it is possible to use masking tape on drawing paper. But not all types of masking tape can be used on drawing paper. For this, a special masking tape which made of light and suitable for use on paper.

Using the wrong masking tape can win by sticking glue on the paper or tearing it when removing. So be sure to check the reviews before buying to see if it works on paper or not.

4. Masking tape used on wall and paper are different?

Yes, these are different. The tapes used on the paper are much lighter and have less glue. Due to which it can quickly pick up if used on paper.

But their removal time is much less. And the ones used for the wall are a bit hard and sticky, and they can remove after a long time. So be sure to check the specification before buying.

5. Is it possible to use masking tape on glass?

Some masking tapes specially made to be applied on the glass. If you use that kind of tape, you will get excellent results on the glass.

There are currently many masking tapes that can use in multi-tasking. So you can use them on walls and glass together.

6. How to find out which size should I buy?

Different sizes of masking tape are available in the market. If you buy too small or too large, your work may suffer. Then there is a working method on how to find the right size.

Avoid if the tape is more extensive than your workspace and avoid if it is less than half the width of your workspace.

Select the size between these two. Then you can use the tape properly in your workplace, and it will be much more accurate.

7. Is it applicable after paint?

Masking tape uses so that the color does not stick anywhere else. It serves as a boundary. So if you use masking tape after painting, you will not get any benefit from it.

But if the situation is such that after painting you are trying to repaint, then apply masking tape and paint on it again, it will be sufficient.

In that case, the first painting color should be well dried before applying the tape.

8. Why should I use masking tape before painting?

When it is necessary to paint in a small space, it becomes tough to paint because when painting accurately in a small area, the color can stick up or down; in that situation, masking tape used.

Because of this, the space of colors needs to be secure. Masking tape acts as a border and prevents the paint from sticking to the wrong place. That is why professionals use masking tape for perfect work.

Final Words

I have reviewed the Best masking tape for painting available on the market today. So if you want to paint your home or office or use tape while drawing, you can select the tape from them. These are the best tapes on the market.

But you must check the specification before buying, and if you follow the usage rules, I hope you will be able to do your job correctly.