Best Organic Popcorn Kernels in 2022 – Top 5 Recommendation

Best Organic Popcorn Kernels

There is nothing more precious than health. If you spend money on your health, your money never is counted as waste.

So everyone wants to choose the best food for their fitness. Whether it is vegetables or popcorn, you should always select organic products.

We all know that organic products do not contain any harmful chemicals, not even in their processing.

So, if you are looking for such a product, we have found the best organic popcorn kernels. These will come to your dining table from Direct Farm.

Let’s take a look at the features that make them so healthy.

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Gourmet Organic Popcorn Kernels Certified USDA, All Natural, Made in USA
Gourmet Organic Popcorn Kernels Certified USDA, Made in USA

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Arrowhead Mills Organic Popcorn Kernels
Arrowhead Mills Organic Popcorn Kernels

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Be Still Farms Organic Popcorn Kernels (5lb) - Low Carb Popcorn
Be Still Farms Organic Popcorn Kernels (5lb) - Low Carb Popcorn

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Hunza Organic Popcorn Kernels, White Popcorn
Hunza Organic Popcorn Kernels, White Popcorn

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Great Northern Organic Popcorn Kernels, Yellow Gourmet Popcorn All Natural
Great Northern Organic Popcorn Kernels, All Natural

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Best Organic Popcorn Kernels Reviews

The products I have reviewed are the best products on the market. They have been selected based on their cultivation method, quality, nutrition and positive customer feedback.

So I hope you can choose your desired product among them.

1. Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Certified USDA Organic Popcorn Kernels

Gourmet popcorn is considered the freshest and quality popcorn. It is a product of Franklin Company, and this Company is quite old and trusted in the world of popcorn.

They collect kernels from local sources, and after separating the seeds and nuts, popcorns are ready for sell in the market.

The Company is always concerned about quality so that no arterial flavor is mixed with the organic flavor of popcorn.

In a word, popcorn kernels are coming straight to your table from the productive land. So for those who are looking for organic kernels, we suggest it without hesitation.

Moreover, this popcorn has a distinct fan base. It is also known as classical and movie theater popcorn. Many people eat it while watching classical movies.

If you are a movie lover and eat popcorn while watching a movie, don’t forget to try this popcorn at least once.

The difficulty that most people faces is the problem of making popcorn. But this popcorn packet is very easy to make.

Anyone can make this organic popcorn in minutes by using a stovetop or a popcorn machine. Due to the lack of artificial flavor, it pops up very quickly.

Key Features :

  • Gluten-free and 100% non-GMO
  • Source from the local farm.
  • Classical Taste
  • Easy to make.

2. Arrowhead Mills Organic Yellow Popcorn Kernels

If you are looking for popcorn with much fiber and nutritious, this popcorn packet is the better choice.

These popcorn kernels are cultivated with great care, and their seeds are highly nutritious. As a result, the amount of fiber in popcorn kernels is much higher than in ordinary popcorn.

The kernels of this popcorn are collected when they are fully nourished. It is the reason why ordinary popcorn differs from its taste. These kernels have been cultured so that every popcorn lover gets an exact test.

Apart from this, the Company is giving surety about the quality that their popcorn is 100% natural and organically cultivated.

Moreover, since the kernels of this popcorn are non-GMO, it is healthy and delicious to taste. In any case, this popcorn packet will make your happy moments more memorable.

Well, popcorn kernels are usually produced without any harmful chemicals. But the Company has chosen an even more complicated method.

They choose an area where no cultivation has been done before using chemicals in the environment. So the Arrowhead Company has tried its best to ensure that there is no defect in this popcorn quality.

Key Features :

  • Kernels full of proteins and Fibers.
  • Yellow popcorn Delicious to Eat.
  • No artificial chemical used in cultivation.
  • Comes in sealable Bags.

3. Be Still Farms Organic Yellow Popcorn (5lb) Organic

Those who are very conscious about their health need a low calorie and nutritious popcorn. And the product we are introducing contains much dietary fiber and also very wonderful to eat.

There is nothing better than this product for those who like American popcorn. It is produced in North Carolina, USA, so that you can get fresh and natural popcorn.

Besides, since this popcorn is entirely organic, there is no need to freeze them. Everyone can eat this popcorn in all situations.

The best part about this popcorn is that its kernels have no artificial color mixing to be completely natural.

In the case of nutrition, it can be said that there is no shortage of nutritional supplements.

For those who avoid sugar or sodium, eating it will not be a problem because it has no sugar or sodium.

The seeds are separated from it to make it completely healthy, and the rest of the kernels are packed.

You will get the perfect feeling of eating popcorn due to being completely natural. Natural or organic popcorn usually tastes good with different recipes.

And since they do not have any artificial flavor, they can be eaten mixed with vegetables or flavor.

Key Features :

  • Contains 0% sugar and sodium.
  • 100% whole grain.
  • Produce in the USA.
  • Suitable to eat with vegetables and other flavors.

4. Hunza Organic White Popcorn (2-lbs)

There are many reasons why this popcorn is listed as a better product. Those who never want to put health at risk need the best product on the market. And this popcorn can be called one of them.

This popcorn is USDA certified, so that can count as entirely organic. So it is safe to say that it does not contain any additives or artificial colors.

And no preservatives were used during its cultivation. As a result, it can be described as the best organic popcorn kernels.

Many people do not want to eat yellowish popcorn. Because it takes a slightly different taste to eat them, this popcorn is basically for those who always prefer white kernels on their priority list.

As it is entirely white, it is an excellent option to eat with sweets or caramel.

And since its color is white, it is not true that it cannot consume with vegetable or salty flavors. There will be no shortage of taste if anyone eats with it.

This habit is so versatile that people want to sleep after watching a movie and enjoy eating popcorn while watching. But the problem arises; your sleep attitude does not come easily.

To solve this problem, you will find antioxidants and tryptophan in this popcorn, increasing the amino acids in your body and helping you sleep comfortably.

It will not harm your body anyway so that you can eat it freely.

Key Features :

  • USDA-certified popcorn kernels.
  • Suitable with a sweet and salty dish.
  • Helps to sleep effortlessly.
  • Delicious white popcorn.


I would recommend this popcorn for those who want to eat popcorn regularly. If you are one of them, then you can choose this popcorn kernels without thinking about the second option.

The kernels of this popcorn are provided with a substantial container. And this container is entirely moisture-proof.

As a result, these kernels will always be fresh and will continuously give a crispy feel whenever eaten.

And because it is in an airtight container, there is no possibility of fungus growing in it to be stored for a long time.

You will get 4 pounds of kernels in a container of popcorn. People who regularly eat popcorn have to spend much money to buy it.

So our recommendation is you can choose this pack of popcorn because 4 pounds of popcorn will hopefully be enough for you.

But when you are looking for healthy popcorn, you must be careful enough about your health. So if you want to keep the quality of this popcorn completely healthy,

then pop using three parts popcorn with 1parts oil. Cooking it in this way will make the popcorn taste better and healthier.

Key Features :

  • Best value for bulk popcorn purchase.
  • Contains 4 pounds of popcorn kernels.
  • Fluffy and Yellowish kernels.
  • Comes with a moisture-proof container.

Things to Consider Before Buying Organic Popcorn Kernels

Organic Popcorn Kernels

Here are some essential points to look for when selecting a packet of good quality organic popcorn.

If you take a good look at these, you can easily buy the product you wants the most. Let’s see what things need to be taken care of.

Organic Certified Product

Those who are very conscious about their health want to eat the best quality products. And for all these people, popcorn is cultivated organically.

But many companies say organic but do not offer completely natural farmed products, and all these popcorn can be harmful to the body.

So, you should check the certification of the organic product before buying it.

However, the products we have reviewed are all the popcorn kernels with complete certification. Don’t hesitate to buy them.

No Additives Added

Organic means completely additives and chemicals free. Still, you will find some products in the market that are organic, but some additives or flavors are added to enhance their quality.

As a result, its organic form can be lost, and these become like ordinary products.

However, if you want to eat completely organic kernels, you must check that no additives are mixed in it. If a chemical is mixed, then avoiding it would be the right decision.

Non GMO and Gluten-Free

Many people dislike popcorn because of gluten as it sticks to the teeth after eating popcorn. But, it is found in some varieties of popcorn.

Also, if the popcorn kernels are non-GMO, then most likely they are gluten-free. So it would help if you took care of this before buying.

Low-Calorie Kernels

Many people choose popcorn for this because it contains low calorie. You’ll get a low-calorie kernel only when it’s full of fiber.

For those who want to select popcorn for health or diet, the priority you should choose is a low-calorie popcorn kernel that will help your diet.


If you want to eat popcorn for a long time, try to buy containerized popcorn because they are airtight and keep popcorn crispy.

But if you are looking for popcorn for a party or small gathering, you can buy a packet. Always select the capacity according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Organic Popcorn

1. Does organic popcorn made with GMO?

Farmers can also make organic popcorns from GMOs. But, GMO is not used in good quality popcorn. Organic kernels without GMO are better than the test of ordinary ones. These are counted as authentic.

2. Is organic popcorn better for weight loss?

Yes, organic popcorn is high in fiber and low in calories. As a result, those who want to diet can choose these. It will keep you healthy, and you will also get good quality results in your diet.

3. How is organic popcorn made?

Organic popcorn is cultivated in the same way as ordinary popcorn. Initially, no harmful chemicals are used.

And no artificial flavor or color is added to its processing method. As a result, they are healthy and good enough to test.

4. is organic popcorn a healthy snack?

Organic popcorn is an excellent choice for those who like to eat many snacks because it does not contain any harmful additives and can be eaten all the time lightly,

so it can be called a healthy snack without a doubt.

5. Does organic popcorns delicious to eat?

organic popcorn does not contain any artificial flavors. So these are different from ordinary white popcorn.

But if you are an authentic popcorn lover, you will have enough enjoyment by eating organic popcorn because it will give you a classical test.

Final Words

Popcorn Kernels

Thank you for reading so far. We hope you must understand that selecting a good quality organic popcorn packet is not a difficult task if you pay attention to some aspects.

The guidelines that we have given will help you to identify the right product.

Moreover, the products we have reviewed are the best organic popcorn kernels. So if you choose one of these, then hopefully, it will not waste your hard-earned money.

So when choosing food products, choose the best one and always keep an eye on your health.