Best Popcorn Tins – Top 5 Picks & Reviews in 2022

Best Popcorn Tins

The words snacks and health are diametrically opposite. In fact, finding an attractive healthy snack is rare. However, there is a snack that has occupied this spot for a long time.

Popcorn is probably the first healthy snack that comes to mind when mentioning healthy snacks. There’s no other choice, whether it’s a movie, a chat, or a family gathering.

Our experts have originated some of the best popcorn tins available to make your favorite moments more enjoyable. And some of them are popular and have positive reviews in the current market.

We are talking about popcorn that does not contain GMOs or uses health-friendly flavors. These are sweet enough to consume anywhere.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn Tins with Caramel Popcorn
Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn Tins with Caramel Popcorn

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Popcornopolis Gourmet 2 Gallon Popcorn Tins, Cheddar Cheese and Kettle Corn
2 Gallon Popcorn Tins, Cheddar Cheese and Kettle Corn

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Popcorn Palooza Gourmet Popcorn Tins 2 Gallon Cheese
Popcorn Palooza Gourmet Popcorn Tins 2 Gallon Cheese

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Popcorn Tins 2 Gallon - Caramel, Zebra and Kettle Corn
Popcorn Tins 2 Gallon - Caramel, Zebra and Kettle Corn

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Gourmet Popcorn Tins 2 Large Gallons-3 Flavors
Gourmet Popcorn Tins 2 Large Gallons-3 Flavors

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Benefits of Popcorn Tins

Benefits of Popcorn Tins

Popcorn tins have many advantages that can’t be overstated. In spite of this, there are a few notable benefits worth mentioning. Our discussion covered all those benefits.

Combination of Flavors

There are lots of different popcorn flavors available in the market today, and all of them are delicious. However, it is not possible to buy these flavors separately.

Therefore, tins often contain a variety of flavors. Popcorn, which are available in a variety of flavors, are the most popular type.

This feature allows you to eat a variety of flavored popcorn without having to spend a lot of money. The popcorn in the tins is bigger and fluffier than usual, which makes them taste delicious.

Almost all tins maintain the perfect condition. It is why the demand for popcorn tins is increasing.

Long Shelf life

Storage of popcorn is a more critical consideration than popcorn eating. The major problem with popcorn is that it can’t store usually.

As soon as they are left exposed to the air, they lose crunchiness and are not able to taste delicious. However, if you buy popcorn tin, you will get benefits from this aspect.

The shelf also eliminates the chance that insects will infect it. So, it is possible to store popcorn in tins for a long time. It is not difficult to restore the tin no matter how many times you’ve opened it.

Hassle-free Popcorn Bowl

Popcorn is a great food to eat while watching a movie or gossiping. The most pressing issue at that time is serving popcorn.

It can be challenging to arrange separate bowls for everyone and to re-clean them after eating popcorn. But here are the tins that can help you.

Tins are explicitly designed to have wide surfaces to allow them to serve as direct bowls. Once you’ve introduced the popcorn tin and finished eating, you should pack the tin again. Working through a tin will save both time and work.

Best Popcorn Tins Reviews

In today’s review, we have discussed some of the most popular popcorn tins available in the market. We have given detailed descriptions of their quality,

capacity, and flavor so that they can be easily distinguished from each other. Hopefully, it will be stress-free for you to choose the sweetest product from among them.

1. Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn 1.26 Gallon Tin with Caramel Popcorn

Do you live in an area where the weather outside is very cold or hot most of the time?

It is better to stay home and watch television with a bowl of popcorn than to venture out in such weather. These moments will seem even more thrilling if you use this popcorn tin.

This popcorn tin has a storage capacity of 1.26 gallons. It will take 10 to 12 people to empty that tin.

You can eat it day by day even if you don’t want to share it with anyone. Just store it well after eating.

One of the greatest thrilling things about this popcorn tin is that it comes in 5 different flavors.

These include caramel, cheddar, and caramel, cheddar, zebra, and kettle. All its flavors are pretty popular and famous.

Different types of tins come in different flavors. If you prefer a particular taste, you can choose that specific flavor.

However, if you enjoy snacking on a lot of popcorn, you can select more than one tin.

Also, these tins can be stored for up to 6 months. But once you open them, you should not spend too much time on them.

Frequent eating reduces their crunchiness and makes them a little softer. With intake, there’s no possibility of these problems.

Key Features :

  • It Comes in 5 different flavors.
  • Each Tin contains 1.26 gallons of popcorn.
  • Delicious to eat and great for a gift.
  • Can store up to 6 months.

2. Popcornopolis Popcorn Gourmet Popcorn Gift, 2 Gallon Tin

Not proudly, but the product we are going to review is quite interesting compared to others.

The flavor of this popcorn tin is classical. And those who love old-fashioned popcorn should try this flavor at least once.

You can get up to 2 gallons of popcorn in these holiday tins. If you have a small party at home or a get-together with friends, tin will be able to handle this function effortlessly.

This tin will be enough for at least 20 people.

Moreover, it contains no high-fructose corn syrup, which makes the popcorn healthy and crunchy. Hence the classic taste of these is quite prominent.

Speaking of flavors, this tin is filled with caramel, cheddar cheese, and kettle curry. There are a total of 42 cups of popcorn in this jar, with 14 cups of each flavor.

This can is a convenient option if you’re looking for a variety of flavor popcorns.

It is a sweet popcorn tin that will be enjoyed by those who love the cheddar cheese flavor. If you are looking for popcorn tins for Christmas then this popcorn tin is definitely recommended.

Key Features :

  • Manufactured without high fructose corn syrup.
  • Tin contains 2 gallons of popcorn.
  • Package full of kettle corn, cheddar cheese, and caramel.
  • Entirely non-GMO popcorn kernels.

3. Popcorn Palooza Gourmet Popcorn Tin – 2 Gallon Cheese

Look at this product. It is made by a well-known enterprise in the current market.

The manufacturer is America Base, and they specialize in making this kind of food. Therefore, you can purchase the product of this reputed company.

This popcorn tin is very popular in the current market as it is produced without any harmful chemicals.

They did not use HFCS or harmful chemicals such as preservatives. So it is completely reliable.

Popcorn comes in three different variants, and each variant has three different flavors. If you purchase a tin, you can enjoy 3 flavors. If you purchase three tins, you can enjoy 9 flavors.

The special thing is that the complete kernels of this tin have been produced and processed in America.

Since these kernels contain no GMO, there is no health risk. At least you don’t have to worry about the production of kernels.

The capacity of this can is up to 2 gallons which are packaged in the canister method.

You do not have to fear about storing them at home for a long time. This is one of the best popcorn tins to enjoy popcorn in different flavors.

Key Features :

  • Manufactured without HFCO and any preservatives.
  • Available in 3 different flavored tins.
  • Each container have 2 gallons of popcorn with 3 separate flavor
  • Suitable to use in party and family programs.

4. Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn 2 Gallon Tin

Most of the time, we are in difficult situations to find the perfect flavor. It is quite normal for the varieties of popcorn to be so broad.

But if all the popular flavors can be found in the same tin, it is even better.

The popcorn tin we are talking about doesn’t have high fructose, which makes it more crispy and crunchy than other popcorn.

As a result, eating these will give you delicious satisfaction. And the weight of the package is 6 pounds which include 2 gallons of popcorn.

However, 2 gallons of popcorn will be more than enough for a small family. It can be useful at family gatherings, especially for the little ones.

Zebra popcorn is relatively popular among these 6-pound popcorn bags. There are approximately 23 ounces in it. The amount of caramel is also available in this pack up to 21.5 ounces.

However, kettle corn has 10.5 ounces fewer popcorn kernels than others. All in all, this popcorn tin is quite nutritious and delicious.

A fan of zebra flavored popcorn will love this tin. However, since it comes in three kinds of flavors, it will be fun to eat.

Key Features :

  • Tin contains 6 pounds of popcorn.
  • Combination of Zebra, Caramel, and Kettle corn flavor.
  • No fructose and chemical use.
  • Capable for twenty or more people.

5. Popcorn Gourmet Tin-Large 2 Gallon. Caramel

We are going to end our review with a premium product. The outlook and quality of this product are different from the ordinary ones.

This popcorn tin is designed with attractive luster. The mind will become eager to see its design because of that.

However, in terms of quality, it is not behind others. Delicious and crispy popcorn with good taste will impress anyone.

The popcorn jar is filled with three flavors of caramel, cheddar cheese, and kettle corn. There are about 4.5 pounds of popcorn in the package.

This amount of popcorn is not sufficient for a small family.

However, there is another purpose why it is attractive is its scoober. In general, companies do not bundle extra accessories with popcorn.

But this company is including a separate scooper with this tin that is meant for serving popcorn. Furthermore, you will receive five different popcorn bags with the package.

This company will provide all the materials you need to feed these popcorns sitting wherever you want.

For this, they do not charge a separate fee. Therefore, this package is suitable for giving as a gift or as a food package.

Key Features :

  • Excellent and shinny outlook
  • Package contains Popcorn Tin, Scooper, and 5 popcorn-eating bags.
  • Combination of Cheddar, cheese, and kettle corn.
  • Capacity of 4.5 pounds of flavored popcorn.

Comparison Chart Of Popcorn Tins

Product Name


Product Weight


Popcornopolis Gourmet


1.26 Gallon


Popcornopolis Gourmet 2 Gallon

Caramel, Cheddar Cheese and Kettle Corn

2 Gallon


Popcorn Palooza Gourmet

Caramel, Cheddar & Sweet Heat

2 Gallon

Popcorn Palooza

Popcorn Tins 2 Gallon

Caramel, Zebra and Kettle Corn

2 Gallon


Gourmet Popcorn Tins

Caramel, Cheddar Cheese & Kettle Corn

2 Gallon

Pops Corn

Things to Consider Before Buying Popcorn Tins

Popcorn Tins

Tins are easily recognizable by paying attention to certain things. And recognizing these aspects is not a difficult task. Let us tell you how you can easily buy the best product.

Popcorn Kernels Quality

The taste of popcorn depends on the quality of this kernel. Although popcorn likes to be eaten with flavor added, the quality of the kernel still plays a significant role.

Bad quality kernels reduce the crunchiness of popcorn. It is why popcorn often gets stuck in the teeth while eating, which can be very annoying.

But these problems are not usually seen in popcorn kernels produced in good places. So you should look at the place of production or the reputed brand and choose the popcorn pack.

Different Flavors

There is no end to the flavors of popcorn. Regardless of flavor, these classic flavors of popcorn taste great. You can’t buy all the flavors at once.

It would be tins if you chose a few. So go with the flavors you wish to be among. All the flavors in the company are also quite good and tasty.

The capacity of Popcorn Tin

Each tin has a different size, so that their capacity is different. However, the selection of popcorn tin depends on how much popcorn you need.

Commonly 2 gallons of popcorn can be eaten by 20 people. The total amount of persons attending your party is this amount, so you can pick a can with this capacity.

Health Friendly

Popcorn is usually mixed with some harmful chemicals to make it tasty, which makes the popcorn unhealthy. But very few companies do this, and their popcorn kernels are of very low grade.

However, the products we have discovered do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to health. So make sure to choose between them or buy them from somewhere else.

Single Flavor or Multi Flavor

Tins come in different shapes and flavors. Some tins are made with a kind of popcorn, and some tins have a combination of several flavors.

If you want to have fun with multiple popcorn flavors, then you should select multi-flavor tins for Christmas.

They are also reasonable and can be purchased separately, but you can choose a single flavor tin if you prefer a specific flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many people can eat 1 gallon of popcorn?

Usually, 1 gallon of popcorn is enough for ten people. But if we count a couple of popcorn fans,

which means that they eat way more popcorn, then it becomes the perfect choice for 6 or 7 people.

2. At that price, are tins really worth buying?

The quality of holiday tins is different from ordinary popcorn. Moreover, it is also delicious in terms of premium quality and taste.

However, their product is built to a higher standard, so they are of more excellent quality and therefore command a higher price.

3. Would it be healthier to buy a single flavor or a multi-flavor?

We recommend purchasing a multi-flavored one if you don’t like a specific flavor. There are plenty of popcorn flavors you can get for almost the same price. Such opportunities should not be missed.

4. How long do popcorn last when kept at home?

Popcorn tins are very well sealed. If they are not opened, then they are good for about six months.

However, once opened, they should be eaten as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will lose their crunchiness, and no authentic taste will be available.

5. Are Flavor Popcorns contaminated with harmful chemicals?

It depends on what kind of flavor is mixed with popcorn. The easiest way to find out is to look at its ingredients.

If you find that it contains GMO or high fructose, then understand that it can be risky for health. But flavored doesn’t mean harmful.

Final Words

Popcorn is the best choice for snacks at a home party or family program. And you can use these popcorn tins to make all these moments interesting.

The tins that our specialists have reviewed are some of the best popcorn tins on the market today. Both their quality and taste are much better than ordinary popcorn.

Furthermore, they are incredibly healthy and free of harmful chemicals. This way, you can just pick whichever looks the best to you.