Sony 900f vs 950g: Head To Head Comparison

Sony 900f vs 950g

Sony Corporation has been doing business with an excellent reputation for a long time. When people go to buy a TV, their priority is always Sony BRAVIA. There are good reasons behind this demand for human beings because the picture quality of their TV is so good that people don’t want to go for any other option.

Sony 950G and Sony 900F these two TVs have excellent features. Today I will tell you the main differences between Sony 900f vs 950g models. 950G is a 2019 model, and 900F is a 2018 model. 950G has high brightness that will help you with the game, and the other one 900F has high contrast, which will give you a taste of perfect clarity.

There are some differences in price and features. In general, it won’t be easy to distinguish between the two TV. Please read my full article to know precisely.

An Overview of Sony 950G

Sony 950G

In this model, you will find essential and modern features that will provide you with built-in. And its clarity and picture quality are excellent in one word.

Its picture quality is such that it will give you a premium feel in the middle of playing games because of its bright picture and sound system.

Its Dolby Surrounding Sound system will give you the feeling that you are right inside the game. And you will get its sound feature built-in with this TV.

An Overview of Sony 900F

Sony 900F

In this model, you will find Super and Crystal Clear Picture Quality. Its panel designed in such a way that it can use its saturation and contrast system entirely.

It will be one of the choices for movie lovers. You will also get a Dolby sound system, but you have to take it through a software update.

But it will also give you the surrounding best sound quality. And if you are on a budget and you compare prices, then this TV can be one of your budget choices.

Sony 900f vs 950g: Head to Head Comparison

Sony 900f vs 950g: Head to Head Comparison


Differences in the appearance of these Sony TV’s is the size of its stand and its weight.
The stand width of Sony 950G TV is 1080 mm, and the stand size of Sony 900F TVs is 993 mm, respectively.

The weight of Sony 950G TV is 18 kg or 39.6 pounds while the weight of Sony 900F TVs is 16.2 kg or 40.1 pounds, which is a bit more.

And from Thickness, Sony 950G TV is a bit lighter than Sony 900F
Speaking of TV appearances, both of them are 55 inches in size.

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth version 4.2 used on the Sony 950G and Bluetooth version 4.1 used on the Sony 900F.

Bluetooth version 4.2’s system will get a much higher speed than version 4.1. And Bluetooth’s security patch has been updated to 4.2, which will make your data more secure.

Moreover, all types of keyboard and mouse can use on both TV’s and also different devices and low-frequency devices. You can also use stereo speakers at the same time.

Dolby sound

Sony 950G comes with Dolby digital plus sound system AC-4. Which is the best Dolby sound till now. And also, have DTS digital surrounded music supported.

On the other hand, Sony 900F has Dolby digital sound plus, which will help you to get the precise sound capability. But this system you will get after updating your software. It will not include when you buy this TV.

X motion clarity

Sony 950G has X-Motion clarity in auto mode. Because of X-Motion, the image will be bright and very vivid. When you watch a colorful or high-quality video, you will get a kind of premium feel if the X Motion option turned on. And this setting option on this TV will automatically turn it on when your video is supported.

But Sony 900F has this option build in, but it is in manual mode. That means it will not turn on automatically. You have to turn it on from time to time, which can be a little bit annoying.

Final word

After using the two TVs personally, I have reviewed Sony 900f vs 950g. It is elementary to understand that its picture quality is very premium, and build quality is very durable.

Maybe there are differences in some features, but there is no difference in quality.

However, if you want all kinds of updated features, then choose Sony 950G, and if you want a good TV within the budget, then Sony 900F, both TVs are the best. Feel free to buy it.