How To Make Spicy Ramen At Home – Most Popular Recipe

How To Make Spicy Ramen At Home

People all over the world love to eat Ramen because of its taste and tradition. It takes very little time to eat, and who would not like to eat nutritious food in such a short time.

Ramen is much more prevalent in Korea, Japan, China, and America.

Most people like to eat it at restaurants, but you will be surprised to know that it is easy to make at home in just 10-20 minutes.

Ramen has many different recipes, and it is possible to make it salty, spicy, and sweet based on the taste.

Today I will teach you how to make spicy ramen at home in an easy way.

Please read my full article to know precisely.

How To Make Spicy Ramen At Home

Make Spicy Ramen At Home

Ingredients Selection

You need to select the ingredients based on what kind of Ramen you like to eat. The ingredients of vegetable ramen and beef ramen are different,

and the cooking method is also different. Select the material as you like.

You can use any vegetables available in the market, including carrot, capsicum, and cabbage, to enhance vegetable ramen’s taste.

The primary purpose of Veg Ramen is to be healthy and nutritious. So try to use vegetables that have vitamins and nutrition.

If the primary purpose of making your Ramen testy, you can use beef or chicken. The taste of beef or chicken in the Ramen is much more popular.

But if you use beef or chicken, it takes a little longer to cook them.

But the most famous Ramen is the combination of vegetables and meat. Because it is healthy and tasty as well, and people always like to eat two different tests in the same dish.

The essential ingredients are below:

  • Ramen packet – 1 pcs
  • Vegetable protein (optional) – 2 Tbs
  • Chili paste – 1 Tbs
  • Soy sauce – ½ Tbs
  • Garlic powder – 1/2 Tbs
  • Korean black sauce or chili sauce – ½ Tbs
  • Ketchup – ¾ Tbs
  • Honey – ½ Tbs
  • Cooking oil– 1 Tbs

Select the vegetables and meat of your choice. But we are making spicy Ramen so try to select Onion sprouts or cabbage. check out another article What is the best instant Jajangmyeon?

How To Cook The Spicy Ramen At Home

How To Cook The Spicy Ramen At Home

Follow the whole instruction step by step for a better spice ramen recipe:

  • Step-1: Take out the Ramen from the packet and boil it with vegetable protein. Try to boil it 3minutes or Read the instruction from the packet how much time you have to boil. Make sure don’t make it soggy.
  • Step-2: Take out the Ramen and rinse the boiled water.
  • Step-3: If you want vegetables or meat, just boiled them with some salt.
  • Step-4: Place a Nonstick pan but don’t turn the heat on.
  • Step-5: Add chili paste, oil, soy sauce, and garlic powder.
  • Step-6: if you want to make it spice, then add Korean black sauce and ketchup.
  • Step-7: Add some sugar or honey.
  • Step-8: Mix all the ingredients on the pan.
  • Step-9: Add Ramen and mix all the ingredients to it properly.
  • Step-10: Mix all the vegetables and meat, then turn the flame on in medium heat.
  • Step-11: Mix them gently for 5 minutes. After that, turn the flame off and take out the whole Ramen in a bowl.

How to serve Spicy Ramen

How to serve Spicy Ramen

Ramen usually is eaten hot so try to eat as soon as possible after cooking. Before eating, lightly sprinkle some pepper powder on it and cut a boiled egg along the middle and place it next to the bowl.

And if you like mushrooms, cut them into small pieces with the eggs and boil them.

Mushrooms and boiled eggs will significantly enhance the taste of your Ramen. Also, see our latest post How to make jajangmyeon at home


  • Do not overcooked noodles. That will make them soggy.
  • Add Chili paste as you want. My recommendation is 2 Tbs is spicy enough for one packet ramen.
  • First, mix all the ingredients, then turn the flame on.
  • Try to make it on a nonstick fry pan.
  • Serve and eat as soon as after cooking.

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Final Words

Today I showed you how to make spicy Ramen at home. It is easy to make, and it is possible to make this in a short time.

So if ever a guest comes to the house or a friend comes, you can make this Ramen and feed them in a short time.

Hope everybody will like this delicious Ramen.