Top 5 Best Black Pepper for Cooking – Recommendations for 2022

Black Pepper for Cooking

The ground or coarseness of the black peppercorns add different bits to our culinary masterwork, so it’s better to choose it carefully. Otherwise, this sharp aromatic spice will either dominate the taste of your dish or just make it bland if the quality of your black peppercorn is low.

When it comes to spices, we should carefully consider the texture and harvesting of the spices, to understand the one with the better quality.

The good spice providing brands always pick the highest quality peppercorns from all over the world and we bring here some of them to choose from, with the granulation, quantity, and texture so that it can bring just the right amount of kick to our chef-quality mouth-watering dishes, or just our daily regular salad, or pasta.

Here are the reviews of the five best black pepper for cooking to choose from, so let’s dive in!

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HQOExpress | Organic Black Pepper Coarse 14 Mesh | 16 oz. Chef Jar
HQOExpress | Organic Black Pepper Coarse 14 Mesh | 16 oz. Chef Jar

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McCormick Table Grind Black Pepper
McCormick Table Grind Black Pepper

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Watkins Gourmet Spice, Organic Black Pepper, Ground
Watkins Gourmet Spice, Organic Black Pepper, Ground

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McCormick Culinary Coarse Grind Black Pepper
McCormick Culinary Coarse Grind Black Pepper

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Soeos Table Ground Black Pepper
Soeos Table Ground Black Pepper

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Best Black Pepper for Cooking Reviews

When it comes to hot spices, black pepper isn’t quite as spicy as chili peppers. It goes well with a range of different foods because of its mild bite, complementing rather than overpowering other flavors. To achieve the best result, a careful selection of the best black paper for cooking must be needed as it can change your dish magically.

If you are looking for all the necessary information about the finest black pepper to choose from, this article is just for you.

1. HQOExpress | Organic Black Pepper Coarse 14 Mesh | 16 oz. Chef Jar

Jerry is the founder of HQO. he opened a tiny food store in the 1970s that was one of the country’s first natural supermarkets. Since then, this USDA-certified company claimed to provide only the highest quality certified organic ingredients to its customers.

This black pepper is fresh and gives a spicy and toasty aroma. It adds that tongue-tingling flavor to fish, steak, soup, or stock. The spicy and pungent flavor of this coarse pepper adds a sharp and exquisite aroma that is neither too overpowering nor ignorable when tasted.

This is a QAI (Quality Assurance International) certified 14 mesh black pepper. The quantity of this black pepper product is 16 oz Chef jar. It is good for flavoring meat dishes, soups, sauces, vegetable dishes, and baking items.

The peppercorns of this brand are collected from Indonesia, South Africa, the United States, Sri Lanka, and India. This is a coarse-grind black pepper. It is the best choice for not having any kind of chemicals, preservatives, or artificial additives.

Most liking Features

It is climate pledge friendly and a coarse grind, rather than simple ground black pepper. It adds more flavor to the dishes.

Probable Drawbacks

The FDA has not evaluated the statements made about dietary supplements.

Key Features

  • Perfectly coarse ground black pepper for seasoning or dry rub
  • Deeply aromatic and flavorful
  • Gluten-free non-GMO black pepper from South Africa, Indonesia, the United States, Sri Lanka, and India which is sustainably farmed
  • Grown without herbicides and pesticides, 100% organic
  • USDA certified climate friendly organic product

2. McCormick Table Grind Black Pepper

Why do the cuisines of renowned restaurants have more aromatic dishes? Why do they have the woody pepper flavor in their dishes? The answer is most probably that we are buying cheap pepper and using them in our dishes.

As one of the best black peppers in the world, McCormick Pure Ground Black Pepper will give that toasty, woody, and piney flavor. It will give a mild kick to the dish. This provides the dish with intense flavor at every bite of that mouth-watering dish that we can make at our own home.

It has 4 years of shelf life from the date of manufacturing. This ground black pepper powder is fermented and dried-out brownish-black pepper. It is turned like this from freshly green berries. The package weight is 0.580 kilograms.

McCormick Table Green Black Pepper withholds its 125 years of reputation of being one of the finest black pepper for any culinary creations. It’s best suited for making stews and grilled meat as the flavor is too strong.

Most liking Features

Adds robust flavor to any dish without using too much. And the quality is one of the finest.

Probable Drawbacks

The grind is too coarse for table use.

Key Features

  • Imparts the greatest amount of flavor with a sharp aroma due to its fine, consistent granulation
  • Fermented and dried out from dried immature berries
  • Robust woody flavored pepper which is hand-harvested
  • Adds heat using much less pepper powder than others
  • Great for coarse ground texture on steaks, burgers, or baking items.

3. Watkins Gourmet Spice, Organic Black Pepper, Ground

Watkins has been providing only the finest herbs and spices. For over a century, it has been providing the best black flavored pepper powder. To produce outstanding flavor, the peppercorns are sourced from the finest organically farmed peppercorns in South Asia.

To make a tasty and most intensely flavorful dish, this pepper can be used. So, it can create flavorful steaks or soups or vegetables, pasta, or salad. To achieve this goal, Watkins black pepper could be on your choice list.

This 445gram ground pepper bottle contains only the highest quality volatile oils and is packaged for optimal freshness. USDA certified and Non-GMO project verified organic product. It is a gluten-free superior quality, gourmet spice that will surely be a good addition in any kitchen.

Watkins Gourmet Spice Organic Black Pepper has won a Gold Medal for providing fresh and flavorful spices. The ground pepper is best for its quality as it is obtained with premium-grade, top-quality peppercorns with high essential oil content from the best suppliers.

Most liking Features

Only the highest quality volatile oils are used in their spices, which are packed for maximum freshness. It is a climate pledge-friendly product with giftable tin packaging.

Probable Drawbacks

The fact that spices are “processed or manufactured” in the United States says nothing about where they are harvested or originate.

Key Features

  • It is USDA certified climate pledge friendly organic product
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • The finer quality gourmet spice which is gluten-free
  • The packaging bottle is recyclable
  • Giftable tin packaging which is attractive to look at.

4. McCormick Culinary Coarse Grind Black Pepper

This pepper will most likely become a new go-to black pepper spice if a fiery spicy bite is the preference. As always, McCormick provides the finest quality spices. And this Black Pepper has a good fiery taste to add to any dish.

We enjoy coarse pepper while making salad or steaks. But anyone will despise the twisting pepper grinders that block up as the blades become dull. It is also a nuisance to load them with the pricey entire kernels.

This is the perfect thing for a cook then. It features a spout as well as a shaker top, allowing us to easily pepper steaks, eggs, salads, soups, and more. To get only a dash of pepper, it still comes out of that shaker. The freshness and delightful aroma are fantastic.

This 453 gram or 16 oz jar of black pepper is especially great for bbq dishes. It has a shelf life of 720 days from the date of manufacturing.  This one is best for its fresh strong pepper flavor which is maximum fresh and awesome for bbq or steak.

Most liking Features

To get ground pepper especially made for a chef’s use, this is the best black pepper for cooking. Also, great for bbq or grilling dishes.

Probable Drawbacks

The containers are not fully filled with spices.

Key Features

  • Sharp, penetrating, and pungent flavor with a woody aroma
  • No Monosodium glutamate (MSG) added, making it a healthy choice
  • Provides visible flecks for any culinary creation and brings a woody flavor to it
  • Perfect for restaurant-quality dishes for appealing presentation of pepper

5. Soeos Table Ground Black Pepper

Want a black pepper that will satisfy you with both its price and the size? Its shelf life is 24-month from the date of manufacturing. And it’s obtained from Vietnam. Hence, Soeos Table Ground Black Pepper will last longer than other brands because of its ground being spicier for its size.

This is a table ground black pepper. It is good for a last-minute sprinkle for a quick dish like salad or pasta. It will enhance the intense woody flavor that we normally desire from a black pepper brand with ground black pepper.

This pepper comes with an 18 oz jar or 510 gram of pepper powder. The mesh size is 24 and spicier due to its size, as the larger the mesh size of black peppercorn coarser it is. The packaging bottle is made of plastic.

This pepper is a little coarse ground than typical table pepper. But it does enhance flavor more. This black pepper is best for its coarseness which is just right for adding a little to any dish last minute for that extra punch of peppery flavor.

Most Liking Features

It can be used with kosher salt for the smoking rub or baked potatoes or corn with it, the taste will be so mouth-watering for the texture and freshness of this aromatic spice that will definitely bring joy to a meal.

Probable Drawbacks

It is not a Table grind product.

Key Features

  • 24 mesh size which is larger and coarser
  • Relatively cheaper in price
  • Sharp aromatic flavor with fine quality peppercorn
  • Good for the appearance of the culinary cuisines or salad

Things to Consider Before Buying Black Pepper for Cooking

Best Black Pepper for Cooking

There are a lot of brands to choose from to buy black pepper. But to choose the best ground black pepper brand, one must know certain facts first about the best kind of black pepper in the world.


There are peppercorns known by different names for their different sizes. Tellicherry peppercorn, black peppercorn, Malabar peppercorn are some of them.

Tellicherry is a black peppercorn that is bigger. If the size of the peppercorn is 4.25 mm or larger, then it is called tellicherry. The smaller ones are just the regular black peppercorn.

Malabar peppercorns are named after the area they originated from and are a bit fruity with a well-rounded bold taste. The bigger the peppercorn, the lighter the heat. But larger peppercorns have more aroma so it is up to the consumer which kind of peppercorns s/he wants to buy. Don’t forget to check the Popcorn Gift reviews.


To figure out the particular need, first, the buyer must know about the texture of black peppers available on market.

Pure Ground: It offers the most flavor due to its fine, consistent granulation. this product is used in the kitchen when a lower level of visibility is desired.

Shaker Grind: Medium Grind, ideal for completing a dish on the tabletop.

Table Grind: This larger tabletop grind is great for visual appeal, as it is slightly coarser than regular ground pepper.

Coarse Grind: When a bold, striking display is sought in the kitchen, this ingredient can be used. It is also excellent for salad dressings and as a topping for proteins before broiling.

Cracked: Garnish with split peppercorns. When pepper is a prominent ingredient in a design, this is the perfect tool to employ.

Whole: Whole berries, hand-picked for size and flavor consistency. Pickling mixtures, marinades, infusions, soups, and sauces all benefit from fresh grind pepper mills. Check out the most essential Review for Popcorn For Weight Loss.

Signs of Quality

General quality indicators:

  • The peppercorns should have a reasonably uniform color, indicating a greater level of quality and consistency in flavor.
  • Peppercorns with a darker hue have a stronger flavor.
  • Peppercorns of higher quality are usually fresher than those of lower quality.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can these black peppers be used in a grinder?

Ans:  These black peppers are already ground.

It is not recommended to put this pepper in a grinder. Make sure you also check our guide for Popcorn Butter Topping.

2. What mesh size should be considered before buying black pepper?

Ans: Whole Black Pepper is typically 6 to 8 mesh. Half Cracked Black Pepper is typically about 6 to 8 mesh. Quarter Cracked Pepper is 8 to 10 mesh. Coarse Black Pepper is 12 to 14 mesh.

If a bolder coarse black pepper flavor is the goal, then the mesh size should be 16.

3. What do USDA-certified black pepper products mean?

Ans: USDA-certified products are grown and processed according to standards addressing soil and water quality, among other factors.

Basically, these are environmentally friendly harvested products.

4. Is it considered processed food?

Ans: Yes, black ground pepper is a portion of processed food.

But there are no additives in it for preserving freshness.

5. Which size is larger, 24 mesh or 14 mesh?

Ans: 14 mesh is larger. 24 is smaller. The larger the mesh size, coarser it is.

6. What to consider the most for choosing the best black pepper in the world?

Ans: To choose the best black pepper in the world, the quality of the peppercorn should be the thing of utmost importance.

If the aroma is your preference, then go for the peppercorn with the larger size, and if you want the most heat, then choose the best black pepper brand with smaller peppercorns in size.

Final Words

Choosing the best black pepper for cooking is not an easy task as the real result of a cook’s culinary expertise depends on it. It takes careful consideration and trying out the different black pepper brands to make dishes of one’s preference. So, to choose the perfect ground black peppercorn one should go through the details and try them out.

Good luck with finding the best black pepper that suits your palate!