Best Popcorn Butter Topping in 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Best Popcorn Butter Topping

It doesn’t matter how good the popcorn kernels are; if the after-taste does not meet expectations, the real value won’t be realized.

Butter topping can make a huge difference between ordinary popcorn and actual popcorn.

But popcorn is a healthy snack, which is why everyone likes it. In order to taste it, you need to find the best popcorn butter topping that won’t harm the popcorn’s quality.

Many people mistakenly buy butter toppings with sodium and cholesterol. Consequently, we have found products that contain no harmful chemicals, sodium, or cholesterol.

In addition, they are the most popular popcorn butter toppings available in the current market.

By increasing the taste of popcorn, you don’t have to compromise on its nutritional value.

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Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Butter Topping Oil
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Butter Topping Oil

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KERNEL SEASONS Butter Popcorn Popping & Topping Oil
KERNEL SEASONS Butter Popping & Topping Oil

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Amish Country Popcorn Butter Topping
Amish Country Popcorn Butter Topping

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Coconut Popcorn Popping and Topping Oil
Coconut Popcorn Popping and Topping Oil

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Popcorn Butter Topping Variety Pack
Popcorn Butter Topping Variety Pack

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Benefits Of Using Popcorn Butter Topping

Benefits Of Using Popcorn Butter Topping

Tasty And Delicious

For those who are already familiar with butter topping, it gives the popcorn a different taste. You can taste popcorn when you use direct butter, but you won’t gain any health benefits from it.

Health risks may be associated with the regular consumption of buttered popcorn.

Therefore, this butter topping is a convenient way to get the flavor of butter while eating regular popcorn.

By using it, popcorn won’t lose any of its health benefits and will instead taste better.

Ensures Fluffy Popcorn

In order for the popcorn to be fluffy, it has to be prepared in a certain way, using the right ingredients. Popcorn kernels with fluffy shapes are topped with butter topping.

By using butter topping, you can make popcorn even more delicious than microwave popcorn.

Low-Calorie Alternative To Regular Oil

Usually, oil or butter is used when popping popcorn, which increases its calorie content. In addition, it causes a slight increase in cholesterol levels.

As a result, butter toppings won’t raise cholesterol levels. In addition, since they don’t contain trans fats, they use the same amount of calories.

Therefore, butter topping is a better choice than regular oil.

Best Popcorn Butter Topping Reviews

In this review, we have discussed some of the popular products in the current market.

We have put them on our top-notch list because of their good price, quality, and positive customer reviews.

Read our full review to know all the details and usage of each product.

1. Orville Redenbacher’s Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Oil

It won’t be too problematic to find a bunch of people who start their day with popcorn. Popcorn doesn’t have a competitor in the ranks of tasty snacks.

However, those who like to eat popcorn regularly prefer to make popcorn at home by following their own recipes. You can put this buttery-flavored oil in your cart if you are one of them.

There are a total of 6 oil containers in this package, each weighing 18 ounces. It means that after purchasing the complete package, it takes the proper time to finish it.

However, if you prefer to eat regular popcorn or put popcorn on the diet chart, this butter topping will be necessary.

Butter topping is a diet-friendly oil. Healthy popcorn isn’t made with direct butter. It increases the amount of fat in the food.

As a result, popcorn is cooked in a special battery flavored oil, which makes it look like movie theater popcorn.

Furthermore, this battery flavor has a health benefit in that it enhances taste while at the same time, it helps pop popcorn.

Using it will soften the inside of the popcorn. However, popcorn’s crunchiness will not be diminished by this oil mixture.

Key Features :

  • Pack of 5 containers of butter topping oil
  • Each container contains 16 ounces of oil
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or ingredients
  • Makes popcorn pop more easily

2. KERNEL SEASONS Butter Popcorn Popping & Topping Oil

Some oils are made with completely natural ingredients, and this oil is one of them. However, to enhance the taste of popcorn,

the oil has to be mixed separately with the battery flavor. You will still enjoy delicious popcorn food without causing any harm to your health.

In the package of butter topping, there are two containers that each contain 13.75 ounces of oil. Nonetheless, this product comes in two variants.

There will be two containers in one package and three containers in the other package.

Containers have a weight capacity of 75 pounds each. You can choose one of the medium or large sizes as needed.

It has a slightly different feature from other butter toppings, which is its shelf life. This oil has been sitting on the shelf for more than one year.

Even after lying down for so long, the quality will remain the same. Still, once the container is opened, it is better to use it within six months.

The entire oil is produced and processed in the USA. Therefore, quality can be assured.

After eating regular popcorn, the medium-sized containers will run out quickly. In that case, you can purchase several packages at once.

Key Features :

  • Butter topping is made with natural ingredients
  • The pack contains two containers, each hold 13.75 ounces of oil
  • The unused oil pack can be kept on the shelf for at least one year
  • Made and processed in the United States

3. Amish Country Popcorn | Buttery Popcorn Topping

Popcorn has a long history in Amish Country company. This company has been making popcorn and its ingredients for a long time.

In the earlier, as well as in the present-day, they have a good reputation. The butter topping we are going to discuss completely owes its success to the Amish Country company.

Unlike other oil bottles containing harmful chemicals, this 16-ounce bottle does not contain any added sugar, so it can be considered a dietary supplement.

At the same time, it is completely non-GMO and gluten-free. As a result, using it will not affect the quality of popcorn.

It is widely believed that popcorn or the ingredients it contains will cause allergies for many people.

However, this oil is made with the exception of peanuts and tree nuts, which makes it completely non-allergic. This makes it well-known for being the butter topping ever.

Well, classical popcorn has a different and larger type of fanbase. Those who still like to eat original and old fashion popcorn. T

hinking about them, this company is giving a recipe book with the product. This book contains recipes for making rare popcorn that will make you feel like you are still in the 19’s.

However, you will get this book for free with this product from the company.

Key Features :

  • Classical battery flavor based on original popcorn tastes
  • The container contains 18 ounces of oil
  • You will receive a free recipe book with a butter topping container
  • Non-allergenic and nut-free oil

4. Coconut Popcorn Popping and Topping Oil

This popular product is the best one to choose if you want a different type of taste. The product has been blended with a buttery flavor as well as coconut oil.

Coconut oil has several benefits with popcorn. In the first place, it enhances the crispiness of popcorn.

In the second place, it brings popcorn in the form of a gourmet taste, which is usually available only on premium platforms.

Also, this butter topping oil is organic and vegan. It has no peanut or artificial flavor. And for those who like gluten-free popcorn, it will be a very sweet product.

This product does not contain harmful artificial ingredients, but it has a buttery flavor that is not harmful, but it is not completely organic.

This product is packaged in a combo set of two containers. Each container contains 32 ounces of oil. This amount is good enough to eat regular popcorn.

A package of two bottles might be sufficient to cover a family movie night or small party.

Another outstanding part is that this butter top can be used in the microwave or any popcorn popper. No matter how long it is cooked at high heat, its taste and smell will not diminish.

Since it is blended with coconut oil, it cannot be mixed with water. It is best to use a completely dry utensil and stove.

Key Features :

  • Butter topping contains a combination of Coconut oil and Battery flavor
  • The pack includes two organic and vegan butter topping packs
  • Contains no peanuts or artificial dyes
  • Can be used in microwaves and popcorn poppers

5. Amish Country Popcorn | Seasoning and Topping Variety Pack

When it comes to finding healthy and low-calorie butter toppings, this product is the best one.

You’ll also get an 8 oz. salt bottle when you purchase this 16-ounce butter topping container. Additionally, this company is providing the salt for free.

The Amish company also has some secret recipes that were very famous in the old days and are rare in modern times.

A book written by collecting such recipes is giving away the product for free. That means you get butter topping oil, salt for tasting, and a recipe book in one package.

However, because of this seasoning oil, the taste of popcorn is quite smooth. The use of this ingredient makes popcorn very fluffy and crispy.

Furthermore, some oils are completely tasteless, so the popcorn doesn’t have a distinct smell.

Basically, the oils are over-refined, causing them to separate into their main components. In contrast, Amish oil does not have this issue, so using their oil would be more beneficial.

Key Features :

  • Delicious and low-calorie butter topping oil
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Free 6-ounce bottle of salt with 16 ounces of the oil container.
  • Free secret recipe books are included with the product

Comparison Chart Of Popcorn Butter Topping

Product Name


Pack of Items


Orville Redenbacher’s

16 ounces

6 pcs

Orville Redenbacher's


13.75 ounces

2 pcs

Kernel Season's

Amish Country

16 ounces

1 pcs

Amish Country Popcorn

Coconut Popcorn Popping

32 ounces

2 pcs

The Candery

Popcorn Butter Topping

16 ounces

1 pcs

Amish Country Popcorn

Popcorn Butter Topping Buying Guide

Popcorn Butter Topping Buying Guide

Butter toppings can be of different types. However, since many types of products are available, you need to have a good idea about butter topping.

In today’s section, we will learn how to find quality buttered topping and ways to recognize it.

Manufactured Organically

Popcorn kernels are not exposed to any harmful chemicals from production to packaging. This is why popcorn kernels are healthy enough.

So you should use a butter topping oil that does not spoil the healthy form of popcorn.

Before buying popcorn topping, you must have a good idea about all the ingredients. If no harmful chemicals are given, you can pick them up without hesitation.

Package Contains

Usually, the packaging contains only the product, but many companies offer other things besides the specific product.

It is still significant to consider how much it costs and what the product is like. If you only want to buy for a single person, you should buy according to your needs.

In case you need to buy for the whole family, you can buy the large package. However, be sure to note the quantities available in the package.

Helps to Diet

Many people put popcorn on their dietary charts. This is due to its low-calorie content and its ability to eliminate caries for a long period of time.

For this reason, popcorn is included in the list of healthy fibers. Popcorn’s quality can be affected by its topping if it is not of high quality.

Due to this, you should always choose the best popcorn butter topping on the market. Both health and taste will be protected in this manner.

Container’s Capacity

All sizes of containers are available for butter topping. Many people who do not eat regular popcorn would be foolish for them to buy large containers.

However, if you have a habit of eating regular popcorn, we would recommend buying a butter topping pack with two or five containers. This will save both money and time.

Allergic Ingredients-free

Many people are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, which makes them afraid to eat popcorn. But not only popcorn but also this butter topping can cause allergies.

Before you buy a butter topping, you should consider the ingredients once to know if it is safe for your body.

We check the labels on products when we find the best ones on the market to confirm that no tree nuts or peanuts are present.

We have given priority to the ones that are healthy from all sides. So hopefully you don’t have to worry about these things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Popcorn Butter Topping

1. Will it remain diet-friendly even after using butter topping in popcorn?

Butter toppings do no harm to your health as they contain no harmful chemicals. It is not enriched with sodium or cholesterol.

Thus, if you eat popcorn with butter topping on the diet chart, you will not have any problems with your diet. You should avoid butter topping if you have a long-term meal plan.

2. Is butter really used in butter topping oil?

Butter is not used in butter topping. Even artificial flavors or trans fats are not used. To make it taste better, it is mixed with flavors that do not harm the body.

However, many people mix different types of ingredients to make the oil tasty, and coconut oil is one of them.

3. How long can this well be kept on a shelf?

Butter toppings are usually not easily spoiled. Because of this, they can be left on the shelf for longer than one year.

Once the cap has been opened and used, it should be used as soon as possible. Even if you use it continuously for six months, the oil won’t go bad.

4. Do any of these chemicals cause allergies?

The oils that our experts have found are peanut and tree nut-free. These products contain no harmful ingredients and are completely safe.

However, if you are allergic to some of the elements, you must check before buying whether the specific ingredient is included.

5. Does butter topping in popcorn taste like a movie theater?

People are surprised to learn that popcorn in movie theaters isn’t made with butter. Coconut oil and butter are used as toppings on their popcorn, making it tastier.

If you prefer to eat that type of popcorn, simply use coconut oil and butter topping to it. The taste will be similar to that of a movie theater.

Final Words

Nowadays, eating popcorn on various occasions has become a tradition. Popcorn made at home is different from the kind you find at the movies.

In contrast, movie theater popcorn is usually more expensive, and out of reach, so most people have to make and eat their own popcorn.

Butter topping can solve this problem for you. To make regular popcorns look great, butter toppings are used. And it is also quite effective.

So choose one of the best popcorn butter toppings and enjoy the real taste of popcorn food without any compromise.