Best Spicy Ramen in 2022 – Spicy Noodles | Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Spicy Ramen

The demand for ramen has been on the rise since the 1960s. You probably won’t find people who don’t like to eat ramen. And most importantly, the more you know about ramen, the more you will love it.

Ramen simply made from Chinese wheat. It is a popular food in Korea, Japan, and China. In the beginning, ramen was a luxury food, but now it is inexpensive and one of the tastiest food in the world history.

Today I will tell you the description of the hottest ramen in the current market as if you can easily find the best spicy ramen.

If you want to know a lot of interesting information about spicy ramen, then read my full review.

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New Samyang Ramen/Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles
Spicy Ramen | New Samyang Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles

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Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen
Best Spicy Noodles | Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor

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Best Spicy Ramen
Spicy Ramen | Samyang Spiciest Noodles 10 Pack

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2X Spicy Hot Chicken SPICY NOODLE
2X Spicy Noodles | Hot Chicken Flavor

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Best Spicy Ramen
Spicy Ramen | 2X Extra Spiciest Noodles Hot Chicken Flavor

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Benefits of Eating Spicy Ramen

Benefits of Eating Spicy Ramen

Delicious Flavor

Ramen is a popular American or Asian food all over the world. Those who enjoy spicy food or Korean dishes will love this. The advantage of ramen is that it has a lot of flavors.

And all of these flavors are quite popular. You would not want to miss an opportunity to eat ramen while partying or chatting with friends.

Ready in five minutes

Ramen is not only popular because of taste. Ramen is not time-consuming to make. The process of making these is very quick.

Those who are pressed for time can boil the ramen with water. It takes about 5 to 6 minutes to eat ramen, which is much less time than other dishes.

No Trans-Fat

There are very few snacks or junk foods that do not contain harmful ingredients. Ramen is also on the list. No trans fats are found in ramen since it is made from external ingredients.

You can eat ramen without compromising your health. However, if you don’t eat spicy food regularly, then you should eat less.

Best Spicy Ramen Reviews

1. New Samyang Ramen/Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles

If you like ramen, then you must have heard the name of Samyang Company. They have been making ramen for Koreans over 50 years.

Koreans love this ramen for its smell and spicy test. If you like spicy foods, then this is the product you are looking for.

You will get a sauces packet and powder packet with this product. The great part is the product is proving Sauces are very much thicker,

so when you eat that, it will make your ramen extra spicy, and smell will also be delicious.

Samyang Spicy Ramen is easy to cook. Just boil the water with sauces and Dip the ramen into the boiling water. After 5-8 minutes, turn off the heat and add powder.

Mixed well and your ramen is ready to eat. The whole process may take 15 minutes.

This product is famous for its challenge. Many people around the world think of it as a challenge to eat, for a long time, it was trending. So you should eat it at least once in a lifetime.

If you do not prefer to eat spicily, I recommend you not to eat. But if you are a spicy lover, definitely you should go for it. Once you eat, you will want to eat again and again.

Key Features :

  • Spaghetti style ramen.
  • Double spicy than another ramen.
  • Possible to make it within 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Samyang 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen

If you are looking for ramen and you also love spicy food, this is the product you are searching for. Samyang Ramen is double spicy than any ramen.

It is so hot to eat and so delicious that you can’t stop when you eat. If you can cook properly, the food will feel like it was made by a restaurant’s famous chef.

This ramen has a chicken flavor, so after making it, you will get a delicious chicken smell, which will increase your appetite a lot. You can’t stop when you start eating.

Making this ramen is like plain noodles. Boil some water, add this ramen into the boiled water. After a certain time, remove the water from noodles using a perforated water strainer.

Put the ramen in the dish again and mixed that spicy sauces into it. After 5 minutes, turn off the heat and Place on a plate and serve with chili flakes.

This ramen is too spicy. If you can’t eat spicy food, don’t think about eating this ramen. But spicy is a different kind of fun. Moreover, the famous food is more fun with a little spicy.

Key Features :

  • Extreme spicy ramen.
  • Easy to made.
  • Five packets of spice ramen.

3. Samyang Top Two Spicy Chicken Hot Ramen Noodle Buldak Variety

Is there anyone who doesn’t like ramen? Maybe you can’t find people who don’t want to eat ramen. It is a food that makes you hungry when you see it.

You will find different types of ramen in the market, but Samyang Company has taken spicy to the next level. This company is one of the best spicy Ramen sellers.

Ramen noodles manufactured from Chinese wheat, and It tests the same as 50 years back till now. That’s why japan, china and Korean people like it as well. Also, many people like it for its smell.

This Samsung spice ramen is the combination of two types of chicken flavored ramen. One of them is spicy, and the other one is extra spicy.

The total pack consisted of 10 packets of Samyung ramen.

Buy a packet and try cooking at home; it will seem you that the most famous ramen is eating. Try it cooking your recipe to make it excellent.

You can add some vegetables and eggs or meats to take the ramen high delicious.

Key Features :

  • Chicken flavored ramen
  • Ten pack with two different types.
  • Delicious to eat.

4. 2X Spicy Noodles | Hot Chicken Flavor

If you are an anime lover, then you must be familiar with ramen. It can’t be that your favorite character is eating ramen, and you don’t want to eat.

Then buy a packet of ramen and try it without delay. I would say you should try ramen at least once in your life.

The funniest thing is that you can cook and eat ramen as you like. It’s a lot of fun eating with meat and also with vegetables. You can eat without using anything.

Some people eat ramen without cooking. Raw ramen is crispy but great to eat. You can use your secret recipes while cooking ramen.

Samsang Company made ramen. These are different from ordinary ramen to eat. But there will be a lot of spicy that can make you sick if you are not used to eating spicy food.

But the real fun of ramen is the flavor of spicy. This ramen will give you a spicy and chicken-flavored test at the same time. That’s why they are the best.

If you are thinking of buying a pack of ramen. Just go for it. Make that ramen as your recipe or make it like a common recipe you will like both.

At least it won’t disappoint you. Also, see our latest post instant Jajangmyeon Reviews

Key Features :

  • 2x spicy ramen
  • 5 packs of ramen.
  • Traditional ramen test.

5. Spicy Ramen | 2X Extra Spiciest Noodles Hot Chicken Flavor

Did you know Japan has over 35,000 restaurants of ramen!

There is a lot of information that may surprise you. Ramen is a food that will amaze you as much as you know about it, and the more you will want to eat it.

It’s so much fun that if you eat it once, you’ll want to eat it again and again. And if you haven’t eaten yet, I’d say buy a packet right now.

Ramen is a favorite food of Japanese people. So much so that you can find Ramen’s Museum in Japan.

Ramen’s greatest virtue is that it is very good to eat and very good for health. It will energize you in a moment.

Ramen is very easy to cook. So if you have some guest comes over your house suddenly, cook some ramen it will take 15 minutes. I hope no food will prepare faster than ramen.

Nowadays many people like ramen very much. Ramen is one of the oldest food in history. So try it out, and you will love it.

Key Features :

  • 2pack of spicy ramen
  • Extra spicy hot chicken flavored.
  • It can be cooked in a short time.

Comparison Chart of Spicy Ramen

Product Name



Pack of Products

New Samyang Spicy Chicken Noodles

Spicy Chicken

660 g

5 pcs

Samyang 2X Spicy

2x Spicy Stir Fried

700 g

5 pcs

Spiciest Noodles

Hack Buldak

1520 g

10 pcs

Hot Chicken Flavor


700 g

5 pcs

2X Extra Spiciest

2x Hack Buldak

300 g

2 pcs

10 Facts About Spicy Ramen

Facts About Spicy Ramen

  • 1. Ramen is a luxurious food: When ramen first came to the market, ramen was very expensive and was eaten only by wealthy people. But after a certain time of period, people like to eat spicy ramen, and the demand for ramen continues to grow. Then the price of ramen decreased, and mass production began. Now it is everyone’s choice and much cheaper in price.
  • 2. Japan has a cup noodles museum: You may be surprised to know that there is a museum of instant noodles in Japan. You can found this on Shinko, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0001, and Japan. The museum opens overall the week except for Tuesday. So you can go there and explore a new type of cup-noodles.
  • 3. You can live on ramen for $150 per year: If you are looking for a cheaper way to live. Or thinking about saving money with a healthy lifestyle, this is the way. Many people like ramen, and they live in that way. Eating ramen two times a day makes you healthier. You can also combine some vegetables with it and a different test every time.
  • 4. Ramen is a great invention: Japan thinks instant noodles is one of the great inventions. Because of ramen’s popularity. Not only Japan, but the whole world is also greedy for ramen.
  • 5. Easy to cook: You can cook ramen the easiest way. Within 10 minutes, it could be ready. Many people eat it without cooking. Raw ramen is also testy. But making ramen with vegetables is too good for your health.
  • 6. The most loving item for anime lover: If you love anime damn sure that you love ramen also. When you see your favorite character eating ramen, you will want to eat it too. You know Naruto loves to eat ramen.
  • 7. 35000 ramen restaurant in japan: Over 35000 restaurant available in japan. They are running a business for many years. Most of those who sell ramen are very small businesses.
  • 8. Easy to eat: Ramen eating is a matter of moment. Grab some chopsticks or fork and start eating it. It may take 5 minutes to eat. So you are eating a meal within 5 minutes, not bad actually.
  • 9. China eats ramen’s more than billion: china eats ramen a lot. According to 2013, 46 billion packets of spicy consumed by china. So that they could eat it over a year. The highest demand for ramen could found in china.
  • 10. Whole world love ramen: Not only japan, china, and Korea but also the whole world love spicy as well. Asian, European, American, Russian, and the Middle East, every single country loves ramen. It will be hard to found a nation that doesn’t love to eat it.

10 Easiest Ways To Make Spicy Ramen Testy

Ways To Make Spicy Ramen Testy

  • 1. Chicken: Adding some roasted chicken will make your ramen testiest. Just cook ramen in a common way and before serving, add some chicken breast thin slid pieces and eat.
  • 2. Egg: Egg can make your ramen delicious. You can add egg before serving or while cooking. Just crack an egg on the ramen. It could be boiled or pooched. Also, you can try with egg fried or mixed with ramen is tasty also.
  • 3. Cheese: Adding cheese to the ramen will make it next level recipe. Just cut some cheese pieces or crush some cheeses. I recommend you to crush cheeses when you are about to serve your spicy.
  • 4. Vegetables: Ramen is a healthy food when you will add some vegetables. Any vegetables could make ramen excellent testy. But make sure boil vegetables and don’t forget to add some sauces and salt.
  • 5. Lime and Coconut milk: If you need a different type of test. Just add some coconut milk and a piece of lime. Its taste will fascinate you.
  • 6. Soup: Cook the noodles separately. Make a soup with your favorite flavor. After that, add some boiled noodles and sauces, starch, salt, and serve to a bowl. Try it for 5 minutes.
  • 7. Beef: Beef makes anything special. So if you are on mode to eat special ramen on holiday, just put some beef prices on ramen, make sure it well boiled before you put it on the ramen.
  • 8. Peanut and Chasse: Adding peanut will make ramen tasty. Put some peanut and crush some cheese to the ramen and make an outstanding food for enjoying priceless time.
  • 9. Butter: Before adding butter, boiled your noodles properly. After that, add some butter on the pan and apply heat when it melted, put boiled noodles, and mix it up. You can apply some salt and sauces for a better test.
  • 10. Raw ramen: You don’t have time to eat, or you are passing an idle time just grab a packet of ramen and put it into the mouth. Don’t worry, many people eat ramen in that way, and they like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spicy Ramen

1. Is ramen good for health?

Raw ramen is good for health. If you add some vegetables with ramen it will make ramen healthier. But if you choose to make it with cheese. It will not be such a healthy one.

2. Is it Halal?

Yes, this ramen is halal.

3. Which ramen is tasty? Sweet or spicy?

All of them are tasty. But this ramen is spicy, and definitely, it is delicious.

4. How long it needed to cook?

This ramen is an instant version. It is possible to make in a very short time. So maximum time you needed around 10-15 minutes.

5. How hot is this?

All of them that I have reviewed spicier than you think. If you are not suitable with extra spicy, I recommend you avoid, but if you are used to eating spicy food, trust me, you will love it.

Final Words

I have reviewed the best spicy ramen found in the market. I like to eat ramen very much, so I really like to write reviews about ramen.

Ramen is a very effective food for eating at home or giving a gift to someone. Without delay, choose the best Ramen packet in the market and make your special time more valuable.