How To Dye Hair Platinum – Ultimate Guide

How to dye hair platinum

Hair is one of the reasons for human beauty. Who doesn’t want to keep her hair shiny and beautiful!

Nowadays, platinum hair dyeing has become one of the trends. But the problem is that dyeing in a parlor is much more difficult and costly.

So if you do not get the desired color even after spending time and money, you can try my platinum hair dye method.

Today I will show you how to dye hair platinum in just half an hour by sitting at home, and it will be brighter than your parlor.

Please read my article to know more.

How To Dye Hair Platinum – Final Guide Step by Step

How Dye Hair Platinum

Preparation for Hair dye

Wash your hair very well before coloring it. Wash in such a way that there is no dust or dirt in the hair roots.

And try to wash 24 hours before. This is because the hair follicles contain natural oils that help to stabilize the color.

If washing is not possible before 24 hours, you can use coconut oil; it also warms the hair follicles and stabilizes the platinum dye.

Then brush your head very well using a brush. Try to comb in such a way that the hair does not stick to one another.

Before coloring your hair, try to wear an old T-shirt, or wrap it in a towel. The hair color solution is powerful, which can make it permanent if it falls on your cloth.

Hair Pre-treatment

Whether you need any pre-treatment depends on your original hair color. Usually, if your hair has a natural color, then pre-treatment is not needed.

But if you have done any color before and some part of that color is still in your hair, then you need pre-treatment.

Pre-treatment is to make your hair suitable for the color. It can also be a solution or bleach.

So it is best to read your hair dye’s usage rules, then you will understand whether your hair needs pre-treatment or not.

And in most cases, the pack of pre-treatment solution is given separately with hair dye for free. And if you do not have it with your hair dye, you can buy many good quality products in the market.

Applying Platinum Hair dye

Wear hand gloves first. Then mix the color in a bowl. Comb the hair very well. Then lightly dye the hair roots with a brush.

Make sure that the dye is applied evenly at the beginning of the entire hair. If necessary, divide the hair into several parts. Then slowly move from the roots of the hair to the ends.

Apply the dye lightly on the entire hair in this way. Set the timer after applying. The platinum hair dye is usually completed in 20 minutes. For the best color, follow the instruction given on the product.

After Platinum Dye

After dyeing, wash your hair well. If shampoo is provided with the die pack, try to use it. If they did not provide any pack, then use your regular shampoo.

However, I would recommend using both shampoo and conditioner; then, your hair will be silky and shiny.

Things Must Have Known Before Applying The Dye

Hair Platinum

Make sure that the hair is evenly colored everywhere.

Do not wash the color before the specified time; then, the hair will not die or stabilize. Different dyes take different time to color. It depends on the die.

So the best way is to read the manual or instructions of the dye. You will understand how much time it will take for the required shade.

Many people make the common mistake of leaving the dye on their heads for a long time. Due to which the hair gets damaged, and the shade of the dye becomes much darker.

So refrain from this mistake. Set the alarm or timer for the perfect time for the required shade. Wash immediately after the time.

Read the ingredients of the dye thoroughly before dying. And make sure that this solution does not cause any allergy at the base of your hair or skin.

Some ingredients cause allergies in the skin or hair follicles and then have to be bleached again.

It is better not to use old dye for a long time. Because as the dye gets older, its ability to react will decrease. So always buy a new dye and use it for the best performance.

Be sure to buy the best product on the market and make sure it does not contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals you are allergic to.

Final Words

Platinum hair

Today I have told you how to dye hair platinum very easily and appropriately. If you do it right, you can give your hair an outstanding look. But always try to buy the best product on the market.

Of course, synthetic chemical dyes are not only harmful to your hair but also to your skin. This can cause permanent damage to your hair. So buy good products for hair and give the hair a gorgeous look.

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