How To Clean Shellac Brush – Ultimate Guide

how to clean shellac brush

If you want to paint the wall or furniture, you will not find a better option than Shellac Brush because this brush is made for color. But it isn’t easy to clean that why many people avoid this brush.

Many people mistakenly use acid on the brush or dip it in water, but after a while, it gets damaged and repurchases a new brush.

Today I will show you how to clean shellac brush, and this way, you can keep your brush like new and use it for a long time.

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How To Clean Shellac Brush – Step by Step

Clean Shellac Brush

1. Wash it in a soap water

 If a lot of color stick on the brush after painting, then spin it first. And if the colors are a bit dry or sticky, use a thinner screwdriver to remove the colors.

Then use some soap or detergent in a bucket or bowl and mix well. Take enough water that the brush can sink well.

Then dip the brush in water and try to remove the colors by hand lightly. If the color is hard, soak it for 20 minutes, it will soften the color, and your work will be a little easier.

Change the water repeatedly if necessary. When the color is clear after washing in this way, take the brush out of the water, spin it a little and shake off the water completely.

Try to get rid of water as much as possible; use a dry cloth if necessary.

2. Dip into thinner

After washing the color, pour some thinner into a bowl and dip the brush well in it. This will soften the hard fibers of your brush. Soak the brush for 10 minutes in this manner.

After 10 minutes, lightly lift the brush and spin it. Try to remove the entire thinner from the brush.

After removing the thinner, lightly separate the fibers of the brush with your hands. Make sure the fibers do not stick together. Try to separate as much as possible.

If the brush’s fibers do not feel soft after this, dip it in the thinner again. And repeat this whole procedure.

3. How to store

When the brush’s fibers become soft, wrap it in a piece of cardboard or hard paper and tie it using a thread on top.

Shellac Brushes should be kept in a dry place at all times, due to which the fiber in it never gets damaged or sticky.

If these brushes are unused for a long time, their fibers become a bit stiff, so when you use them again, open the paper and lightly dip it into the thinner.

This will soften the fibers and help you to do smooth work. Also, for this reason, it will be much more convenient to clean.

Never do these things with a Shellac Brush

Never do these things with a Shellac Brush

Never dip them into hot water after painting. Dipping them in hot water will make them stickier, and once they are sticky, it will be much harder to remove the color from the brush.

These brushes are usually made of synthetic fibers, which can cause the fibers to melt in hot water, causing the brush to be damaged and unsuitable for later use.

Never use acid. This will burn your brush’s fiber. These brushes are usually made of nylon or polyester to burn with acid, and the fibers stick together. As a result, your brush may be damaged.

Do not immerse in thinner for too long. You can usually soak it for 10 or 20 minutes. But if you dip it for a long time, the brush is likely to be damaged.

And if you need to keep dipping for a long time, then remove a certain time of period, and after a while dip it again; this process, your brush will be fine.

Do not hit the brush with any hard substance. This can cause the brush’s base to become loose; if once occurred, it will be useless. So try to spread the colors gently by hand.

Final Words

Shellac Brush

Many people mistakenly clean the brush in the wrong way and need to replace the brush in a short time, which means they have to buy a new brush again and again.

Today, I have given you the method to use one brush for a long time easily. This is one of the Best Way to Clean a Shellac Brush.