How to Cook Popcorn Without a Microwave – Step by Step

How to Cook Popcorn Without a Microwave

We always like to eat fresh food. Unfortunately, work pressure, lack of time, and dietary restrictions often force us to eat unhealthy food.

It is not unknown that microwave popcorn is harmful to the body. Nevertheless, we prefer eating popcorn in the microwave to save time.

However, several other cooking methods can use to make popcorn kernels. In this review, I will let you know how to cook popcorn without a microwave.

Also, we will discuss some of the methods and recipes that are quite effective and time-consuming.

We have discussed three types of popcorn popping methods in today’s article. Using any one of these methods, you can make delicious popcorn without a microwave.

Let’s take a look at all the recipes and details of the popcorn popping method

Popcorn Popping Method Using Stovetop

Popcorn Popping Method Using Stovetop

    1. First, take a stovetop pot. The pot must be heavy and deep. Try to make popcorn to give preference to heavy pots. Light pots do not spread heat evenly, which can burn popcorn kernels.
    2. Place a lid of equal size to cover the popcorn. It is best to choose a pot with a transparent lid. Transparent pots help you see inside the pot, so you can use them to avoid burning or overcooking popcorn.
    3. Then, place the pot or stovetop on a burner and add coconut oil or butter topping. Apply the oil in such a way that it spreads evenly around the bottom of the stovetop. However, keep the temperature of the burner on medium.

  1. Once the oil is hot. You can taste it with a few popcorns to see if it has been heated to the right temperature. Into the hot oil, pour all the kernels of popcorn. If it is difficult to pour the kernels in hot weather, remove the stove from the fire and then pour the kernels.
  2. Then, place the stovetop on the burner and cover it with a lid. Keep the fire temperature medium-low at this time.
  3. If you have not used a transparent lid, leave some space on either side of the lid. As a result, the popcorn will not consume external vapors and will be crispy enough. If you are using a transparent lid, there is no need to leave aside space since the hole in it allows vapor to escape.
  4. When all the kernels are popped, turn off the burner and mix in the tasting salt or flavor. However, you will get a delicious taste if you mix sweet or salt or caramel according to the taste.

Popcorn Popping Method Using Wok

Popcorn Popping Method Using Wok

  1. First, choose a wide wok. If the wok’s lid is too big, use a smaller lid. Small lids have the advantage that steam will not push the lid out under pressure.
  2. Heat the wok with oil on medium heat.
  3. Before the oil heats up, mix the popcorn kernels with the oil. Mix the corns in such a way that all the kernels get covered by oil. Then cover with a lid.
  4. When you hear the kernels begin to explode, lower the fire temperature a bit.
  5. Then turn off the burner after all the kernels have been popped. Stir the salt or flavor into the popcorn, shake with the lid closed, open the lid, and shake it again. You must do this very carefully to prevent the popcorn from falling.
  6. Once the tasting salt is mixed, transfer the popcorn to a bowl and enjoy the moment.

Popcorn Popping Method Using Whirley Pop

Popcorn popping method using Whirley pop

  1. First, put the Whirley pop on the burner and make the heat medium. Make sure that the pot is totally clean and there is no water inside.
  2. Then pour with oil and add the popcorn kernels at the same time. In this situation, make sure the oil does not get too hot. You can turn off the burner if necessary. You should restart it after this step if you have turned it off.
  3. Then, close the lid of the Whirley pop and rotate it a few times through the hand stir. It will allow the popcorn kernels to be thoroughly mixed with the oil and popped at an even temperature. So unpopulated popcorn kernels are less likely to exist.
  4. As the popcorn pops and makes noise after a while, you will hear it. During pooping, the lid does not need to be opened.
  5. When the sound stops or all the popcorn is popped, turn off the burner and drop the popcorn into a bowl.
  6. When you place the popcorn in the bowl, you can mix different flavors and salts into it. However, many people add butter to it to intensify the taste.

Final Words

The lack of machines or equipment means that many people are unable to make popcorn any other way.

In this article, we have given the most prominence to methods that can be easily and efficiently prepared without the aid of a microwave.

Our main goal is to show you how to cook popcorn without a microwave, even if you don’t own an external popcorn machine at home.

Hopefully, now eating healthy popcorn won’t be a problem for you.