How To Use a Popcorn Machine – Step by Step

How To Use a Popcorn Machine

Nowadays, everyone is health-conscious, and this is why people are trying to avoid microwave popcorn as much as possible.

However, if you want to serve healthy and fresh popcorn, you will need a popcorn maker.

It is easiest to make popcorn using a popcorn machine than with other apparatuses. Most people don’t know how to use a popcorn machine effectively.

Today I will tell you about the easiest way to use a popcorn machine. At the same time, I will discuss all the safety procedures for using the machine.

If you are making large batches or planning to host a holiday party, you should use a popcorn machine.

The digestive tract is complete in both cases. Knowing how to use it appropriately will make your future work more effective.

Making Popcorn Using a Popcorn Machine

Making Popcorn Using a Popcorn Machine

1. Popcorn machines usually have three switches. One of them is a light warmer, another a pot heater, and the other is a kettle stirrer.

The light warmer should be turned on first so that the popcorn machine’s inside will be a little warmer, and also things are easier to see.

2. The kettle of popcorn machines has to be preheated. If you heat each machine for 10-15 minutes, you can get good results.

To prepare this, you have to use the kettle heater switch and wait 15 minutes. Turn off the tilt door of the popcorn machine after turning on the kettle heater.

3. Once the kettle is preheated, open the door of the popcorn machine and insert the popcorn into the quantity of the kettle.

Keep in mind that since the kettle heater is in hot condition, hand contact with it can cause injury. So go through this stage carefully.

4. Popcorn machines can have different capacities. However, most of the machines have a capacity of up to 6 cups.

The kettle should not be filled with popcorn kernels, regardless of the type of machine you use. Make sure half or about half of it is empty.

5. After inserting the popcorn kernels into the kettle, close the door and turn on the kettle stereo switch.

This option basically rotates the popcorn kernels inside the kettle so that all the kernels get full heat and pop up in a timely manner.

6. Then wait for the popcorn to be fully popped. It usually pops up within 5 minutes, but it can be a little more or less.

When you see most of the popcorn kernels popped out of the kettle, you can assume that the popcorn has popped.

7. Once popped, turn off the machine and shake the kettle down a few times. If necessary, turn on the machine for a few seconds and try to empty the kettle again.

8. Do not collect popcorn immediately after the kettle is entirely empty. Using a scooper, rotate the popcorn a few times and continue to mix. Some popcorn kernels don’t pop up, and they stay in it.

Kernel catcher trays are used under popcorn machines to separate them. Unpopped kernels are separated through perforated holes, which will make it easier to open the tray later.

9. After seed separation, remove the popcorn into a bowl and follow the same procedure for the re-naked batch.

However, if you want to make a few batches of popcorn together, do not turn off the machine completely.

Just turn off the kettle stirrer and collect the popcorn. Leave the pot heater on, or you will have to preheat it again.

Things to Keep in Mind When Making Popcorn On The Machine

How To Use a Popcorn Machine

  1. Before using the popcorn machine, you must keep the machine in an even In working on a machine, ensure that you do not suffer from vibrations, as this will make it difficult for you to work.
  2. Since it is an electric machine, you must keep your hands dry.
  3. You can add coconut oil or butter topping to enhance the taste of popcorn. In that case, you have to put the oil in it immediately after heating the pot. However, if you wish, you can pop the popcorn kernels without oil.
  4. The kernels must be carefully inserted into the machine. It is essential to consider the possibility of injury if you are not careful.
  5. The kettle of the popcorn machine must be left half empty.
  6. The kettle should be emptied after each batch of popcorn is popped. Otherwise, if there are old popcorn or seeds, they will be burnt, and the next batch of popcorn will lose its taste.
  7. Use the Seed Separation Tray to collect unpopped kernels or seeds. If you follow this method, the popcorn will be seed-free, and you will not face any problems while eating.
  8. To enhance the taste of popcorn, you can mix tasting salt or different flavors after it’s been popped.

How to operate Popcorn Machine?

Final Words

Nowadays, the stress-free and most effective way to make popcorn by machine. For this reason, many people prefer popcorn machines without using microwaves or stovetops.

Currently, I have shown you how to use a popcorn machine and its safety procedures. If you make popcorn in this way, you can make a few batches of popcorn in a short time.

This popcorn popping recipe should prove helpful in both your personal and professional lives.