How Long Does Popped Popcorn Last ?

how long does popped popcorn last

When it comes to increasing happiness, popcorn has no competition. Everyone likes to eat popcorn at movie nights, family gossip, or celebrations. However, the problem is with its limited shelf life.

It is not an issue to keep unpopped popcorn on a shelf, as it can be kept year after year. But once popped, the question of how long does popped popcorn last is available to many.

I will discuss this in today’s article and let you know how long the popped popcorn can retain its quality.

Furthermore, I will also tell you which aspects can be stored for a long time if you take good care of the popcorn.

So read this whole article to keep popcorn fresh on the shelf.

How Long is The Shelf life of Pre-popped Popcorn?

how long does popped popcorn last

Usually, pre-popped popcorn’s shelf life depends on two things. The first is how it is kept, and the second is whether any of the ingredients are used.

If pre-popped popcorn is left open, it will not stay fresh for long. You can eat it for up to two weeks, usually one week or longer.

Within a few days, however, its crunchiness has degraded, and the flavor has been ruined.

Popcorn that has a mixture of flavors or ingredients may survive longer than average. Gourmet popcorn uses beta carotene or coconut oil to extend its shelf life.

Due to this, they have the ability to hold more crunches than usual. Still, if these are kept open, they must be taken out within three weeks to 1 month, which is not suitable for eating.

How to Extend Popcorn Shelf life?

how long does popped popcorn last

Let’s have a look at how popcorn can store month after month

1. First of all, popcorn should not be left open. The crunchiness of pre-popped popcorn is lost when left open.

Popcorn should be kept in its bag or in the tin provided to avoid this problem. If popcorn tin is not available, use an air-tide box.

2. Always keep boxes of pre-popped popcorn in a cool place. It would help if you chose a place away from water and direct sunlight. Please keep it in a clean place in the house.

3. Popcorn kernels and popped popcorn do not require refrigeration. Keep in mind that if they are kept in a cold or hot place as compared to normal, their quality may deteriorate.

4. Avoid popcorn that has chemical or direct flavor mixed in it. Remember that trans fat or sodium popcorn cannot be kept on the shelf for long. These have to be eaten immediately after opening the packet.

5. If for some reason, the popcorn looks soft while eating, you can use coconut oil and heat it on the cooker for 10 or 20 seconds. In any case, you will get a good enough taste even if it’s not the perfect one.

Popcorn is a Healthy Snack for Five Reasons

Low Calorie

Many people include popcorn in their diet charts or weight loss plans. The leading reason for this is that the level of calories in popcorn is shallow.

However, each serving of popcorn usually has only 100 calories. This amount of calories is much less than other foods.

Popcorn by itself is not sufficient, and too much popcorn can be harmful. When taken in small amounts regularly, it is quite beneficial to our bodies.

Source of Fiber

Popcorn is widely grown in America. However, most popcorn is grown in the American heartland and Indiana. Popcorn from these two places has a lot of fiber.

These are basically classical popcorn kernels, and for this reason, they have a high amount of fiber source.

So if you want to make up for the lack of fiber-rich foods and nutrition, you can put popcorn on the food list.

Eliminates Hungriness

The primary purpose of snacks is to eliminate instant hunger. Usually, snacks are referred to as unhealthy because of their flavors. The only food that doesn’t comply is popcorn.

Hungriness is not felt after eating a small amount of popcorn. You can’t even overeat, even if you want to.

After eating one serving, it will be eliminated entirely. Even it will not harm the body as compared to other foods.


It does not require the use of any special chemicals to produce and process popcorn. However, many people mix flavors to taste it, which is also free of harmful chemicals.

But before choosing chemical-free popcorn, make sure that it does not contain gluten and GMOs. Then these types of popcorn will be perfect for your health.

Full of Vitamins

Popcorn is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Vitamins A and E are found in large quantities in popcorn. And those who have put popcorn on the regular diet list will get two types of benefits through it.

First of all, popcorn has no cholesterol, and it keeps the heart’s blood circulation regular. Second, it controls diabetics. As long as eating snacks is good for the body, then it is definitely good food.

Final Words

It isn’t easy to store both popped popcorn or unpopped popcorn. It’s worth the effort if you can receive satisfying results with a bit of extra.

As long as you take care of it and keep it in the right place, perfectly crunchy popcorn will remain the same. And many do not know how long does popped popcorn lasts on the shelf properly.

Hopefully, you will get good results by following my guide.